Courtney and Amanda think John Robert is creepy. He wants then to sleep next to him in the shelter to keep him warm by Courtney says she only weighs 7 pounds and struggles to keep herself warm. They really don’t like how he clambers into the shelter between them.

In the morning they catch a crab in their net and then all the guys, who are obviously hungry, are grumpy due to having no food in their stomachs.

At Zhan Hu, Dave is working but the others want him to conserve his energy because they don’t want to lose another task. Frosti thinks Dave needs to just chill out, as does Peih Gee.

The reward challenge is another physical confrontation. It’s a hand to hand battle to throw their opponents into the water. And the reward is comfort. Pillows and blankets and a tarp.

The first round is women on women. The Zhan Hu girls take the point without one of them getting thrown in the water. The guys take their turn and James is the last man standing taking the score to 1-1. Jamie and Peih Gee survive to take Zhan Hu to a 2-1 lead. James is the last man standing again taking it to 2-2. The girls have their final battle and the girls take it for Zhan Hu to give them their inaugural victory in Survivor China. As winners of the challenge they get to kidnap someone from Fei Long. They choose Leslie to come across and bring the scroll with her.

Leslie talks to the group and seems to fit in with the group a bit better.

At Fei Long, John Robert and James are talking strategy but Courtney and Todd are closeby and can hear them and aren’t impressed. Todd thinks that John Robert and James are the trash in camp and it’s time to take it out.

At Zhan Hu, Leslie reads the scroll and decides to give the clue to Jamie. The scroll contains the first clue from last week and a second clue which reads:

Waste no more time in searching the ground
Look towards the heavens for what would be found

The immunity challenge involves chopping through a wooden pole and rope to collect some round puzzle pieces. Once they have all the pieces they need to assemble them on a puzzle rod which is on a large stone base. Once the puzzle is completed they then have to drag it across the playing area and the finish line.

Courtney takes forever to chop through her ropes and by the time she gets her bundle of puzzle pieces, Zhan Hu have almost completed the puzzle. It’s a white wash to Zhan Hu which means Fei Long are off to Tribal Council for the first time.

At Fei Long, there are discussions about trying to get rid of John Robert. Aaron wants to get rid of Leslie though. Todd doesn’t want to be up against the big guys at the end of it but doesn’t want to lose them all at this point. John Robert is wanting to get rid of either Leslie or Courtney as they’re the weakest players in the game.

At Tribal council, Courtney says she feels like a chihuahua in a horse race. At the vote, Leslie is sent on her way after receiving votes that had “Moma” and “Sister Christian” written on them. The final vote was 6-2.

China is home to the Beijing Olympics in 2008

CTV continues to dominate premiere week on Canadian television, taking Thursday with the season premiere of Grey’s Anatomy and now laying claim to three out of four nights this week. Topping Survivor, Grey’s Anatomy was the most-watched program on television Thursday, leading CTV to rank five out of the Top 6 shows:

At 9 p.m., the season premiere of Grey’s Anatomy on CTV delivered 2.6 million viewers, up 48% compared to last year and including 1.42 million viewers in the key A18-49 demo. Head-to-head, Grey’s almost tripled the audience for The Office (NBC/Global, 886,000) and was No. 1 in the timeslot in both Toronto/Hamilton (654,000) and Vancouver (383,000).

Grey’s won the night over Survivor, which dropped to 2.45 million viewers. Head-to-head at 8 p.m., CSI was No. 1 in Toronto/Hamilton out of simulcast on CTV (540,000), besting Survivor (427,000) in simulcast on CBS/Global by 26%. Nationally, CSI was in a statistical dead-heat with Survivor, attracting 2.4 million viewers, including 1.1 million viewers A18-49 and ending as the No. 3 show of the night.

At 10 p.m., the series debut of Big Shots on CTV attracted 1.13 million viewers, landing the show at No. 5 for the night. Big Shots was up 45% over Shark (CBS/Global, 780,000) nationally and bested Shark in both Toronto/Hamilton and Vancouver.

Out of simulcast, ER drew nearly a million viewers (907,000) at 7 p.m. on CTV.

The Top 6 programs on Canadian television last night:

1. Grey’s Anatomy (2,592,000)
2. Survivor (2,452,000)
3. CSI (2,406,000)
4. CTV Evening News (1,444,000)
5. Big Shots (1,130,000)
6. ER (907,000)

Data quoted represents total viewers (2+) for CTV Full and Global Full (BBM Nielsen Media Research).

