At Malakal, the frustration over Cirie’s flipping starts coming out. Cirie says Jonathan is pissed at her and she’s feeling in control and kinda gloating about it. The others in Jonathan’s alliance aren’t happy about her changing and it may very well come back to bite her if it causes trouble at camp.

At Airai, the fans are wondering who went home. They’re thinking either Eliza or Yau-Man. Down at the beach, a couple of the guys catch an eel and everyone is hoping it’s going to taste like hotdogs.

There is some concern in camp about Chet’s laziness and not wanting to do anything around camp and is physically and mentally weak and there is starting to be some resolve around removing him from the game next.

James is annoyed over the whole Cirie thing and how they didn’t vote out Eliza because she’s sick and Yau-Man would have been a better asset in the challenge. Eliza is not impressed at their conversation because she was right there.

At the reward challenge, the teams need to get 10 colored coconuts out of a submerged cage with letters on them one at a time and then bring them back to shore. Ozzie has a different tactic and moves a bunch of coconuts to the end of the cage and gives them a bit of an advantage for the following players who don’t have as much work to do. By the time Malakal get to shore and spell out the word, Airai are still trying to get their coconuts out of the cage.

The reward? A rooster and 3 laying hens. They send Kathy to exile island again along with Ozzie.

Ozzie wants to look for the idol. Kathy can’t be bothered. Ozzie races to find the idol, swimming backward and forwards between the island. He finds it and then decides to play a similar game as last game and make a fake idol to hide in the spot he found it.

The rooster is possibly going to be dinner tonight. Eliza talks to Parvati about jonathan but she doesn’t realise he’s walking up behind them. Jonathan is a little annoyed that she is trying to get herself in the game. Parvati is sure that if they go to tribal council tonight it will be Eliza going home.

At the immunity challenge, the tribes must navigate a course while harnessed to a series of poles connected in the middle that slide to enable them to move. It will make it a real challenge to navigate the course and then collect some colored necklaces. Once they have 6 necklaces they must take them to a decoding wheel where they must place the necklace in the right order and match the colored beads to letters and then decipher a three word phrase.

The favorites get to the wheel first and again, by the time they complete it, the fans are still on the course with two necklaces to collect.

Mikey B is going to play Joel and keep him around until the merge and then cut his head off. It’s either Chet or Kathy going home and Tracey is worried because she knows she’d be next. She is wanting to mix it up and talks to Joel about possibly voting Mikey B. She says that he is letting Mikey B dictate the game.

At Tribal Council, the votes fall to Mikey B in a shock elimination.

Returning from Tribal Council, Mikey is annoyed about the knife being plunged into his back and thinks that getting rid of Mary was a long game play rather than a short game play. Mikey is adamant that Joel wont be in the final four but Joel is hoping that Mikey is going to wake up to the reality that he doesn’t have the tribe in his pocket.

At Malakal, Eliza gets worked by the core group of Parvati, James, Ozzy etc and want to vote out Jonathan, Yau-Man and Cirie. Cirie is still unsure as to which group she wants to align herself with.

At Airai they get tree mail.

Preparing to go into battle
use war paint and a battle cry
are you ready to tackle your enemy?
you’d better be ready to try.

So pick three choices for your reward
today will be an aggressive meeting
if you win you take them home
lose and you just take a beating

There is a Survivor catalog which they can pick three things out of. Everyone is pretty excited.

The Malakal faces aren’t painted too much but Airai have gone to a lot of effort. The Favorites are playing for Shelter, a Lighting kit and a Survival kit while the Fans are playing for Fishing kit, Shelter and a Kitchen set. The game is to get 5 bags into the end zone. It was a pretty intense battle but the Favorites come from 4-2 down to win 5-1

They send Kathy to Exile island and is being joined by Amy. Kathy isn’t happy.

Cirie feels as though she has to scramble to get things to work in her favor as she’s stuck in the middle and thinks that the others should be doing a little more to try and keep her onside.

