The Benson Interruption

Hold up. The Comedy Network’s gonna let viewers kick back Sunday nights… but right after a little interruption from two new stand-up comedy series, THE BENSON INTERRUPTION and RUSSELL SIMMONS PRESENTS: STAND-UP AT THE EL REY, premiering Sunday, Nov. 14 on The Comedy Network.

First, Doug Benson brings his uncouth shenanigans to The Comedy Network Sundays at 10 p.m. ET/PT in the six-part, half-hour series THE BENSON INTERRUPTION.

Then, immediately after, media mogul Russell Simmons, his partner Stan Lathan and host JB Smoove bring their hip-hop inspired flow to viewers Sundays at 10:30 p.m ET/PT with the six-part, half-hour series RUSSELL SIMMONS PRESENTS: STAND-UP AT THE EL REY.

Leading up to both premieres and during each season, will feature highlights from each episode, never-before-aired footage, and exclusive backstage interviews with the comedians. Full episodes are also available on following their television premieres. 

Based on the popular live show of the same name, THE BENSON INTERRUPTION features comedian Doug Benson interrupting some of the biggest names in stand-up and improvisational comedy including Adam Carolla, Nick Swardson, Patton Oswalt and Brian Posehn. Stand up comedy is hard enough without being constantly interrupted, but try telling that to Doug Benson who has built his act around exactly that. Why? Because the show isn’t called “The Benson Sits Quietly and Doesn’t Bother Anyone Show,” that’s why…Benson chimes in whenever he darn well pleases. 

Immediately following THE BENSON INTERRUPTION, the duo – Russell Simmons and Stan Lathan – that brought the world the genre-defining urban comedy show DEF COMEDY JAM team up to bring viewers the next generation of breakout talent in the series premiere of RUSSELL SIMMONS PRESENTS: STAND-UP AT THE EL REY. Best known for his role as Leon Black from HBO’s CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM, comedian JB Smoove takes to the stage to host this stand-up series with a hip hop vibe.

The series premiere features Smoove warning of “raggedy ass” clubs, Tony Roberts on Danny Glover’s female lookalike, Dante Nero and more. The second episode keeps it going with comedians Mike Vecchione, Calise Hawkins and JJ Williamson. This season also showcases up and coming comedians Kurt Metzger, Smokey Suarez, Fahim Anwar, Ray Lipowski, Felipe Esparza, Lil Rel and Rachel Feinstein.