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Alex, 43 (Santa Ynez, California), a charismatic family man, has a background in mechanical engineering technology and worked as an inspector/materials-testing technician. Due to the recent economic recession, he was laid off and began working as a tow truck driver to make ends meet. Alex describes himself as a man of many passions, who has owned a car restoration company, overseen various million-dollar projects and played in a rock band. He prides himself on his ability to take an idea, improve upon it, and see projects through from start to finish. Alex resides in Santa Ynez, California with his wife and two kids.

This week I had the opportunity speak to two very interesting people. Business magnate, socialite and the host of The Apprentice, Mr Donald Trump and one of reality televisions most renowned producers, Mr Mark Burnett.  On the 16th of September, the tenth season of The Apprentice begins and promises to deliver relevance to the current economic climate.

“If you remember when we started The Apprentice it was this big hit but it was also in a different world” says Trump. “It was, you know, times were booming and now times are just the opposite of booming.”

Responding to the call for the show to be more reflective of the current times, this season’s contestants have been selected from the many who have lost their jobs and livelihood due to the economic downturn. 

“We have people that went to the best schools and they don’t have a job” Trump told us. “People that had really good jobs before and they have five kids in one case and doesn’t have a job, has zero income coming in.”

Mark Burnett added “We’ve got someone who got their Masters in Engineering, worked as a mechanical engineer, got downsized in the economy and now has now taken a job as a tow truck driver. Another woman who went to Stanford for cancer research had a job as a cancer researcher. The funding fell through because of the economy and now they’re taking care of their grandmother and living back in their parent’s house.”

Being a man with an eye for the ladies, Trump tells of another. “A beautiful young woman who went to Stanford Law, did a great job, great student, had a great job at a major law firm and now she’s selling cupcakes.”

So the contestants in this season aren’t just fresh out of school contenders for the $250,000 job with Trump, they’re actually talented professionals who have found themselves on the hard side of reality and out of work.  

When casting for this season, they weren’t looking for people who were feeling sorry for themselves.  In fact, the common theme was finding people who were fighting back.  And fighting your way back is certainly something that Donald Trump has done himself so these contestants have certainly earned his respect in that regard.

“The energy and the almost, the survival of some of these people is unbelievable. Unbelievable, where they have families where the families are just devastated by the fact that they have no money, they have nothing. But they have great educations and they had a great past. So it’s inspirational, but at the same time it’s very sad.”

And while it’s just a TV show, many of the contestants gave feedback throughout filming that it felt great to be back at work.  Coming from high flying jobs to doing nothing would be hard.  One can only imagine the near euphoric state of being back in your business element.

If you’re familiar with the show then you’ll know that the winners of each task are rewarded.  Often with lavish gifts or experiences.  This time round though, it’s a little different.  

“The winning project manager’s reward every week is to meet with a major industry titan in various industries” says Burnett. “It’s like a motivational speech from winners to give these people a chance and it’s amazing how they come out of these rewards energized.”

While it’s common to hear people talking about upcoming seasons as being the best ever, Trump emphasizes why he thinks it’s true in these case.

“It’s a better plot in terms of bad times versus good times. When you’re in good times it’s less urgent, it’s less important. And in a certain way maybe even less exciting. But I think the concept is almost better because of the times that we’re living in”

With a new plot in hand, the casting process sounded pretty horrific though.

“Donald sat there with myself and the NBC executives and we honestly were listening to story after story of unbelievably educated people.” Burnett said.  “I mean people, top universities, top law firms who are just on their ass, and I’ve got to tell you one minute we looked at each other, Donald and I and the NBC executives and said boy, it sure is great to have a job.”

Sad story after sad story after sad story from thousands of people from 11 different cities makes for compelling viewing.  So much so that as Trump says, “when NBC saw what was happening with the shooting, it was so good they couldn’t believe it and they actually bumped the show in order to put it on early.”  

With so many people affected by the economic turmoil, this season of The Apprentice could very well be one of the best rating as people seek solace and inspiration for their own circumstances.

