Thursday, July 14 – 8pm ET/PT on Global

This week Wipeout features some of the show’s favorite contestants, as they return for a second shot at $50,000 dollars in this special All-Star episode. Will Matt “Fruitcake” Christopherson or Gary “Tina Turner” Shields Jr. survive the Double Sweeper Dive to make it to a round of Jump the Shark? Don’t miss who turns this shot at redemption into a Wipeout payday.

Thursday, July 7 – 8pm ET/PT on Global

If you build it…they will fall. This week, Wipeout unleashes a new obstacle (named “Wheel of Misfortune” by viewers) sure to leave players down on their luck. Contestants vying for the $50,000 grand prize include two high school students, a competitive dad and a detective.

Thursday, June 30 – 8pm ET/PT on Global

Human Pinball is in full effect on the Wipeout course, as contestants are hit with life-size flippers on the Qualifier. Contestants are pared down to six on the Scareousel, leaving only three to move on from the Super Tramp to vie for $50,000 in the Wipeout Zone.

Tuesday, June 28 – 8pm ET/PT on Global

Wipeout welcomes a dean of students, a philosopher and a game show pedigree contestant whose parents were featured on The Newlyweds. They’re thrown for a loop on the Lawnmower, bounced off the Big Balls and finish the qualifier in a literal Chinese Food Buffet of wipeouts. The top 12 contestants take on ‘the Scareousel’ for a chance to win the $50,000 prize.

Thursday, June 23 – 8pm ET/PT *Season Premiere* on Global

It’s hot vs. not-so-hot, in the season premiere of Wipeout where it’s a fierce battle of the sexes as contestants face daring obstacles including The Carwash and Total Carnage.

Tuesday, June 21 – 8pm ET/PT on Global

Get ready for unstoppable laughs with a preview of the sixth season featuring a look at new obstacles including the Wipeout Wall, the Flume of Doom, the Illusion-ator, Diver’s Ed and the new Wipeout Play set.

Thursday, May 5 – 8pm ET/PT on Global

Obstacles include a troublesome Qualifier, Big Balls, the Candy Store and the Scareousel. Meanwhile, one contestant promises to propose to his girlfriend if he wins.

Thursday, April 14 – 8pm ET/PT on Global

This week, contestants face obstacles including Bowled Over, Chocolate Shop and an Arabian Nights-themed challenge.

Thursday, January 20 – 8pm ET/PT on Global

A rocket scientist, a dancer and a river guide face obstacles including the Ski Lift and Seven Letter Word.

Thursday, January 13 – 8pm ET/PT on Global

Contestants brave the elements as they step on to a white, slippery, wintery wonderland and take on new obstacles including Mogul Madness and the Yule Log Jam.