The Jeff Dunham Show

3:30 p.m. ET/PT- 6:30 p.m. ET/PT – Friday, December 25 on Comedy Network

Witness the hilarious, and sometimes inappropriate, antics of Jeff Dunham and his small, big-mouthed sidekicks.

North America’s most popular stand-up comedian Jeff Dunham, and his posse of suitcase sidekicks find a home on THE JEFF DUNHAM SHOW. Premiering exclusively on The Comedy Network Tuesday, Oct. 27 at 10 p.m. ET/PT, this half-hour, comedy-reality series brings Dunham’s popular puppet creations from the big stage to the small screen. Give a hand to Walter the grumpy retiree; the resolutely redneck Bubba J; the furry and manic Peanut; the hot-headed Jose Jalapeño; and the bumbling skeleton Achmed the Dead Terrorist. Additional viewings of Jeff and his puppet pals are available Saturday nights at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT, and on-demand at

THE JEFF DUNHAM SHOW takes his act and characters in front of a live studio audience as well as placing them in real world scenarios. When his not-so-dummy crew hit the streets, they banter, quip and interact so well with audiences they often forget that the Jeff has a “hand” in them. Sometimes, the characters get “out-of-hand,” as when Walter and Jeff visit a psychologist, Bubba J takes aim at a rifle range and Achmed attempts to sign up new recruits.

As the third-highest-earning comedian in North America – behind Jerry Seinfeld and Chris Rock – Dunham and his cast of characters have amassed legions of loyal fans across the globe. Dunham’s popularity exploded with the introduction of Achmed the Dead Terrorist, a character he debuted in 2007 on his special, SPARK OF INSANITY. Achmed, a bigheaded skeleton, is a failed suicide bomber who had a premature detonation and has not yet come to terms with his demise. Since then, Dunham’s act has been viewed more than 360 million times on YouTube, and his DVD sales have sold more than four million copies. 2008’s VERY SPECIAL CHRISTMAS SPECIAL featuring Achmed, was one of the highest rated stand-up specials to air on The Comedy Network with more than 170,000 viewers tuning in. Repeat airings drew audiences of 156,000 and 122,000 A18-49. *

Time Magazine calls him “the most popular stand-up comedian in the U.S.” Jay Leno says, “Jeff Dunham really is the best there is.” David Letterman sings his praises, “Tremendous talent, great star!” Testimony that though he may be surrounded by them, Jeff Dunham ain’t no dummy.