The Apprentice begins at 9:00pm on Thursday the 16th of September on Global.

Back row: Gene Folkes, Wade Hanson, Kelly Smith Beaty, Steuart Martens, Clint Robertson, Tyana Alvarado, Nicole Chiu, Alex Delgado
Front row: Stephanie Castagnier, James Weir, David Johnson, Poppy Carlig, Liza Mucheru-Wisner, Brandy Kuentzel, Mahsa Saeidi-Azcuy

Coming off its most successful summer in years, Global is ready to launch another sizzling fall lineup. As fans prepare for television’s most exciting season, they can rest assured that Global continues with the best of primetime’s returning favourites and biggest new shows.

“There is enduring strength and stability in the Global schedule,” said Barbara Williams, EVP, Content, Canwest Broadcasting. “With 18 returning series enhanced by some of the most anticipated new hits of the season, we’re looking forward to having audiences sample our engaging lineup for themselves.”

With its robust rollout of premieres, the main spotlight on Global’s Fall 2010 schedule centers on the week of Monday, September 20. Launching with season 7 of television’s top rated medical drama House at 8pm ET/PT, loyal fans are in for a treat as House and Cuddy reach a new breakthrough with their explosive love/hate relationship.

Then Lone Star, a powerful and sexy, modern day soap set in the vast oil lands of Texas, continues Monday’s stellar lineup at 9pm ET/PT. This fall’s breakout star James Wolk portrays Robert Allen, a charismatic and brilliant schemer trying to keep his worlds from colliding when the lines begin to blur between his professional and personal lives. Oscar®-winner, Jon Voight (“National Treasure”) co-stars alongside David Keith (“CSI: Miami”) and Adrianne Palicki (“Friday Night Lights”).

Finally hang ten with McGarrett and Danno on Oahu’s gorgeous North Shore as the rebooted, high octane Hawaii Five-0 follows with its big debut at 10pm ET/PT. This fall’s most anticipated new show is already making some serious waves, and includes a talented cast with the likes of Alex O’Loughlin (“The Shield”), Scott Caan (“Ocean’s 11”), Daniel Dae Kim (“Lost”) and Canadian Grace Park (“Battlestar Galactica”).

Preceding the flurry of premiere week, Shattered, the high intensity drama officially kicks off the network’s fall schedule on Wednesday, September 1 – 10pm ET/PT. The Original series stars Callum Keith Rennie (“Californication,” “24”) as Ben Sullivan, an unconventional homicide detective harbouring the dark secret of his Multiple Personality Disorder. Rennie serves as the executive producer for Shattered, which also stars Camille Sullivan (“Da Vinci’s Inquest”) and Molly Parker (“Deadwood”) as Ben’s wife, Ella.

Mid-month, two reality titans are back. On September 15, Canada’s #1 series, Survivor launches its 21st season in Nicaragua on a new night: Wednesdays – 8pm ET/PT. Pitting young vs. old, the survivors will put their strength, agility and strategy to the ultimate test for the grand prize. The Apprentice returns to its original format the next night, with a special 2-hour premiere on Thursday, September 16 – 9pm ET/PT, with subsequent episodes airing at 10pm ET/PT. Trump ups the ante for season 7 as the contestants in competition for this high paying job have all been affected by the economic recession, and are battling for a second chance to play in the big league.

Plus, Outlaw, the new courtroom drama starring Emmy® Award winner Jimmy Smits (“NYPD Blue,” “Dexter”) and Canadian Carly Pope (“24”) makes its debut on Friday, September 17 – 10pm ET/PT.

The excitement increases as proven performers continue to light up each night. On Tuesday, September 21, a phenomenal lineup of sophomore premieres kick off with last year’s runaway hit and #1 new comedy, Glee at 8pm ET/PT followed by a special 2-hour premiere of the fast-paced, hi-tech thrills of NCIS: LA at 9pm ET/PT.