At Zhan Hu, Dave is trying to organize the tribe but the others don’t seem that motivated all. There seems to be some lacking in confidence in his leadership of the tribe. I guess we’ll see how long his reign lasts.

At Fei Long, the tribe is working hard. Well, almost everyone. Jean Robert is snoring and tired and there is a growing resentment in the game towards him. Hiking Guide Amanda and Todd form an Alliance. They pull Aaron in to join them. They head back to camp and Aaron tells Jean Robert that he needs to step it up but he’s making excuses. He admits later that he’s deliberately not doing much now to make himself look better later when he is contributing majorly.

At Zhan Hu, Dave is getting a BBQ pit built. Student Jamie isn’t too thrilled about it and just wants to get a fire going so she can get some food in her stomach. Dave drops a giant stone on the ground to build the BBQ pit and hoses Jamie with mud as it lands. Ashley agrees that it’s not good that they haven’t eaten and that they’ve had flint since last night and they still haven’t started a fire. Ashley and Dave face off a little about the fire and food.

It’s challenge time and Jeff tells them to prepare to get dirty. The point of the game is to score two goals with giant wooden balls. The first team to score two goals will win fishing gear along with something else.

The first round is incredibly physical but Amanda gets the goal after a lot of tugging and removal of clothing and makes it across the line with the ball without her top. When she realises, she exclaims that her mother is going to kill her.

In the second round Jean Robert proves his worth and forces his way down the zone being tackled by wrestler Ashley. The undertaker takes the ball across the line after Jean Robert drags Frosti off him.

The twist in the reward is that Fei Long gets to kidnap a member of Zhan Hu. They pick Jamie which I’m sure she’ll be happy about. Jeff gives her something to open in private when she gets back to the other camp.

When Zhan Hu arrive back at camp it’s completely flooded and Dave feels justified by building a raised fire pit.

Back at Fei Long, Todd is wary of Jamie and talks about The Art of War and that they need to be vigilant and keep a close watchful eye on her while she is in camp.

Jamie opens the scroll that Jeff gave her which reads:

Before making an alliance with a neighbor, you must understand his intentions – Sun Tzu, The Art of War
In this sealed tube is a clue to a hidden immunity idol at the enemy camp. You must give this sealed clue to a member of this trbie before you rejoin your own tribe at the next immunity challenge.

Jean Robert and Aaron are fighting about his laziness. Courtney just wants some solidarity while Jamie is in camp. Jamie doesn’t know why they’re not winning after hearing them fighting.

Back at Zhan Hu, Ashley and Dave are arguing about the fire. Sherea doesn’t like how Dave is always talking down to her. Ashley thinks he’s going to end up shooting himself in the foot because he’s just so patronizing.

At Fei Long, Leslie is complaining about being sick and just wanting her bible so she can spend some time with God. Jamie approaches her and gives her the hidden immunity idol clue which she is stoked about. It reads: What is thought to be hidden may sometimes be seen. Though their eyes are not, yours must be keen. She talks to Todd and tells him about the clue. Todd can’t believe that she told him. He says that if she gets sick and goes, then he’ll be the only one with the clue.

The tribes need to use a giant Chinese puzzle log as a ram to bash through a wall and then work the log through a maze. The first tribe to sound their gong with their puzzle log will win immunity. Zhan Hu are sitting out Jamie while Fei Long are sitting out both Courtney and Leslie.

Fei Long make it through the first wall first with Zhan Hu not far behind them. Fei Long smash through the second wall while Zhan Hu struggle. Frosti takes over the lead position from Dave who is struggling. Working through the puzzle, Zhan Hu catches up and takes the lead until they reach a dead end and have to back it up. Fei Long doesn’t panic and works their log through and ring their gong first winning immunity and handing Zhan Hu another date with Jeff at tribal council.

Back at camp, Dave takes responsibility for the loss but he’s pretty confident that he’s not going home. Ashley believes that her head is on the block and is weighing up her options as to what to do to keep herself in the game. Jamie, Sherea and Frosti talk about the challenge and Dave’s leadership but that he is a hard worker and that they only want what is best for the tribe.