Cirie heads out with Amanda and Parvati on the raft and they talk about the guys and they make a pact to be in the final three together. Back on the beach, Jonathan and Eliza are worried about the conversations.

On exile island, Kathy doesn’t want to go island hopping again and tries to talk Amy out of going idol hunting as the weather seems to be coming in.

At Airai, they’re getting rained on really hard and it’s not going to be a good nights sleep. At Malakal, they’re dry as a bone with new tarp.

In the morning, Airai are exhausted after getting very little sleep and feel they got beat up twice. No one got an minute of sleep and Alexis is feeling pretty demoralized and is shaking with cold. They can’t afford to lose the immunity challenge,

Kathy and Amy arrive back for the immunity challenge. The idea is for two men and two women from each tribe to hold a rope holding up a giant net. The other team members need to throw coconuts into the net. The team to win is the team that holds onto their net the longest.

The Fans pull it out and load up the Favorites net until they can’t hold it up any more and they take the challenge and send the Favorites at Malakal to Tribal Council.

Jonathan and Yau-Man decide that Parvati needs to go. Parvati and James decide that Yau-Man needs to go. Cirie wants to get rid of Eliza but Ozzy says she wont be good on the challenges. Jonathan arrives and breaks up the party. He talks to Amy and wants to know who is being voted for. He wants to know if Cirie is still tight with them or if her head has been filled with BS from Parvati and Amanda.

Jonathon talks to Cirie but it sounds like she has made her mind up. Jonathan tells her that her concerns isn’t based on anything he’s done.

Ozzy wants to get rid of Eliza now but Parvati is concerned that if Cirie votes for Yau-Man then that will mess it all up. Cirie is adamant that she’s voting for Yau-Man and that they’re changing their votes. James is annoyed that Cirie is dictating things.

Jonathan is hoping that they remain split and that their four votes for Parvati will win the day and send her home.

At tribal council, Cirie and Jonathan go at it and jonathan possibly hints that everyone should maybe get rid of Cirie. Jeff reads the votes and Yau-Man gets the 5 votes needed to be booted off the island. Cirie is possibly in trouble now as she’ll have a big target on her back.

Here’s what happened on Survivor Micronesia this week:

At Malakal (the favorites), they’re still feeling confident despite losing the first immunity challenge and voting out their first team mate.

At Airai (the fans), they’re all pretty stoked to have beaten all the experience in Malakal. They start trying to get the fire going with the flint and it seems pretty disastrous. They can’t get the fire started and Kathy is more worried about not having a shelter after it rains all the time and she wants some place to sleep. They haven’t had to go to tribal council yet and there is so much drama.

Jason thought Tracey, Kathy and Chet hadn’t done anything all day and because of that, they get shunned and told they can’t sleep in the cave. Quite obviously the tribe is divided which is bound to spell trouble.

Back at Malakal, they’re eating well and slept well and are hoping that they’ll be on top at the next challenge.

Ozzy is becoming really attracted to Amanda but is wanting to keep it on the down low or he’ll end up with a target on his back.

James and Parvati draw attention to themselves and it seems that there are quite a few coupley alliances happening at Malakal.

Chet, Kathy and Tracey’s shelter is pretty cool and the others want to bury the hatchet and get them to help build their new shelter. They then get the fire going and find some clams which gets them some food in the bellies. They whole dynamic of the tribe changes once everyone starts feeling happier.

Mikey B is flirting with Mary in the hopes of getting her to trust him and get her in his back pocket. Joel is onto them but his priority is to keep Airai strong and thinks that Tracey, Kathy and Chet will be the first to go.

Cirie was awake a bit last night and hear the sounds of “Jungle Lovin'” coming from Ozzy and Amanda. Jonathan thinks it’s stupid to be carrying on like that when everyone is sleeping in the same cave. They’re already worried about the alliances between Parvati and James and Amanada and Ozzy and form alliance of their own to try and break that threat.