NCIS takes on Wednesday primetime with season 8 on September 22 – 9pm ET/PT. Plus, it’s a new night for Bones as season 6 moves to Thursdays this fall beginning September 23 – 8pm ET/PT, followed by a full hour of comedy with The Office Season 7 and the all-new series Outsourced premiering at 9pm and 9:30pm ET/PT, respectively.

Animation continues to rule on Sunday nights with Global’s powerhouse lineup starting September 26 – 8 pm ET/PT with The Simpsons, The Cleveland Show and Family Guy, while critically acclaimed drama Brothers & Sisters rounds out the evening at 10pm ET/PT.

Premiere month concludes on September 28 with The Good Wife Tuesdays – 10pm ET/PT. Adored by the critics and fans alike for its addictive storytelling, the series returns with a Golden Globe® in hand for Julianna Margulies and multiple Emmy nominations.

For Global’s complete NEW & RETURNING program information and primetime grid, please click on the following:


Global’s Fall 2010 Premiere Schedule At-A-Glance:



90210 SEASON 3 (CW)                                      SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 12 – 7PM ET/PT (PRE)



OUTLAW (NBC)                                             FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 17 – 10PM ET/PT

HOUSE SEASON 7 (FOX)                                  MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 20 – 8PM ET/PT

LONE STAR (FOX)                                   MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 20 – 9PM ET/PT

HAWAII FIVE-O (CBS)                                             MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 20 – 10PM ET/PT

GLEE SEASON 2 (FOX)                                   TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 21 – 8PM ET/PT


NCIS SEASON 8 (CBS)                         WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 22 – 9PM ET/PT (POST)


THE OFFICE SEASON 7 (NBC)                              THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 23 – 9PM ET/PT

OUTSOURCED (NBC)                                  THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 23 – 9:30PM ET/PT


THE SIMPSONS SEASON 22 (FOX)                      SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 26 – 8PM ET/PT


FAMILY GUY SEASON 9 (FOX)                                     SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 26 – 9PM ET/PT



AMERICAN DAD SEASON 7 (FOX)                                SUNDAY, OCTOBER 3 – 9:30PM ET/PT


SECRET MILLIONAIRE                                                                               DATE & TIME TBC

16:9 SEASON 3 (ORIGINAL SERIES)                                                  DATE & TIME TBC


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They’ve raised over a million dollars this season. Tonight, Country Superstar Trace Adkins Trace Adkins and former tabloid editor and judge of America’s Got Talent go head to head in the chance to win the Celebrity Apprentice.

Trace is getting driven crazy by the Backstreet Boys Backstreet Boys. Trace jokes that himself, a very heterosexual cowboy and former heavyweight champion of the world – Lennox Lewis – had to go down to a drug store and buy some black nail polish. Not for their wives, but for another guy. He’s not impressed.

Piers is calling in some big prizes including tickets to Andrew Lloyd Webber’s sequel to Phantom of the Opera. Steven is having trouble bringing in the stars though and Piers is getting worried. Trace’s country stars have arrived though.

Trace is exasperated by the lack of time and the pressure of the day. However, when his wife and girls arrive he’s speechless and the stress vanishes.

Piers has a plan to get all the celebrities loaded on alcohol as quickly as possible and tells the staff to repeat a phrase “loaded celebrities means lots of money”.

Trace has to get some medical gear for one of the Backstreet Boys who has twisted his knee. He’s still looking for wheat grass. He says the whole rider thing has made him appreciate his own position as an artist and how he has performed in pain and then had 18 inches of his colon cut out and how the “BSB” still need their Wheat Grass Juice in order to perform.

Trace has people handing over checks and cash of at least $20,000.

Piers service men arrive and he’s hoping that having them there will encourage people to bid a little higher.

Piers gets a bid for $100,000 for a tea with the Duchess of York. The dinner with Trace Adkins goes for $6000 to Ivanka Trump. Another $100,000 goes for a dinner with Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne.

American Idol‘s Simon Cowell bids $100,000 for a $10,000 shopping trip with Ivanka Trump.

Trace didn’t get the Wheat Grass for the Backstreet Boys but he introduces them and gets the party started. Trace was happy that they sounded really good despite not having the wheat grass.

