The Cleveland Show

Sunday, January 27 – 7:30pm ET/PT on Global

The Brown-Tubbs family travels the world in a series of internationally-themed segments. In Italy, Cleveland must choose between Rallo and Jr. as his family’s successor in this mob-style parody. Then, in Mexico, Junior insists on having a Quinceanera, even though he’s a boy. And in Japan, Cleveland builds a robot to attend Junior’s eating competition.

Sunday, January 13 – 7:30pm ET/PT on Global

Cleveland is furious when Donna’s ex-husband, Robert, crashes Freight Train’s birthday party and upstages Cleveland’s gift for his dad. Meanwhile, to pay off a bet they owe to Donna, Rallo and Junior become “dog bounty hunters,” tracking down lost pooches, returning them to their owners and collecting the rewards.

Sunday, December 16 – 7:30pm ET/PT on Global

Cleveland pretends to be homeless after discovering the food served at the local homeless shelter is better than his food at home. Meanwhile, chauvinistic storeowner Harris Grundle hires Roberta as a Christmas elf but requires all of Santa’s female helpers to don sexy costumes, and Kendra saves Christmas for the children of Stoolbend.

Sunday, December 2 – 7:30pm ET/PT on Global

Cleveland keeps his vasectomy a secret after Donna reveals that she wants another baby. When Donna finds out she’s been lied to, she pretends that’s she’s pregnant to get back at Cleveland. Meanwhile, Rallo lands the lead role in a community production of the musical, Annie.

Sunday, November 25 – 9:30pm ET/PT *At a Special Time This Week* on Global

Cleveland and Junior embark on an elaborate mission to free all of the turkeys before Thanksgiving. Meanwhile, Rallo and Donna build a float for Stoolbend’s Thanksgiving Day parade, but Rallo takes matters into his own hands after Donna fails to embrace his artistic vision.

Sunday, November 18 – 7:30pm ET/PT on Global

Rallo invites Holt’s father (Will Arnett) over for a Thanksgiving dinner, which ends up making Holt’s family relationship worse. Meanwhile, Cleveland tries to open an airport bar, but ends up drunk and steals an airplane.

Sunday, November 4 – 7:30pm ET/PT on Global

Cleveland confronts now super-famous rapper Kenny West about not sharing credit for the megahit they created together, “Be-Cleve In Yourself.” He winds up discovering Kenny’s involvement in a secret hip-hop society with, ?uestLove, Bruno Mars and Nicki Minaj. Meanwhile, Cleveland Jr. starts a polka band after being rejected by his school’s marching band..

Sunday, October 7 – 7:30pm ET/PT *A Halloween Special Episode* on Global

Cleveland and the gang visit their rival high school in Goochland for the annual football game, but when Federline destroys the car belonging to Cleveland’s arch-nemesis Chet Butler, they must find a way to escape their enemy’s home turf. Meanwhile, Donna dons a sexy Halloween costume that gets her in trouble with the cops, and Roberta and Cleveland Jr. play pranks around Stoolbend when they dress up as Donna and Cleveland.

Sunday, May 20 – 7:30pm ET/PT *Season Finale* on Global

Cleveland Jr.’s makeover gives him the confidence to approach Daisy (Rashida Jones), a misfit who catches his attention. Meanwhile, Cleveland’s authority as his favorite snack food’s ultimate expert is threatened by another fan.

Sunday, May 6 – 7:30pm ET/PT on Global

Cleveland Jr. profiles his dad for a report on his favorite American, but when Cleveland falls off the toilet and suffers a concussion, Cleveland Jr.’s rethinks his decision. Meanwhile, Rallo gets excited when he realizes he’s grown tall enough to ride his favorite roller coaster.