Victoria Beckham: Coming to America

Monday, July 16 at 8pm ET
Canadians will get an exclusive look inside the life of international superstar Victoria Beckham as she moves from posh London to Los Angeles in the one hour special.

By slipping inside Victoria’s larger-than-life world, viewers will discover the woman behind the fashion icon – including her sense of humour. Some of the most insightful and hilarious moments of the show comes from Victoria herself as she pokes fun at her public image.

Victoria exploded into the public consciousness world-wide as a member of the hit 90’s all-girl supergroup “The Spice Girls.” Victoria was known as “Posh Spice,” the elegant and confident member of the ensemble. The group sold millions of albums around the globe before disbanding in 2001.

She later moved on to a solo career, and had a couple of hits including “Not Such an Innocent Girl” and “This Groove/Let Your Head Go On.”

In 1999, Victoria married soccer superstar David Beckham and quickly became one of the world’s most celebrated couples.

Victoria has now turned her attention to fashion, designing “VB Rocks,” a line of high-end jeans for “Rock” and “Republic.” She’s now launched her own jeans label called dVb, as well as her own line of sunglasses and perfume. Victoria also penned a best selling style bible “That Extra Half an Inch.”