In the boardroom, Piers raised $376,000 compared to Trace’s $64,000. Trace raised $38,000 on ticket sales while Piers raised $12,000.

Trace suggests that Piers infers that he was belittling his donors and Piers resents it.

The previous eliminated celebrities come out and join Trace and Piers in the boardroom for the final showdown.

Trace Adkins performs his #1 single You’re Gonna Miss Thisicon. Buy it from iTunes during the next two weeks and proceeds will be donated to Trace’s charity.

Mr Trump announces that he is going to throw in an additional $250,000 for the winners charity.

Piers fights for himself by claiming he raised over a half million dollars and won 9 out of the 11 challenges. Depsite Trace being the nice guy, Piers wins as it’s business, not personal.

Four remain. Multi-platinum selling country artist Trace Adkins. The original supermodel Carol Alt. Heavyweight Boxing Champion Lennox Lewis and America’s Got Talent judge Piers Morgan.

Only one can take the title of Celebrity Apprentice and before that happens, they will each be interviewed by two of the great business reporters anywhere – CNBC’s Erin Burnett and Mad Money’s Jim Kramer. After hearing the feedback, two will be fired and two will then go head to head in the final task.

Piers is confident because he knows that if there is one thing he’s good at, it’s talking.

The celebrities talk about their charities. Unfortunately for Lennox, the editing does him no favors. Piers gets grilled. In fact, all of them do.

Jim asks Piers what mistakes he’s made in the competition. Piers says he hasn’t made any. Jim says “Wow” and tells him that he’s the first person he’s ever met in his line of work that has never made a mistake.

Erin liked Piers the least. Jim says that Piers would make the most money. They both liked Carol but Trace is their top pick.

In the boardroom, Lennox is the first to be fired after he saw it coming and kind of fell on his sword.

The second person to be given the chop is Carol because Mr Trump wants to see Trace and Piers go head to head because he likes the tension between the two of them.

Trace and Piers meet Donald Trump who is pitching the final showdown as good vs evil, the US vs the UK. Piers loves it.

Four celebrities are back to help make up the teams. Trace picks first after winning the toss and takes away Piers security blanket in the form of choosing Lennox. Piers helps Stephen Baldwin’s prayers not being answered by choosing him. Trace takes Marilu Henner. Piers takes Carol.

The event is a joint event with a performance by the Backstreet Boys and a charity auction. Trace takes control of running the event while Piers will run the auction.

Stephen Baldwin says that the event is likely to be about more than money and they should want more faces there.

Trace says he’s chartering two planes to fly celebrities to the event. They work the phones hard but one days notice is pretty tough.

Lennox and Marilu sort out some of the table covers while Carol and Stephen go to test some food samples for the catering.

Piers calls in royalty and goes to see Sarah Fergusson, the Dutchess of York.

Trace wants to talk to the Backstreet Boys road manager about their rider. The manager is frustrating and Trace isn’t confident after talking to him on the phone but is meeting them in the morning.

Piers meets with a representative from his charity and wants to give away 20 tickets to wounded soldiers as an added touch to his campaign.

Trace goes to meet the Backstreet Boys and realises he’s getting his balls broken by their demands. He is annoyed that the time talking about wheatgrass is time he will never get back.

Piers is annoyed with Stephen’s inability to pull in celebrities. Stephen doesn’t really care.

Next Week, either Trace or Piers will become the celebrity apprentice.

After his monumental win over Omarosa and putting aside the birth of his three children, Piers says that hearing Mr Trump say it was the biggest defeat in Apprentice history and then firing Omarosa was the best moment of his life. He is hopeful Omarosa’s fifteen minutes are finally over.

Piers gloats in his victory and Trace thinks it is too much. Stephen thinks Trace wants to kill him after some of his arrogant comments.

Mr Trump meets the celebrities in the bottom of Trump Tower and congratulates Piers on his win again. Piers jokes that it was a sad day for him, for the show and for America but everyone will just have to get over it.