Imunity is back up for grabs. There needs to be 5 swimmers, 3 puzzle makers and 1 key master. The swimmers need to, one by one, swim out, smash a tile, collect a key and race back. Once five keys are collected, the puzzle master must then open some locks to get some puzzle pieces. The 3 puzzle makers must then assemble the puzzle. The winning tribe will win immunity while the losing tribe will have one of their members sent to Exile Island. Kathy sits out for Airai.

Ozzy makes a big lead for Malakal. Chet can’t dive down to get his key and gives Malakal an even bigger lead. Before the fans get back with the last key, it’s all over. The favourites at Malakal complete the puzzle and win immunity. They send Kathy to Exile Island and then Jeff reveals the twist. They also need to send one of their own to Exile Island. Cirie goes and joins Kathy for a night out in the open.

The hidden immunity Island clue reads:

To progress further go back to the start
where one has fallen there still is a part
the thing which you covet requires ascension
it’s hidden inside if you pay attention

They travel back across the water to where they started and climb up the rock face and find a second clue inside a log. It reads:

Continue your quest by crossing the ocean
you’ve done it before, now repeat the motion
into the forest where “O” marks the spot
The next clue lay hidden where something is…

They cross back to the other island and find a third clue in the forest which reads:

To unlock the secret of immunity
Two legs rising out of the bed of the sea
the body still reaches the cliff on the shore
under one foot hides the next bit of lore

They have to cross back to the other island again and it’s really starting to drain their strength. They find a fourth clue which reads:

As an Exile seeking the key to survival
look in the place where you made your arrival
Over your head but under a rock
put on your shoes and go for a walk

They head back again and start getting very frustrated.

Back at Airai, they’re talking about the first time going to tribal council. They’re not so worried about losing the challenge but rather the box of gold that was the fishing gear that was part of the reward. They’re pretty sure it will be Chet going home.

Mikey is worried that Kathy will have found the immunity idol and if she gives it to Chet then they might have one of them going home so he wants them to split the vote. Joel is a little annoyed that Mikey thinks he’s running the show.

Joel suggests that to Erik they get rid of Mary and break up that strong alliance. Joel also talks to Chet and Tracey about his plan. Tracey however is cautious of Joel. There is a lot of scheming going on.

At tribal council the votes fall 2 votes to Chet, 2 vote to Tracey and 6 votes Mary leaving Mikey with a very shocked look on his face. First tribal council, first blind side. Very well played.

Joel ended up voting for Tracey which would have left Mikey with a lot of confusion as to what was going on with the numbers being all mixed up.

Crystal clear water, magnificent coral reefs and one of the most stunning collections of underwater sea life in the world. That’s what awaits the ten Americans who each have something in common – they are all fans of the Hit TV show Survivor. These fans have been given the chance to be contestants in their favorite game but what they don’t know, is that they will be playing against 10 survivors from seasons passed.

Jonathan: Survivor Cook Islands
Jonny Fairplay: Survivor Pearl Islands
Parvati: Survivor Cook Islands
Yau-Man: Survivor Fiji
Cirie: Survivor Exile Island
James: Survivor China
Ozzy: Survivor Cook Islands
Amanda: Survivor China
Ami: Survivor Vanuatu
Eliza: Survivor Vanuatu

10 of Survivors biggest fans against 10 of Survivors Favourites. This is Survivor Micronesia.

As the fans arrive, there is a torrential downpour and Jeff welcomes them and is already soaked from standing in the rain. He introduces the fans to their competition and when they see who they’ll be competing against, they’re all very excited. Jonny Fairplay is wearing an almost identical outfit to Jeff and is wearing a hat that says “Will Lie 4 Food”.

The fan’s tribe name is Airai and the favourite’s is Malakal.

