Top Chef Canada

TopChefCanada2013winnerTop Chef Canada winner Matthew Stowe believes he gained an edge in the Food Network Canada competition due to the fact he works at a chain restaurant.

The 31-year-old, currently a product development chef for Cactus Club Restaurants Ltd, believes his experience in that kitchen helped him take the title this year.

“Look at what happened to [Top Chef Canada season 1 winner]Dale MacKay,” he said. “You can be an unbelievable cook, but if you don’t have the business sense, you’re not going to be around for very long. Continue reading »

TopChefCanada2013winnerToy cars are the new priority for newly-crowned Top Chef Canada winner Matthew Stowe.

The Cloverdale, B.C. resident took home $100,000 courtesy of Food Network Canada for his win and he says some of it will be spent on toy cars.

“My son (Gavin) is really into cars, so I could buy a lot of toy cars,” Stowe said this week. “But everything is still sinking in, so it’s hard to say. I think right now my wife (Amber) definitely deserves a nice, hot holiday, because she worked really hard when I was away (filming the show), so that’s probably where a little bit of it goes.” Continue reading »

TopChefCanada2013winnerMatthew Stowe has been crowned the winner of Top Chef Canada.

The Vancouver chef defeated Jonathan Goodyear and Danny Smiles in eth final challenge of the Food Network Canada series.

Stowe takes home a grand prize of $100,000, a kitchen package worth $30,000 and a custom installation worth $25,000.

“Winning Top Chef Canada is a huge achievement and it’s an honour to share the title of Canada’s Top Chef with such an elite group,” says Stowe. Continue reading »

TopChefCanada2013A fourth season of Top Chef Canada has been ordered.

The highest-rating Food Network Canada series has begun casting for the next season, with the deadline for submissions being June 11.

The country’s best and brightest up-and-coming culinary stars, aged 19 years and older, are encouraged to to be directed to the application form. In addition to the online form, applicants must create a short video of themselves in action, showing off their cooking ability and on-camera personality. Continue reading »

TopChefC2013groupTop Chef Canada is heading to Calgary for the first time for its season finale.

As the backdrop to the third season finale of Canada’s fiercest food fight, Calgary is a young, edgy city home to over one million people and growing faster than any other in North America.

Calgary is also a new culinary hotbed in Canada with renegade chefs in impressive restaurant and food truck kitchens, making it the ideal setting for the cutthroat culinary competition. Continue reading »

RuthAge 30 – Currently Resides: Toronto, ON (Hometown: Acton, ON)

Born in Bristol, England, Ruth immigrated to Canada with her parents and two brothers and settled in the small town of Acton, Ontario. She graduated from the George Brown Culinary Management Program and upon graduation, began working at the Four Seasons Hotel under the direction of Chef Lynn Crawford. After several years of being co-operate executive chef and winning ‘Chef of the Year’ within co-operate dining, she branched out into the retail sector and started to build a catering reputation. Her outgoing personality is the trait that drives the people she works with. Ruth believes that creating a positive and fun environment breeds a successful platform for culinary expression. Ruth’s dream is to eventually put her culinary skills to work through teaching.

RoryAge 23 – Currently Resides: Toronto, ON (Hometown: Mississauga, ON)

Born and raised in southern Ontario, Rory White is the 23-year-old sous chef at George Restaurant in Toronto. Rory started in the culinary industry at the young age of 14, working in a butcher shop part-time. His experience there, as well as his love of cooking at home with his family, motivated Rory to pursue a career in the culinary world. After graduating from Niagara College’s Culinary Program, he worked as the chef de partie at Windermere House. Rory is known for his skills in butchery and for his love of charcuterie. He currently resides in Toronto, but always manages to make his way up north to hunt, fish and forage for true Canadian cuisine. He is this season’s youngest competitor.


RebeccaAge 24 – Currently Resides: Toronto, ON (Hometown: Medicine Hat, AB)

Rebecca Ross, a former sous chef at Malena restaurant in Toronto, bases her approach to cooking on keeping one foot in technique and one in true home cooking. Her favourite things to make are the best versions of the things people recognize – and a few things people don’t. She started flipping pans at NAIT (Northern Alberta Institute of Technology) and still cooks today because of the emotions she can evoke in the people eating her food. She believes that with her food, she can make someone feel special, even just for a moment. Those moments make all of the hours in hot kitchens, all of the cuts and burns, and all of the late nights worth it. She met her partner Alex Bruveris behind the stove – and he pushes her to be a better cook every day. Rebecca believes that “at the end of the day, we’re just playing with food so it should be fun.”


NicoleAge 34 – Currently Resides: Calgary, AB (Hometown: Richmond, BC)

Nicole Gomes is the chef and proprietor of Nicole Gourmet Catering, a full-service boutique catering company in Calgary, AB. Realizing her passion for cooking at an early age, she pursued a classical education at Vancouver’s Dubrulle French Culinary School. Shortly after graduation an apprenticeship opportunity guided her to work in Paris, France, which sparked many travels working throughout Europe, Asia and Australia to expand her culinary knowledge. Madly in love with cooking, Nicole is also a great lover of traveling, continuously inspired by food culture from around the world. Her philosophy is to create quality, well-prepared food from scratch that will leave a lingering impression.


MatthewAge 30 – Vancouver, BC (Hometown: Cloverdale, BC)

Matthew Stowe grew up in Surrey, BC, and is now a proud husband, father and chef. At 15, Matthew fell in love with cooking. After high school, he followed his passion and graduated from New York’s Culinary Institute of America in 2002. After graduation, he honed his craft at NYC’s famed French restaurant, Lutèce. As executive chef of Sonora Resort in BC from 2004 to 2010, Matthew played an integral role in achieving the coveted Relais & Châteaux designation in 2009. That same year, Matthew also wrote his first cookbook, The Tastes of Sonora Resort which highlighted his signature dishes from his time at the coastal resort. Matthew hopes to open his own restaurant in the future. Currently, he is excited to continue working with Cactus Club as product development chef, with a focus on continuous menu development for Cactus’ aggressive nationwide growth plan. Matthew is a passionate and focused chef who describes his style as being focused on refined Canadian cuisine with modern techniques.