The Amazing Race

MEGHAN and CHEYNE (dating couple from San Diego, in dark blue)
Have come in first for six legs of the race – more than any other team this season.

Will their strength and determination help them clench the title and win $1 million?

SAM and DAN (brothers from Missouri, in orange)
Have backed out on alliances, gone back on their word and stolen other teams’ cabs.

Will their sneaky methods prove victorious or will it come back to haunt them in the end?

BRIAN and ERICKA (married couple from Nashville, in yellow)
These underdogs keep bouncing back from last place and have even completed an extra speed bump to earn them a spot in the final three.

Will they come back one final time to ultimately win the race?

Find out who wins in the gripping season finale of the Emmy-winning series THE AMAZING RACE this Sunday, December 6 at 8 p.m. ET on CTV

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Up 32% over last season, THE AMAZING RACE average of 2.62 million viewers this season makes it the most-watched in eight cycles.* 

In other THE AMAZING RACE news, the 16th season has began production and spotted racing in the next cycle are BIG BROTHER’s Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd. Check for future details on Season 16.

8:00pm – Sunday, December 6 on CTV

In the gripping season finale of THE AMAZING RACE, the three remaining teams travel to Las Vegas on the last leg of the race, with the winning pair receiving a cheque for $1 million.

8:00pm – Sunday, November 29 on CTV

All new episode. Synopsis currently unavailable.

8:00pm – Sunday, November 22 on CTV

The teams travel through the Czech Republic hoping to make it to the next pit stop safely and avoid elimination.

8:00pm – Sunday, November 15 on CTV

The racers end up knee-deep in Estonian bogs, and two teams are neck and neck in their race to the pit stop.

8:00pm – Sunday, November 8 on CTV

The teams trek through Sweden hoping to avoid elimination, all the while dodging roadblocks and looking for detours.

8:00pm – Sunday, October 25 on CTV

The race continues as the couples rush through Dubai to make it to each stop in time.

8:00pm – Sunday, October 18 on CTV

Competitors travel through Dubai hoping to meet all the check points and avoid elimination in this leg of the race.

8:00pm – Sunday, October 11 on CTV

The trek around the world continues and the battle to be first heats up with these competitive globetrotters.

8:00pm – Sunday, October 4 on CTV

The race progresses as the pairs continue to travel around the world and hope to make it to the pit stops in time.