The Paul Reiser Show

8:30pm – Thursday, April 28 on CTV

Paul (Paul Reiser) is persuaded into endorsing a tool company, which leads him to become handy around the house and has Claire (Amy Landecker) questioning his behavior. Meanwhile, Jonathan (Ben Shenkman) starts acting differently after a near-death experience and Habib (Omid Djalili) attempts to change his lifestyle to lose some weight.

8:00pm – Wednesday, December 31 on CTV

8:30 p.m. – THE PAUL REISER SHOW- “The Play Date” – NEW EPISODE / SPECIAL DAY Complications arise when Paul (Paul Reiser) is left in charge of picking up Jonathan’s (Ben Shenkman) son for a play date when Claire (Amy Landecker) is stuck at the dentist’s office. Meanwhile, Paul is forced to make amends to Terrance (guest star Henry Rollins), the father of a schoolmate with an intimidating personality, who suspects Paul has done him wrong.

8:30pm – Thursday, April 14 on CTV

THE PAUL REISER SHOW is a new single-camera comedy from EMMY and GOLDEN GLOBE AWARD-nominated actor/writer/producer Paul Reiser (MAD ABOUT YOU) and writer/producer Jonathan Shapiro (LIFE). The show stars Reiser as himself, who after years of enjoying the quiet life with family, writing and producing television, has decided that it’s time he did something new and meaningful.
In the series premiere, Paul stresses about what to put as his occupation on his son’s school form and his inconclusive answer motivates him to audition for producer Mark Burnett’s (guest star Mark Burnett) new game show against Larry David (guest star Larry David). Meanwhile, Jonathan (Ben Shenkman, Blue Valentine), Fernando (Duane Martin, Any Given Sunday) and Brad (Andrew Daly, Life As We Know It) get a little too caught up with their kids’ school projects.