At tribal council, Ashley addresses Dave’s talking down to her. The rest of the tribe seem to be over Ashley and Dave’s constant bickering. Ashley and Dave are both pretty open about who they are voting for.

At the vote Ashley receives the majority and is voted out. She tells Dave that she’ll see him soon. Sherea isn’t happy about the result.

China is home to the Beijing Olympics in 2008

It’s one of the oldest countries in the world and for 16 Americans it is about to be the place of an adventure of a lifetime. Survivor:China.

The adventure begins in ultra modern Shanghai but these 16 strangers will be transported back in time and will experience a culture that dates back nearly 5000 years.

The group consists of a former Miss Montana, a school lunch lady, a christian radio talk show host, a gay mormon flight attendant, a professional wrestler, a University of South Carolina Honors student, a chicken farmer from Virginia, a professional poker player, a fourth grade school teacher, a Nashville musician, a grave digger from Louisiana, a Jewelery designer from Los Angeles, a New York City waitress, a surfing instructor, a bar tender and former model, and a twenty year old student and athlete who is the youngest survivor ever.

Their adventure will play out in a remote section of China where they will live in the shadows of a 16th century Bhudist monastary on the lake of a thousand islands – a harsh and remote land that will challenge even the strongest of survivors. It is the ultimate challenge. 16 people, all from different walks of life, forced to live together to create a new society while battling the elements and each other. They must learn to adapt or they will be voted out. In the end, only one will remain to claim the million dollar prize.

39 days. 16 people. One Survivor.

The monks at the monastary line the courtyard as the survivors enter and a giant gong is being sounded as they walk in. Chinese American Peih-Gee, the jeweler from Los Angeles is moved at the welcoming and by being back in the land where she is originally from. Her grandfather passed away a couple of weeks ago and she says that he would have gotten a real kick out of seeing her there.

Jeff welcomes them to China and tells them before they start they will all participate in a ceremony inside the temple. He tells them that it is not a religious ceremony, hoping to ease any concerns of the different faiths represented in the 16 survivors, and that the people of this land just want them to feel welcomed.

Denise, the school lunch lady, is moved by the experience in the temple and says it almost made her cry.

Courtney, the New York waitress, has her hands abruptly moved by one of the monks when she isn’t doing things properly. She’s not impressed by being shown what to do and obviously doesn’t have much respect for the culture she is invading. She admits that she doesn’t know how to do any of this stuff and doesn’t really want to be doing any of this stuff and would rather be back with the lemonade.

Leslie, the christian radio host, cannot do the ceremony because of the whole bowing down to other gods thing and walks out. When the ceremony is over, Jeff asks her about it with the rest of the group. She says that it felt like worship and while she’s not a religious person (she instead has a relationship with Jesus Christ), she wont put her face on the floor for anyone but him. Will affect her time in the game? Probably.

Jeff tells the survivors that one of the big themes in Bhudism is the leaving behind of worldy possesions. That means, no suitcases and they will only have the clothes on their backs. That’s a bit of a problem for some because they’re wearing giant, heavy boots and for Jamie, no bra.

They divide into tribes and put on their buffs. The Yellow tribe is called Zhan Hu which means “Fighting Tiger” and consists of Frosti, Dave, Jamie, Erik, Peih-Gee, Sherea, Ashley and Chicken. Student/Athlete Frosti thinks the tribe is strong.

The Red tribe is called Fei Long and means “Flying Dragon” and consists of Jean-Robert, Leslie, Amanda, Courtney, Denise, James, Todd and Aaron. Amanda, the hiking guide, is so happy to be there and thinks James and Aaron are their two strongest members and thinks they’re going to be a real powerhouse in challenges.

Jeff tells them about the Chinese writing, The Art of War and encourages them to study it as it contains wisdom and may very well help them win the game and the million dollar prize. He also gives them a map each to their new home. The each head out to their respective boats which will take them to their new home.

On the Fei Long boat Leslie asks if anyone know how to do this. Aaron suggest they just take it slow so that they don’t end up going around in circles. He doesn’t really think anyone in his tribe, for the best part, has a clue about what’s actually going on.

They arrive at their new home and discover they have rice but no flint. They want to keep it dry because it’s just started to rain.

