Watchmen: The Motion Comic

Fans may have seen the film, but on Tuesday, June 9 at 10:30 p.m., SPACE gives aficionados the full experience as the most celebrated graphic novel of all time is brought to life in the Canadian premiere of WATCHMEN:THE MOTION COMIC. See the vision of Watchmen co-creator and illustrator Dave Gibbons recreated in this new 12-part, 30-minute animated series.

Legendary comic artist Dave Gibbons oversees this digital version of the graphic novel using low-tech animation adding limited motion, voice and sound to the book’s strikingly drawn panels. All 12 chapters of the story are included in this comprehensive reproduction, spanning everything from the mysterious demise of the Comedian to the crisscrossed destinies of these estranged superheroes and their impact on the world.

The first episode, entitled “At Midnight, All the Agents” (Tuesday, June 9 at 10:30 p.m.), begins with a murder in New York City. The Comedian, a former costumed crime fighter, is thrown out the window of a skyscraper. This event triggers an investigation that rounds up many of The Comedian’s former superhero allies, who are now banned from carrying out any acts of “justice.”