The task for today is to design a sandwich and sell it without using their Rolodex. They have two hours to design and then sell it at a Quiznos.

Trace is the PM for Empresario and him and Stephen decide on the Cowboy Club and then joke about how Hydra’s sandwich will be a Lennox Lewis one and have something about Knock Out in it. They’re right. Lennox is the PM for Hydra and they name theirs the Champ Sandwich.

Hydra take the most popular sandwich and switch the cheese to Cheddar.

Stephen is worried that Hydra has an extra person. Their sandwich is a bit more extravagant.

Trace says he has a six year old daughter, Brianna, who has food allergies and that is why he’s doing the apprentice.

Piers suggests to Lennox they hit the pavement and get people to come back at lunchtime. Carol is in charge of fliers but doesn’t seem to be able to take responsibility for the delays.

Trace decided to get some fliers made up at a store closer down the road. The fliers finally arrive for Hydra and Piers tries to get people to at least stop and look at the flier.

Hydra seems to be struggling and Piers never wants to talk about Lennox Lewis again.

Once lunchtime comes around, things pick up and Lennox is signing autographs and taking photos.

Empressario run out of sandwiches and have to make up a bunch more so they’re confident.

Piers is amazed at how effective Lennox Lewis’ profile is.

At the boardroom, Hydra sold 313 sandwiches. Empressario sold 253. Once again, Hydra wins so Lennox gets $20,000 for the Mohammed Ali centre. Stephen and Trace look defeated.

Carol, Piers and Lennox celebrate back in the suite while Trace tries to fall on his sword. Ivanka wonders if Stephen didn’t step up. Stephen says that being a person down was a major factor.

Trace thinks he is stronger and can do more for his charity over Stephen.

When it comes to the crunch, Stephen is fired.

Back in the suite, everyone is happy to see Trace back.

Mr Trump calls the final four back into the board room. Mr Trump informs them that before the night is through, two of them will be fired.

Donald Trump comes in with his family to meet the celebrities in his stunning apartment overlooking central park. He tells them that they have raised over $630,000 for charity.

Omarosa and Piers are going head to head on this one. Omarosa was fired on this same task last time around and Piers is happy to be up against her. The idea is to auction some art.

Stephen says that Piers is probably more interested in selling 4 $25,000 paintings rather than a lot for a lesser amount.

Everyone in Empresario is on the same page with David Kramer while Hydra want to focus on an the artist Shirley Shor.

Piers says he wants to bury Omarosa and doesn’t want her to ever work on Television again.

Stephen and Omarosa face off a little over what to do. Stephen wants to research while Omarosa wants him to call contacts.

Hydra have a small problem with having people having to come through Empresario’s room to get to theirs.

Piers is annoyed with Stephen Baldwin cheating. Stephen wants to go to the bathroom and wants to walk through their space to get there. Piers threatens to hit him if he doesn’t oblige.

Trace admits they knew nothing about art. He says that he thinks Omarosa thinks she does, or at least acts as if she does.

Omarosa is standing at the door funneling everyone through to their side of the gallery. Lennox Lewis was directed by Piers to try and pull people into their gallery but he kinda admits defeat at Omarosa’s tactics.

One of the guys that Stephen invited wanders over to Hydra’s side and buys. Piers has some big players buying art.

Stephen wasn’t focused and Omarosa is annoyed about it.

At the board room, Hydra think it was a killing. It was. They did $164,000 worth of sales of 14/20 vs 3/16 for $7,000.

Trace says he knew coming in that they had lost.

Piers says that it wasn’t business, it was personal. He wants Empresario finished. He questions Omarosa’s celebrity quality. Mr Trump says it’s the biggest slaughter in the history of the show.

Piers says he wants to see Omarosa and Stephen Baldwin fired.

Piers is on the attack. When Mr Trump asks Hydra to go out and watch, Piers says he is going to enjoy it. He asks Mr Trump to make it nasty. Before they leave, Mr Trump tells Piers that he’s made $51,300 for his charity.

