The Quon Dynasty

Sunday, November 6 at 8pm ET/PT (7CT, 9MT) on Citytv

“Wonton o’ Fun”

Mandy feels that the family needs some bonding time away from the restaurant and sells them on the romantic idea of a camping getaway – even though they have never attempted anything more rustic than a patio barbecue. They stuff themselves into a rented van and head to the mountains for an outdoor adventure they’ll never forget (no matter how hard they may try).

This fall, Citytv and OMNI Television serve up a fresh look at a realm of intergenerational power struggles, sibling rivalries and egg rolls in the all-new reality series, The Quon Dynasty, premiering Sunday, October 16 at 9:30pm ET (9pm PT, 8pm MT, 8:30pm CT)on Citytv.

Following the continuing exploits of the Quons, a family of Chinese restaurateurs, the 13-part, half-hour series showcases their ongoing quest to build the family business: The Lingnan restaurant.  

On Saturday, October 29, the series will premiere in Cantonese language on OMNI Television as follows: 10pm ETon OMNI.2,8pm MTon OMNI Alberta and 7:30pm PTon OMNIBC.

“The Quon Dynasty is a hilariously relatable series that showcases the real-life comedy that comes with being part of a family,” commented Claire Freeland, Director of Development and Production. “As zany and diverse as the Quons may be, everyone can admit to having a ‘Quon’ in their clan.”   

Welcome to The Quon Dynasty – an Edmonton institution beloved by its countless regular customers, cozy and elegant but quaintly out of date. The dynasty is currently ruled (at least officially) by Kinman, the “emperor” who everyone suspects is a little “out of touch.” Next in line is his heir and oldest son Miles, who’s dying to get his turn on the throne. Waiting in the wings are Mandy, the poised, beautiful “princess,” and Marty, the self-absorbed, younger brother. Reigning over them all is the formidable mother, Amy, a domineering “empress” who holds the dynasty together but also drives everyone crazy. The pressure of running the restaurant often dominates the Quons’ lives, generating frustration, friction and exhaustion, but in the end it is also what brings the family together.

The Quon Dynastyis produced by Anaïd Productions Inc. in association with Rogers Broadcasting Limited, the Assistance of the Government of Alberta, Alberta Multimedia Development Fund, and the participation of Government of Canada – Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit Program as well as the Canada Media Fund.