The Walking Dead

WalkingDeads3Andrew Lincoln has said he is not all that bothered about The Walking Dead missing out on key Emmy nominations.

The actor, who plays the role of Rick Grimes on the series, says that he doesn’t think about it too much, despite the fact the show has garnered critical acclaim but has never been nominated in the writing and acting categories.

“I don’t really think about [the lack of recognition] too much, in all honesty,” Lincoln – who plays Rick Grimes – told Deadline. Continue reading »

walking_dead_visa1This is pretty much a must-have for any dedicated fan of The Walking Dead.

Robert Kirkman’s comic imprint Skybound has paired up with to release three Visa debit cards slathered in characters from the popular series.

“Having The Walking Dead art on these credit cards will be an exciting way for fans to incorporate the series’ art into their daily lives,” Kirkman said.

The artwork on the cards is from series artist Charlie Adlard and features Rick, Michonne, Andrea Abraham and Morgan. Continue reading »

Add a little ridiculous dialogue to some Walking Dead clips and you have yourself a funny five minutes and thirty six seconds.

If you’re a fan of The Walking Dead and are about to get married, here’s a little inspiration for your wedding cake.

This photo was posted on Reddit by mikemcherry this week showing a sweet gory cake form a wedding he attended where the groom was a big fan of the series.

“Best part was, one broke and fell off the side of the cake, but the character’s arm was still hanging from where it was supposed to be anchored,” he wrote. “Everyone was like, well, it’s a zombie, I guess it’s okay that its body is falling apart…”


walking_dead_norman_reedusSome Canadian internet users were met with confusing online banners this week that stated they had “lost” The Walking Dead.

The banners were referencing the on-going negotiations between the AMC network and Rogers Communications over a broadcast deal.

Some users were reporting on Wednesday night that they were seeing the ads that stated “Rogers Customers You Have Lost The Walking Dead” or “Rogers Customers You May Lose The Walking Dead”.

The ads encouraged viewers to go to a website or call 866-Keep-AMC. Continue reading »

mad-men-season-5American network AMC have set up this website as a warning to Canadian fans of the likes of Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead and Mad Men that they may soon be without those shows.

Talks are still going on between AMC and Rogers over a deal for the network to continue screening in Canada.

AMC are urging Canadian fans to show their support for the shows via the website.

BreakignBad2013AMC issued a warning to Canadian fans of the likes of Breaking Bad and Mad Men that they may not see any new episodes of the shows if an agreement isn’t reached between the channel and Rogers Communications.

AMC said in a statement that Canadian fans may miss out on Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead and Mad Men if the two parties don’t strike a deal.

“We’ve had a long, productive relationship with Rogers Cable and are proud of the value we’ve created for them with AMC’s high-quality, acclaimed programming, including “The Walking Dead,” which is currently the No. 1 drama series on cable television,” the channel said in a statement. Continue reading »

Activision has released a new gameplay trailer for its Walking Dead: Survival Instinct game.

The clip is the first official gameplay trailer, replacing an earlier fan-made trailer released last month, which was not representative of the game.

Actors Norman Reedus and Michael Rooker both lend their voices to the game, which will be released on PS3, Xbox 360, PC and Wii U.

WalkingDeadAppIf you want to play dead, now you can.

The AMC network has released an official Walking Dead app that turns ordinary photos of you into Walker pics.

Best of all, it’s free.