The Office

Thursday, April 16 – 9pm ET/PT

Dwight finds his loyalties split between Michael and Charles. With Pam out of the office, Andy tries to become Jim’s new confidant.

Thursday, April 9 – 9:30pm ET/PT

The Michael Scott Paper Company

Michael hosts a Paper & Pancakes luncheon for his new company. Dwight and Andy pair up for a hunting trip, while Jim is confused when a “rundown” is requested by Charles.

Dream Team

The situation between Jim and his new boss Charles get worse when they are competing in a parking lot soccer game. Michael tries to start his new business, but has trouble leaving his house.

Thursday, March 26 – 9pm ET/PT

As his new boss becomes even more watchful, Michael’s behavior becomes increasingly careless, Pam deals with a difficult copier, and Kelly has a new crush.

Thursday, March 12 at 9pm ET/PT on Global

Michael’s idea to use “Golden Tickets” for prizes for clients causes a problem in the office. Kevin seeks advice from Andy, Jim, and Pam about dating.

Thursday, March 5 – 9pm ET/PT

A mystery woman at the office blood drive catches Michael’s eye. Dwight and Kevin both find women at the “Lonely Hearts Party,” while Jim and Pam are forced to leave because of PDAs—so they have lunch with Phyllis and Bob.

Thursday, February 12 – 9pm ET/PT

Michael and Pam continue on their trip to the different branches, although the tone is changed after the visit to Utica. Dwight and Jim try to make up for the party disaster, but the rest of the workers are still upset. Angela has a new cat that causes problems.

Thursday, February 5 – 9pm ET/PT

Since Scranton has been so successful, Michael gets sent around to the other branches to explain how. Meanwhile, Dwight and Jim, the new heads of the party planning committee, forget a birthday and have to deal with the fallout. After the end of his engagement, Andy falls for someone new.

Sunday, February 1 – approximately 10pm ET/PT (Right after the big game)

When Dwight’s fire-safety seminar causes trouble, he decides to help calm the other workers. Michael discovers he’s the main office stressor, so decides to hold a roast, in order to make them feel more comfortable around him. While watching a bootleg video, Andy believes that Jim and Pam are film gurus.

Thursday, January 22 – 9pm ET/PT

Michael and Dwight spy on a rival paper company. The rest of the office debates whether or not Hilary Swank is hot.

Thursday, January 15 – 9pm ET/PT

After Michael spills the beans about Angela’s affair with Dwight, Andy and Dwight deal with the matter on their own. Michael is nervous about meeting at corporate with David Wallace.