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In the face of tremendous injustice for one Canadian held in a Mexican jail, Canada’s Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Peter Kent, suggests we must have faith in Mexico’s justice system –

Toronto, ON (April 22, 2009) – Canadian Pavel Kulisek has been rotting away in an underground Mexican prison for over a year. Though no real evidence exists, he remains charged with being involved with the notorious Tijuana drug cartel. In a new hour-long episode of W-FIVE premieringSaturday, April 25 at 7 p.m. ET (visit CTV.ca to confirm local broadcast times), Victor Malarek reports on the Canadian collateral damage in the war against Mexico’s drug cartels, and what the Canadian government is doing – or not doing – to help its citizens.

Looking for a temporary change in pace and more quality time with family, Kulisek and his family travelled to Mexico where they began living and working in the Baja Peninsula. On March 11, 2007, their lives changed forever. Kulisek went into town to meet new friend and fellow dirt-biker Carlos Herrera. But the men were all arrested by police and thrown into prison – Kulisek accused of working on behalf of the Tijuana Drug Cartel. It was then that he learned Herrera’s true identity: Carlos was actually alleged Drug Lord Gustavo Rivera Herrera.

With no prior criminal history in Canada, Mexico or the United States, Kulisek’s family thought that what they saw as a misunderstanding would be resolved quickly. But Kulisek has already been held for 13 months – and there’s no sign that he’s going to be released any time soon. The prosecution’s case rests on one statement by one witness – former corrupt police officer Marcos Assemat. He’s an ex-con who has spent time in prison in Mexico and the U.S. on drug convictions. He’s also made a deal with the prosecutor to become a protected witness in return for his testimony.

It is just another example of a justice system out of control, according to Tamara Taraciuk, a lawyer with the international organization Human Rights Watch who just released a report on the Mexican Justice system. In an interview with W-FIVE, Taraciuk explains that “the Mexican justice system is totally dysfunctional.” It is an opinion supported by Amnesty International, who recently said “the functions of the public prosecutors office [in Mexico] are highly susceptible to political or personal influence to secure unwarranted or even fabricated prosecutions.”

And yet despite the overwhelming evidence that Pavel Kulisek is an innocent man, W-FIVE has learned that the Canadian government refuses to intervene in his case. “We have to have faith that the… that due process will prevail,” Canada’s Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Peter Kent, told Malarek.


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Canada’s child sex tourism law has been part of the Criminal Code since 1997, enabling authorities to arrest Canadian residents engaging in sex with children overseas. Only three Canadians have been convicted under this law – the first case being that of Vancouver’s Donald Bakker. W-FIVE’s Victor Malarek investigates the incredible circumstances that led to Bakker’s arrest and 2005 conviction, and why Canada isn’t doing more to combat sex tourism and child exploitation.

Canada’s child sex tourism law has been part of the Criminal Code since 1997, enabling authorities to arrest Canadian residents engaging in sex with children overseas. Only three Canadians have been convicted under this law – the first case being that of Vancouver’s Donald Bakker. W-FIVE’s Victor Malarek investigates the incredible circumstances that led to Bakker’s arrest and 2005 conviction, and why Canada isn’t doing more to combat sex tourism and child exploitation, Saturday, March 7 at 7 p.m. (visit CTV.ca to confirm local listings).

W-FIVE continues to be Canada’s most-watched current affairs program. Last Saturday’s episode, about an Ontario preacher accused of influencing women to leave their families, attracted 975,000 viewers opposite HOCKEY NIGHT IN CANADA’S most-watched episode this season.

Bakker is notable to legal scholars as the first person ever charged under Canada’s child sex tourism law. But for those involved in his case he’ll be better remembered as one of Canada’s most heinous sex offenders, one who targeted everyone from drug addicted sex workers to children as young as seven. Shockingly, Vancouver Police explain to W-FIVE’s Victor Malarek that it was mainly through an incredible stroke of luck that they managed to connect Bakker to a particular brothel in Cambodia where he had been victimizing young children, forced to work there as sex slaves.

