The Doctors

Weekdays – 3pm ET/PT starting Monday, October 6 *5pm in the Maritimes*

‘Dr. Phil’ spin-off features four doctors (an emergency-room physician, an ob-gyn, a plastic surgeon and a pediatrician) exploring key medical issues raised in cases examined on the show.



Global Television announced today the exclusive Canadian broadcast of the new daytime series The Doctors, due to air this fall.

Featuring a dream team of five practicing medical professionals, the show investigates and discusses hot-button medical topics such as painkillers, how to lose weight, addictions, sex, what not to feed your child and why some vaccines can be dangerous. The Doctors will bust medical myths and answer burning questions viewers are too embarrassed or afraid to ask their own doctor.

“We’re absolutely thrilled with our latest addition of The Doctors to Global’s daytime roster,” said Barbara Williams, Executive Vice President, Content, Canwest Broadcasting. “As a spin-off from the hugely successful ‘Dr. Phil’, this series has an incredible pedigree. We’re confident our audience will fully embrace the engaging, topical information this new program will have to offer.”

The Doctors is hosted by ER doctor, Dr. Travis Stork (“The Bachelor”). Other experts making the rounds include Dr. Lisa Masterson, an obstetrician/gynecologist; Dr. Andrew Ordon, a leading plastic surgeon; Dr. Tara Fields, a licensed marriage and family therapist; and Dr. Jim Sears, a renowned pediatrician. These doctors will make appearances on Dr. Phil throughout the 2007-08 season. At the same time, The Doctors producers will shadow the Emmy-nominated Dr. Phil production team.

“Whenever people meet a doctor, nine times out of 10 they start asking questions about their own health,” said Dr. Phil McGraw. “That’s why Jay’s concept of bringing together a panel of experts is right on. We thought it would be valuable to provide a national forum to viewers to get their questions answered by accessible, practicing physicians.”

Added Jay McGraw: “We’re really creating a new daytime format here with a medical version of ‘Dr. Phil.’ Over the past decade I’ve watched my Dad perfect the formula for giving advice to America. It seems like a natural extension to apply that ‘gold standard’ formula to medical problems.”

The Doctors (working title) will be produced by Stage 29 Productions, in association with CBS Television Distribution. THE DOCTORS is distributed in the U.S. by CBS Television Distribution and internationally by CBS Paramount International Television.