True Hollywood Story

10 p.m. Wednesday, January 12 on E!

This fascinating look at the life of one of the world’s most recognizable figures, THS: SARAH: DUCHESS OF YORK, examines her most recent scandal involving a sting operation set up by the English newspaper, News Of The World. Robert Johnson, the Royal Editor of the publication sits down exclusively with E! to provide his insights on the fiasco where Sarah was allegedly caught accepting money in exchange for access to her ex-husband, Prince Andrew.

Sunday, April 5 – 7pm ET/PT

Growing up in the shadow of famous parents, Kate Hudson has finally found her own voice in Hollywood. Her career and love life are in bloom, after moving on from divorce.

Wednesday, January 21 – 10pm ET/PT

The Texas-bred daughter of Scandinavian and Swiss parents, Renee Zellwegger catapulted to stardom as Tom Cruise’s love interest in Jerry Maguire and never looked back. Her off-screen love life has garnered as much ink as her award-winning roles, she’s been linked to everyone from Jim Carrey to George Clooney, and even broke off a mysterious four month marriage to country crooner Kenny Chesney. Whether packing on the pounds with a sour pout for such career defining roles as Bridget Jones Diary or as the Academy Award winning wily drifter in Cold Mountain, this versatile actress now commands up to 15 million per picture.

Wednesday, December 10 – 10pm ET/PT

Clay Aiken may have finished a close second to Ruben Studdard in Season Two of American Idol, but the 29-year-old North Carolina native turned his loss into a major victory. His first album, “Measure of a Man,” became the number-one-selling solo debut from an artist in a decade, launching several cross-country concert tours. From there, the popular crooner authored a best-selling book, worked as a goodwill ambassador for UNICEF and took center stage on Broadway. As his fame grew, Clay maintained a squeaky-clean image, but in 2008, he shocked even his most beloved fans with news that he fathered a child with his 50-year-old record producer, Jaymes Foster. Then, Clay finally set the record straight and publicly announced he was gay in September of this year. This revealing episode features exclusives interviews and footage from his early years.

Wednesday, December 10 – 10pm ET/PT

As a lawyer, author and television personality best known for her role as co-host of the weekly morning talk show The View, Star Jones has seen her share of controversy. From dramatic weight loss to a recent divorce from Investment Banker Al Reynolds, she continues to reinvent herself.

Wednesday, November 19 – 9pm ET/PT

This episode chronicles the transformation of Johnny Depp into a box-office superstar. Includes his early hopes of becoming a rock musician; his time on 21 Jump Street; his eccentric movie roles; his relationships with Sherilyn Fenn, Jennifer Grey, Winona Ryder, Kate Moss and Vanessa Paradis; and his run-ins with paparazzi.

Wednesday, November 19 – 10pm ET/PT

An insider’s look at the hit show 24 including comments from the show’s writers, producers and the stars of the series, including Canadian Kiefer Sutherland.

Wednesday, November 12
9-11pm ET/PT

Hulk Hogan is the one of the most celebrated professional wrestlers of all time. In 2005, the reality show “Hogan Knows Best” introduced audiences to Hulk’s animal-loving wife Linda, his pop-singing daughter Brooke and his wild-child son Nick. It seemed nothing could come between this tightly-knit clan, but this past year has proven otherwise. From Nick’s devastating car crash and imprisonment to Hulk and Linda’s bitter divorce, the numerous scandals have left the Hogan family divided. Now Hulk and Brooke Hogan sit with E! to address the drama, speaking candidly about the shocking events that have rocked their family.

Wednesday, August 27

Born in Montreal, Quebec this installment covers Chris from growing up in a small town outside of Edmonton, Alberta, and becoming a wrestling legend to the tragedy that shocked the nation when he was found dead alongside his wife and son – it was concluded that Chris had killed his wife Nancy and their 7-year-old son Daniel by asphyxiation, Chris hanging himself from his weight machine. Xanax was found in all three bodies. Now see the real story behind this tragic event.

Wednesday, August 20

Jim Carrey is one of the greatest film comics of our generation, and perhaps the finest physical comedian since the silent era. He is a man whose rubber face and silly putty body helped him to become the first comedian to land a twenty million dollar pay check. With a rocky childhood plagued by hard times and poverty, this high school dropout has beaten all the odds.