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WGCSA logoCanada’s best screenwriters have been celebrated at the 17th annual Writers Guild of Canada Screenwriting Awards.

Screenwriters Andrew Wreggitt (The Phantoms), Martin Gero (L.A. Complex), Kim Coghill (Less Than Kind), Dan Williams & Lienne Sawatsky (Sidekick) and Julie Strassman-Cohn & Jill Golick (Ruby Skye PI) were just a few of those recognized. A complete list of winners is below.

The co-creators of Flashpoint, Mark Ellis & Stephanie Morgenstern, were recognized with the prestigious WGC Showrunner Award for their leadership and the creative vision that took the show through five spectacular seasons. Continue reading »

The CW has pulled the pin on struggling Canadian series The L.A. Complex.

The US network has decided not to renew the drama for a third season.

On this side of the border, MuchMusic let the show go in November, leaving The CW to make the decision on whether or not to keep the series afloat.

While there is a small chance the show could be revived on a different network, we shouldn’t be holding out too much hope. Continue reading »

Bell Media has decided that a third season of The L.A. Complex will not be getting the go-ahead.

This may well signal the end for the Canadian drama, which has always struggled to pull viewers on both Much and The CW in the US.

The CW is yet to decide whether or not to do away with the series and will hold talks with Canadian producer Epitome Pictures.

Executive producer of Epitome Pictures Stephen Sohn confirmed that they are “still exploring its options for the series,” which means the show could possibly turn up on another network. Continue reading »

The president of The CW network in the US has reaffirmed the channel’s commitment to Canadian drama series The LA Complex.

Mark Pedowitz has confirmed that the channel will continue to air the series for the remaining 10 episodes of the second season.

Pedowitz says that he has confidence in the series despite its less than super ratings.

“We are an 18-34 network,” Pedowitz said. “I’m actually a big fan of the show. It’s well made. It has a sense of reality about what it takes to make it in the Hollywood area. We’re going to fulfill our commitement. Continue reading »

Growing Pains actor Alan Thicke has been added to the cast of The LA Complex’s second season.

The Canadian actor will play the role of Donald Gallagher, the executive producer and director of Christian televisions series Saying Grace.

Thicke says the role allowed him to channel his past as a theology student at the University of Western Ontario.

“I was threatening to become a minister,” he says. “I was in a denominational school — Westminster College — and had been very active in the Protestant church, giving sermons on youth day, that kind of thing.” Continue reading »

The LA Complex creator Martin Gero believes the second season of the Canadian drama will be better than the first.

“We’re making the show that we made last year — I think it’s just better, it’s more confident, it looks a lot better,” Gero said this week.

“I feel so fortunate that we’ve been given this opportunity to have people find the show again…. People forget that just a day (before the premiere), we’re talking about how it’s one of the best shows of that season, and then it starts turning into a discussion of ratings, and that becomes the story…. Continue reading »

6 p.m. Saturday, July 14 on E!

Catch up on the first season of Bell Media’s original series about relationships, salacious temptations and make-it-or-break it decisions, in a THE L.A. COMPLEX marathon. The series is a no-holds-barred, character-driven drama that follows the exploits of young hopefuls in search of stardom in Hollywood.

MuchMusic’s red-hot, critically acclaimed original drama series The L.A. Complex returns with a thermometer-popping second season, Tuesday, July 17 at 9 p.m. ET following the smash-hit, Pretty Little Liars.

Airing day and date with The CW, its U.S. partner, the 13-episode second season delivers the same intense, character-driven plots, complex characters, and sharp humour as its riveting debut season.

Season 2 also introduces six brand new characters, including Alan Thicke as the demanding and hot-headed director/actor/producer, Donald Gallagher. Continue reading »

Just days before the series premiere of MuchMusic’s original drama THE L.A. COMPLEX on U.S. broadcaster The CW, critics are raving about the sexy, new program.

The CW, which picked up the existing six episodes in January, premieres THE L.A. COMPLEX tonight, April 24 at 9 p.m. ET.

Canadians who are already hooked on THE L.A. COMPLEX can tune into to an encore presentation of the first six episodes exclusively on Much, beginning the same date and time.

An additional 13 episodes of this compelling original series were ordered by Bell Media in March. Principal photography is currently underway in Toronto. The new episodes, loaded with new storylines and characters, are expected to premiere in Canada exclusively on MuchMusic, in July.

Here’s what the critics south of the border have to say about THE L.A. COMPLEX

“(THE L.A. COMPLEX) emerges, unexpectedly, as one of the best things the netlet’s offered in ages…Who would have thought it would take Canadians to get Hollywood right, eh?” – Variety

“(The leads) are refreshingly down-to-earth, likable, and able to flesh out their youthful stereotypes with this weird thing called personality…THE L.A. COMPLEX doesn’t restrict itself to youth or show business. It’s about defining yourself, working toward your goals, making crucial choices, and coping with whatever comes your way, even if it’s success.” – Newsday

““A better MELROSE PLACE….surpisingly complex.” – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“THE L.A. COMPLEX has done enough to deserve a callback.” – Entertainment Weekly

“3 out of 4 Stars”…“smart…” – Star Magazine

“3 out of 4 Stars…a fun, juicy and grittier Melrose Place.” – Life & Style Weekly

 “…sassy, soapy drama.” – In Touch Weekly

“THE L.A. COMPLEX has all the makings of a great new drama…This series is as close to the real thing as you’re going to get.” –

“Who would have thought Canadians would nail a story about aspiring young artists in Hollywood.” –

Bell Media confirmed today the order of an additional 13 episodes of its compelling original series, THE L.A. COMPLEX.

Production begins in Toronto and Los Angeles in mid-April. Produced by Emmy®-nominated Epitome Pictures (DEGRASSI) and executive produced, written, and directed by Martin Gero (HBO’s BORED TO DEATH, Young People F*cking), THE L.A. COMPLEX is a no-holds-barred, character-driven relationship drama that follows the exploits of young hopefuls in search of stardom in Hollywood.

Slated to premiere on MuchMusic this July, new episodes will feature new characters and storylines. U.S. broadcaster The CW, which picked up the existing six episodes in January, premieres THE L.A. COMPLEX, April 24.

“Bell Media is thrilled to extend our partnership with Epitome Pictures on THE L.A. COMPLEX,” said Phil King, President, CTV Programming and Sports. “Martin Gero’s authentic characters and storylines make this series relevant to viewers on both sides of the border and around the world. This additional order will allow THE L.A. COMPLEX to realize its full potential.”

“The team here is very excited about jumping back into this lush and provocative world to push the envelope even further and see where these characters can go,” said Executive Producer Martin Gero.

“Bell Media believed in this project from the very beginning and always knew what broadcasters around the world are now getting excited about, that an authentic series about young adults struggling to follow their dreams can resonate with audiences and critics alike,” said Executive Producer Stephen Stohn. “We can’t wait to create more episodes.”