According to Benjamin Perrin, Law Professor at the University of British Columbia, the enforcement of Canada’s child sex tourism law is completely accidental and in no way proactive. Canadian authorities seem to rely on other governments and foreign law enforcement agencies to arrest Canadian offenders.

Also in this episode, W-FIVE continues its reports on a controversial church in Hamilton, Ontario. The Dominion Christian Centre of Canada recently had its charitable status revoked by the Canadian Revenue Agency after audits revealed that donations were used to fund personal trips, vehicles, gym memberships, food, lodging and other unsubstantiated payments.

Some people would do anything for eternal salvation. On a new episode of W-FIVE, premiering Saturday, February 21 at 7 p.m. ET (visit CTV.ca to confirm local listings) reporter Victor Malarek investigates a local Pastor from Ballinafad, Ontario who has allegedly influenced women in his congregation, causing them to leave their families and devote their lives to Mount Zion Full Gospel Ministries. In this episode, Malarek probes behind the pulpit to find out if these women have been brainwashed into his strange brand of religious devotion and whether Pastor Paton’s teachings are based in scripture or selfishness.

Alice Sanderson is a mother, new grandmother and a Pastor Paton follower. Last year she left her husband and family for the church, claiming that God called on her, instructing her to leave her old life behind. Sanderson’s husband Jim claims his wife has been brainwashed by her Pastor. He holds out hope that his wife will return home even after she cut off all communication and served him with divorce papers.

Malarek’s W-FIVE report reveals a cult-like congregation who blindly follows this on-line ordained minister. Left in Paton’s wake are families, like the Sandersons, who are baffled and heartbroken after this alleged brainwashing has left their family in shambles.

In the second half of Saturday’s episode, W-FIVE’s Avis Favaro examines the miraculous results of a promising, but still unproven treatment for those suffering with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). For the past seven years, W-FIVE has been following a study conducted by Ottawa neurologist Dr. Mark Freedman. The story chronicles two patients as they undergo life-threatening chemotherapy and stem cell transplants to treat the disease. W-FIVE first reported this treatment with an award winning documentary in 2004.

Favaro also meets Lee Chuckry, an MS patient from Alberta, who travels to China to receive stem cell transplants in an effort to halt his symptoms. Favaro follows this father of two children to see how far he is willing to go in his quest for a cure.

Saturday, February 21 7 p.m.

Alice Sanderson is a mother and a grandmother who once put family first. Her family was shocked when last year she left home claiming God called her. W-FIVE’s Victor Malarek investigates why the Preacher at the Mount Zion Gospel Ministries is influencing women to leave their homes and families behind.

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W-FIVE, hosted by CTV National News’ Lloyd Robertson and Sandie Rinaldo and featuring reporters Victor Malarek and Paula Todd return in a brand new episode. The award-winning series, currently in its 43rd season is the most-watched current affairs program in Canada.

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In March 2006, Captain Trevor Greene was ambushed from behind and struck in the head with an axe that plunged deep into his brain as he sat down to talk to villagers in Afghanistan. News of the horrific attack made headlines across Canada, as the Canadian officer who went to the war-torn country to spread peace was instead left fighting for his life. In this exclusive CTV Original documentary, Vancouver filmmaker Sue Ridout provides intimate access to Greene’s remarkable journey, as he first fights to survive the near-fatal attack, and then struggles to reclaim some measure of his former life.

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Ten years after the introduction of Viagra, pharmaceutical companies are on the verge of introducing a new sex drug for women. But is “female sexual dysfunction” a reality – or a brilliant marketing ploy? In the new CTV Original Documentary, PHARMA SUTRA, Toronto filmmakers Marion Gruner and Robin Benger follow the multi-billion dollar race to produce the next “female Viagra.”

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Canada is a nation of animal lovers. More than half of Canadian households have at least one pet and we go to incredible lengths to keep our pets alive and healthy. But what about all those animals who aren’t pets, such as moose, beavers and even bears? In a new episode, W-FIVE explores the sanctuary for these creatures and talks to the people that have dedicated their lives to helping wild animals who are injured, sick or just not quite ready to take care of themselves.