The Sopranos

Monday 31 December
10 p.m. – The Sopranos – “Made in America” – SERIES FINALE

Tony seeks to find a peace with the Leotardo crew while dealing with rumors that a member of his own crew may have flipped; A.J. makes a decision regarding his future; Junior’s slide into dementia continues.

Saturday 29 December
10 p.m. – The Sopranos – “The Second Coming”

Tony’s offer to settle differences between New York and New Jersey is rejected by Phil Leotardo; A.J. continues to battle depression; Meadow’s father comes to her rescue.

Friday 28 December
10 p.m. – The Sopranos – “Kennedy and Heidi”

An asbestos-disposal dispute further strains the tenuous relationship between the families in New York and New Jersey.

Thursday 27 December
10 p.m. – The Sopranos – “Walk Like a Man”

Tension rises between Christopher and Paulie, thanks to an inadvertent push from Kelli’s father; A.J. sinks into a funk.

Wednesday 26 December
10 p.m. – The Sopranos – “Chasing it”

Tony deals with a streak of bad luck; A.J. makes an important decision about his future.

Saturday, December 22

10 p.m. – The Sopranos – “Stage 5”

The premiere of “Cleaver” gets Tony thinking about his relationship with Christopher; Johnny Sack absorbs more bad news in prison; Phil analyzes his family history; Silvio’s dinner with Gerry is rudely interrupted.

Friday 21 December
10 p.m. – The Sopranos – “Soprano Home Movies” – CTV SEASON PREMIERE

Tony has a brush with the law before heading to a rowdy 47th birthday celebration with Carmela, Bobby and Janice at a rural retreat in the Adirondack Mountains.