The KIlling

TheKillingHughDillonHugh Dillon has praised his storyline with co-star Peter Sarsgaard on The Killing, saying filming scenes with Sarsgaard “couldn’t be better”.

The storyline sees the Canadian actor, who plays death row prison guard Francis Becker, caught in a “dark duet” with Sarsgaard’s inmate character Ray Seward.

“It’s a dark duel. It’s the antagonist’s antagonist. It’s the bad guy to the bad guy, who’s cloaked as an authority figure,” Dillon tells The Hollywood Reporter. “[The writing] instilled that kind of tension in the words and the characters. Continue reading »

HughDillonContinuumHugh Dillon is getting used to keeping secrets thanks to his role on Continuum’s second season and The Killing’s third.

The former Flashpoint actor is filming both in Vancouver and says he’s getting used to hiding future plot details from fans.

“Everything is watermarked; you get pieces of information but not all of it,” the gravel-voiced Dillon told TV Guide Canada. “You’ve got to sign a contract that you won’t disclose any information. Flashpoint seemed so open. We were all over Toronto and we’d been there for years. You could answer any question with any fan. Here, it’s like everything’s a f—ing secret. Everything.” Continue reading »

AMC have revived their previously cancelled drama series The Killing.

The series will return for a third season after all, despite the fact the network announced in July last year that they would be making no more new episodes.

The new deal between AMC and Fox Television Studios will see Veena Sud, who developed the original Danish series on which The Killing is based and worked on the first two seasons, return as executive producer, writer and showrunner.

Production on the third season will kick off in Vancouver on February 25. Continue reading »