In the boardroom, Omarosa says that Piers called her a whore but Piers denies it. She then suggests Piers is a homosexual. Mr Trump then asks if Piers would like to come back to defend himself.

When he walks in he kisses Trace on the cheek and then leaves. Trace doesn’t get it. Mr Trump likes the point Piers made. About “never kissing a cowboy”.

Back to the firing, Trace was disappointed with his effort but he still made two sales. Stephen sold nothing. Omarosa came in looking defeated and Mr Trump sacks her ass and tells her she’s fired.

Stephen Baldwin calls him mother and tells her that the Carol Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Fund has another check for $20,000.

The two teams are working for Redbook and Dial this week. Tito is going to be PM for Empressario and Carol will be the PM for Hydra.

They have to create a photo essay advertorial that supports their core values. Piers thinks the campaign needs to be directed at women in their 30’s who have lots of sex.

Stephen wants to put Trace in a bath with his guitar.

The models for Hydra’s campaign are in their early twenties and Piers thought they were too young and that Carol should front it but she didn’t want to wear all the hats.

While Tito is the PM at Empressario, Stephen is doing more of the directing. Omarossa is stepping back to let the guys take charge. She then wants to get Trace in a photo with his shirt off with two other male models. It looks a little strange.

Lennox takes charge and the shoot with is great.

Tito starts getting frustrated with Stephen who is trying to dictate the direction of the campaign.

Piers does the presentation for Hydra while Omarosa does the presentation to start and then when Tito takes over, he seems to struggle with the presentation. Omarosa is sure they have lost and will go after Tito for cutting her image.

In the boardroom, The Donald tells Hydra that they won.

Once Donald Trump starts to find out what went wrong, Tito says Omarosa pushed the PM on him after she originally wanted it until mr Trump had said the PM would probably get fired. Tito is annoyed that she wont front up to what she said.

At the end though, Tito is fired.

Piers never wants to have to talk to Omarosa again and fair enough too. Piers talks to his charity, the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund, and tells him he has a check for $64,857 for him.

Handing over the money was a reality check for him and Piers resolves to be over the arguing as he really is there for charity.

Today the celebrities will be traveling to QVC in Pennsylvania and produce a live TV commercial and sell a product. Who ever makes the most money from their 10 minute commercial wins and sends the other team to the board room where someone will be fired this week.

Stephen Baldwin will be the project manager for Empresario while Marilu Henner will be the project manager for Hydra.

Lennox Lewis is feeling tired and is a bit over Piers wanting him to front all their tasks when what he really wants to do is direct.

The teams have to chose from 6 different products. A magnifying mirror, a utility tool kit, a bamboo storage draw, a frypan, an electric sweeper and a ladder kart.

Both teams want the ladder kart. At the coin flip, Hydra win and take the ladder. Empresario decide that they will do the sweeper.

Both Marilu and Carol Alt have done QVC before but they decide that it wouldn’t be good having them on air at the same time because they’ll talk over each other. Marilu decides that it will be her doing the presenting with a QVC co-host.

At Empresario, Trace Adkins is decided to work with the QVC host.

Hydra do a mock rehearsal and Marilu thinks it might be cool to wheel the host in. She can’t hold him and drops him.

Omarosa wants to do a rehearsal but Stephen trusts that Trace, who sings in front of millions, can work well.

Stephen wants to work on the 5 easy payments of $12.

Lennox is excited about directing and Piers is enjoying watching the sales figures in the control room. Marilu has great enthusiasm but talks a little too much.

Trace is really nervous about doing the sales. Tito Ortiz is worried about not having the rehearsal but when it comes to it, he’s calm and collected and it will probably pay off but Tito isn’t that confident.

In the boardroom, Donald Trump let’s Empresario know that they sold 716 units for a total of $43,000 and Hydra sold 703 units for a total of $35,145 handing Empresario the win and Stephen Baldwin the money for his charity.

Marilu lets Carol go back to the suite and brings Piers and Lennox back into the boardroom where Marilu gets fired. Piers and Lennox thought that the blame lay with Carol for not bringing easypay to their attention as that is where they lost the game.