TV Made Me Do It

‘TV MADE ME DO IT’ *New Canadian Original Series*
Debuts Wednesday, January 9, 7pm ET/PT (Encores Sundays at 9pm ET/PT)

We invented TV, and now TV is reinventing us. This irreverent series takes a look at ordinary people who are inspired by what they see on the small screen – enough to change their lives. Meet people who chase tornados in South Dakota, hunt bad guys on the mean streets of Sacramento, and come out of the closet to their closest friends, because… TV made them do it.

Using a fun blend of TV clips, first-person testimonials and expert commentary, TV MADE ME DO IT examines how TV has altered our world for good, bad, bold and beautiful.

January 9 – “TV Made Me a Superhero” – By day, Dale is a mild-mannered technician at a Florida cable station. But when night falls, he dons a cape, squeezes into spandex tights and becomes the barrel-chested crimefighter, ‘Superhero’. When cops snub him, kids mock him and his fiancée ditches him, Dale starts to wonder if the world even wants superheroes anymore.

January 16- “TV Made Me an Extreme Stunt Punk” – Meet a gang of Thunder Bay stunt punks who call themselves ‘Stupid People Do Stupid Things’ inspired by MTV’s ‘Jackass’. In their spare time they videotape themselves doing increasingly harmful stunts in attempt to become famous like their TV heroes. Will they achieve fame, or pack it in before the stunts finish them off?