True Hollywood Story

8 p.m. Sunday, May 20 on E!

Joan Rivers is one of television’s biggest and most enduring, personalities. Hosting FASHION POLICE and starring on her own reality series with her daughter Melissa, Joan has long been the celebrity that everyone either loves – or loves to diss. In E! TRUE HOLLYWOOD STORY: JOAN & MELISSA RIVERS, Joan and Melissa dish on their lives with the humour and searing honesty that only this one-of-a-kind mother-daughter duo could provide.

9 p.m. Wednesday, February 22 on E!

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9 p.m. Wednesday, February 15 on E!

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10 p.m. Saturday, December 24 on E!

Grammy Award-winning record producer, composer, rapper, and singer Timbaland and those closest to him reveal the man behind the music, including little-known stories about Timbaland’s lifelong struggles to gain respect and recognition, and how he survived several tragic events including a suicide attempt.

10 p.m. Wednesday, May 4 on E!

TRUE HOLLYWOOD STORY goes deep into the Alaskan outback to tell the story behind Sarah’s childhood, her reign as governor of Alaska, and the fairytale/nightmare of the 2008 election.

10 p.m. Wednesday, April 13 on E!

THS follows the sexy and adventurous making of Holly Madison, best known for her time as Hugh Hefner’s girlfriend and as star of the series The Girls Next Door. Currently appearing in her own reality series HOLLY’S WORLD, this gorgeous blonde demonstrates how she somehow manages to be both wholesome and naked at the same time.

10 p.m. Wednesday, April 6 on E!

Charlie Sheen’s recent explosion throughout the media secures him as today’s Teflon actor – he has been fired from his hit TV show, his publicist has quit and he’s still dealing with a domestic abuse charge in addition to all the over the top accusations. And now he is raving about these exploits to anyone that will listen – yet Hollywood and the public continue to love him. In the late 80s, Sheen seemed to be on the cusp of major movie stardom after leading roles in Wall Street and Major League. Then, his appetite got the best of him and Sheen was headed for the tabloid trashcan – until he turned to TV. First, he took over for Michael J. Fox on SPIN CITY followed by TWO AND A HALF MEN which became a smash TV hit and cemented his career resurrection. TRUE HOLLYWOOD STORY digs into the amazing roller-coaster life of Charlie Sheen.

10 p.m. Wednesday, March 23 on E!

After Kelly Ripa replaced Kathie Lee Gifford as sidekick to Regis Philbin, the former soap star’s fame jumped to a whole new level. With exclusive insights and interviews, THS examines the life of Kelly as she balances the hectic schedule of hit television shows, endorsements, three children and marriage to actor Mark Consuelos.

9 p.m. Wednesday, February 2 on E!

The public image of Kate Gosselin runs the gamut from nationally adored mother to vilified tabloid target. With exclusive insights from a former Gosselin nanny and interviews with family, friends and neighbors, E!’s THS examines the life of Kate Gosselin – from her working class roots to her role as a one-woman TV ratings juggernaut.

10 p.m. Wednesday, January 26 on E!

From the Parent Trap, to Mean Girls, to Disney’s big-budget Herbie the Love Bug remake, it’s a revealing look at the teen star that grew up before our eyes to become a hot Hollywood singer/actress and paparazzi magnet on the verge of super-stardom.