The X Life

Monday, August 22 at 10:30 p.m. ET on MTV

X LIFE has been a dramatic ride, and in the final episode there is a tense conclusion to Denise and Pierre’s tumultuous relationship. Jeremy and Susie move forward and further away from Jeremy’s old sponsors Metal Mulisha. Meanwhile, during preparations for Cory’s annual “Nasty Jam” event, the stress causes Cory to tell Nicole he wants to move back to Temecula, throwing the future of their relationship in the air.

Monday, July 18 at 10 p.m. ET on MTV

THE X LIFE follows three extreme athletes and gives viewers a rare glimpse into the inner workings of life in an adrenaline filled career. THE X LIFE features Pierre Luc Gagnon (PLG), Shawn White, and Cory Nastazio while they make their last few stops on The Mountain Dew Tour in Las Vegas and face injury, arguments, and family emergencies while on the road.