The Deep End

Wednesday, February 17 – 10pm ET/PT on Global

Dylan and Liam bond when they realize they are the only ones who think that their clients are innocent. Meanwhile, Addy is surprised when her long-distance boyfriend comes to town with a specific plan in mind.

Wednesday, February 10 – 10pm ET/PT on Global

Susan gives Beth and Dylan a challenging pro-bono case of a female tennis star that loses her scholarship. The players personal identity is questioned in the case. Meanwhile, Liam and Malcom are set against each other.

Wednesday, February 3 – 10pm ET/PT on Global

Addy and Beth represent a client with questionable morals in a sexual harassment case; Liam asks Rowdy for advice on dating; Cliff hopes to save his marriage.

Wednesday, January 27- 10pm ET/PT on Global

Beth faces her father in court; Addy’s new clients put the firm in danger; Cliff inadvertently gets Katie sent to the Montana offices indefinitely.

Wednesday, January 20 – 10pm ET/PT on Global

This dramatic comedy follows four young new lawyers who enter one of the most prestigious law firms in Los Angeles, Sterling Law. The four consist of Dylan, Addy, Beth and Liam. Their boss is Cliff Huddle aka The Prince of Darkness, a senior partner at the firm. But when Hart Sterling, returns after a long hiatus, he’s ready to shake things up. Starring Tina Majorino (Big Love), Billy Zane (Samantha Who?), and Matthew Long (Ghost Rider).