Take a Look

This week’s TV suggestion is Burn Notice. Burn Notice is not your typical crime show. It’s sleek and sexy with some clever dialogue and techniques on building the perfect bomb.

Jeffery Donovan plays Michael Weston a government spy who has been ‘burned’ (i.e. Fired) for a series of crimes that endagered the lives of millions. The only problem? He was framed for those crimes and now he’s on a mission to clear his name.

Along with the investigation Michael and his team (Fiona & Sam) take on odd jobs that gets him into all sorts of mischief. Car bombings, dealings with drug lords, and international thiefs are just the tip of the iceburg.

Fiona is Michael’s ex and the sexual tension between them is interesting. Sam use to inform on Michael to the FBI and now works on the team.

It’s hard to explain why this show is must see TV but it’s a mixture of “coolness” factor along side a ton of rad explosions.

One of the issues I have could be the unrealistic nature of some of the situations. Michael has only been to jail once, carries an artiliary with him in broad daylight and hardly ever gets a scratch on his pretty little mug. But I guess the same could be said with 90% of the shows that are on the air.

The backdrop for the show is Miami, Florida which really helps with the sex-factor. The show has also featured some notable guest stars such as Tricia Helfer (Battlestar Galactica, Canada’s Next Top Model) and John Mahoney (Frasier).

The series is currently in it’s fourth season with a new season set to shoot early in the new year. Also in the works is a Burn Notice Movie Prequel.

Burn Notice has consistently been one of the top ratings grabbers for Cable and airs on the USA Network in the states. Canadians can now watch Burn Notice Tuesdays @ 10pm on Showcase. Or catch up online at Showcase.ca.