Courtney is going to find it hard because she seems to be surrounded by flight attendants and sunday school teachers and that people in the city just don’t live like that. She says that they’re all the exact type of people she doesn’t like to be around because they’re all so positive and think everything is amazing. Courtnet is really sarcastic.

Jean-Robert, the professional poker play, and Todd, the flight attendant, head out and find their tree mail box. There’s nothing in it yet but at least they now know where it is. Jean-Robert tells Todd that he thinks he seems like someone who is a little like him, a little devious. Jean-Robert says that one of his strengths in this game is his ability to read players. Todd doesn’t want Jean-Robert to tell anyone else that he thinks he is sharp though as he doesn’t want to be that guy.

At Zhan Hu, Sherea the elementary teacher is stuggling. She arrived in a dress and high heels and as she walks, her heels are sinking deep into the soft earth. She thinks the situation is disgusting and way nasty. The others find some old wooden structure and want to use it to build but Chicken reminds them that even if they use it, it wont sleep all of them under it. He ends up giving up and deciding not to help despite his experience.

Ashley, the pro wrestler and the one wearing the bulky boots, thinks her job has prepared her for the game.

Peih-Gee says that they’re like the tribe that is hanging out and has, like, no food and no fire.

At Fei Long, they’re building an incredible structure to sleep on. Leslie thinks James is superman. She asks him what he does and he tells her he bury’s people. He tells her he’s a little worried about the social aspect of the game but hopes he can pull it out in the challenges.

At night, Zhan Hu are have a long night in the rain. Chicken hopes it was a reality check for them all. Hopefully they’ll start to get organised. Ashley is feeling pretty sick after the first night. She says she’s wrestled with a 104 fever before and hopes it will pass. Dave, the former model, tells her not to worry about being on the block if she’s sick but when it comes down to it, they will send her packing if they lose the first competition.

The tribes get their first tree mail and it reads:
The untested enemy you must face today
They may have the power to send one of you away
With your namesake held above you and with honor in your heart
Will you lead your tribe to victory or be the first one to depart

Fei Long decide they should look at The Art of War. They think they need a leader and Todd pushes the leader role towards Aaron and everyone else agrees.

Before the first challenge the teams talk about the toughness of the first night. The teams have each been given running shoes which are theirs to keep during the game.

Fei Long are carrying a red Chinese dragon while Zhan Hu are carrying a yellow tiger up on poles. The teams must navigate a course and then James unclips for Fei Long and Frosti, for Zhan Hu is right behind him. They race and jump onto the first wall and have to lower draw bridges. James gets a bit of a lead and gets back first to unlock the gate and clips back in to lead the team through the rest of the course. It’s neck and neck through the swamp but Fei Long make it to the finish platform first. Fei Long wins the first immunity and some flint to make fire.

At Zhan Hu, Peih-Gee is upset that their tribe is a bit of a mess. She’s annoyed with Chicken for not wanting to contribute his opinion. Ashley gets annoyed with Peih-Gee for taking the leadership role after she was crying they lost the challenge. She’s feeling better that she was yesterday but Chicken wants to know what she’s done.

Sharea is deciding between either Peih-Gee, cause she’s so bossy, and Chicken. It sounds that across the board, the votes are going to fall to Peih-Gee, Ashley and Chicken to Dave but he’d like to keep Chicken there for his experience and thinks it’s time that things started to happen around camp.

At Tribal Council, they talk about the last few days. The discussion centers around the two days it took to build a shelter. Jeff asks if anyone is prepared to stand up and act as the leader of the tribe. Both Peih-Gee and Dave put their hands up. Dave doesn’t want things to continue the way they are and wants to get things tight. Dave says that the vote tonight should be about removing the least productive person from the group. Ashley is a little worried that she’s the one going because she’s been sick. Chicken says that he doesn’t fit in but out in the jungle, do you want to get rid of the guy who doesn’t fit in, or the guy that works.

At the vote, Frosti votes for Chicken, Ashley votes for Peih-Gee, Sherea votes for Chicken, Erik votes for Chicken, Chicken votes for Ashley, Jamie votes for Chicken, Dave votes for Ashley and Peih-Gee votes for Chicken. Making it a 5 vote majority, the first person voted out of Survivor China is Chicken.

They’re allowed to take their fire back to camp and get flint so they’ll be happy.

China is home to the Beijing Olympics in 2008