Washington Heights

In a post Jersey Shore age, MTV keeps the adrenaline pumpin’ with the premieres of hot new series following the adventures of young amazing lives.

Much to West Virginia’s Sen. Joe Manchin’s chagrin, taking over Jersey Shore’s Thursday night slot is the much-talked about and controversial series, Buckwild (Jan. 3), which follows nine, wild youths through the hills of West Virginia.

Immediately following Buckwild, viewers can keep riding the crazy train from West Virginia to Northern Ontario to witness three Canadian teens living on the edge, literally, in MTV Canada’s all-new Original Series, Careless Teens (Jan. 3).

Then, from reckless youth to ruthless go-getters, MTV shines a spotlight on a group of ambitious friends from the gritty N.Y.C. neighbourhood of Washington Heights (Jan. 9). Continue reading »