Wedding SOS

Wedding planning doesn’t always go smoothly, especially not for disorganized couples who just can’t wrap their heads around the wedding planning process. Fortunately, brides and grooms in Toronto, Canada who are collapsing under the pressure of wedding planning don’t have to go it alone. Slice’s hit TV show, Wedding SOS is casting for its upcoming season of the popular wedding show.

Wedding SOS features British wedding planner Jane Dayus-Hinch, who has experience planning for high-profile weddings for socialites, celebrities and royalty. On the show, Jane saves the day by granting newlyweds to be three wishes. As the fairy godmother of wedding planning, Jane fills in the gaps to make sure the wedding goes off without a hitch (or that it does, when the couples get hitched).

According to Slices’ Casting Site, couples who need help from a professional wedding planner while the TV cameras document all the chaos can apply to appear on Wedding SOS if they meet the following criteria:

We have a fairy godmother wedding planner who will wave her magic wand, grant you three wishes, and solve all your wedding-day problems.

Have you just discovered that your venue is double-booked? Has the DJ run off to L.A. for his dream gig? Are you dealing with a monster-in-law? We can help!

Our professional wedding planner will allow you to relax on the day of your wedding as she trouble-shoots the day and makes your wedding day a dream come true!

If you’re a couple who lives in the Greater Toronto Area, send us your Wedding SOS by downloading the applicant questionnaire. Once complete, fax it to (416) 603-7545. If you have any questions, you can also call us at 1-866-269-6312 or email us at

New episodes of Wedding SOS air on Canada’s Slice Network at 9pm on Fridays.