Jeff explains that on a beach on an island opposite them are two canoes with maps to their new homes. There are also two individual immunity idols which can only be used the first time you go to tribal council. He then says they can go when they want. Realising that it’s a race to get across the water they all dive in and start racing across to the other beach.

Erik from Airai makes it across to the beach first and is happy to have beaten Ozzy. Jonny Fairplay decides that slow and steady wins the race and figures the idols must be in plain site. He sees one on the front of the boat and grabs it but then realises that he’s got the wrong one. He races for the one on the other boat but Yau-Man just beats him.

Kathy arrives back to the canoes and says she doesn’t know what is going on but Yau-Man tells her to pick up the Idol that is on the ground that Jonny Fairplay had left there. She’s pretty happy about having immunity first off.

Jonny isn’t happy with Yau-Man and starts some dissent in amongst the ranks and promises that once that idol is gone, so is he.

Airai Tribe arrive at their beach and are confident they can beat the favourites and talk about that as they set about setting up camp. Kathy talks to Chet about his homosexuality in an awkward, naive fashion but is happy to make her first gay male friend. Kathy then talks to Tracey about her implants and how she’d never seen any up close before. Everyone starts referring to her as the crazy lady and are a little miffed that she has the immunity idol.

Jonny says he has a seven month pregnant girlfriend back home and he’s all about bringing home some money. As they set up camp, everyone is amazed at how fast James is at doing things. They’re all pretty happy that things are better than they were first day of their last survivor experience.

Parvati flirts with James, which he’s quite happy about. Amanda and Ozzy have a bond already happening. Eliza seems a little jealous at the romances that seem to be establishing themselves and think they’ll be a real threat.

The first night at Airai is going to be tough. They were late in getting their shelter set up and Kathy is hoping the morning is going to be better because it sucked at night.

Yau-Man, Eliza, Jonathan and Ami form an alliance. Ozzy is a little worried about Eliza and her shifty game play. He’s not sure about Jonny either but he wants to keep him there to keep his alliance strong.

Jonny admits he’s a chronic liar. They talk about getting rid of Parvati before Ozzy because she’s more of a social threat.

Yau-Man gets Malakal’s fire started with his glasses and a drop of water.

At Airai, Tracey reads the tree mail:

Sixteen seasons later
You all should know the deal
Outwit, Outplay, Outlast
Don’t waste time reinventing the wheel

The first challenge has Malakal telling Jeff and Airai that they’ve had a huge advantage having already played the game and have a shelter, fire, and have had plenty of food while Airai is a little hungry.

For the challenge, the teams must assemble 4 wheels from puzzle pieces and put them on a cart and then navigate their cart through an obstacle. When they reach a giant sandpit, they must dig up some planks to fill in some gaps on a bridge and then push the cart over the ramp to the finish where they must take the wheels off and use the wheel puzzle parts to make a turnstyle which they must then turn, raising a fire wok to win.

The fans take a massive lead after the favorites take their time putting their wheels together and then wiping out when they hit a tree root, sending Eliza flying and smacking her face into the ground.

The fans make it over the bridge first and after a small wipeout, make it to the turnstyle. The fans win and show up the favourites. It’s a humiliating defeat as Airai takes the first immunity challenge and are given flint.

Jonny is playing both tribes and really wants to win for his little girl. Parvati hatches a plan to get Jonny to talk to the other alliance to get them to vote for him so they can sneakily take out Eliza. When Jonny talks to Ami, she isn’t sure that he’s legit.

At tribal council, Jonny states his case for going home. If it was supposed to be a trick, it didn’t work as he’s the first one to be voted out of Survivor Micronesia.

At the newly merged tribe of Hae Da Fung, Jean-Robert is relieved that Jamie didn’t have an immunity idol.

Day 22 starts with someone’s foot sticking out of the end of the bed and a moth landing and doing what looks like laying eggs.

James is in a great position with the two immunity idols and a strong player. Amanda is concerned that he’ll win the whole thing.

At the reward challenge, two teams of four compete in a best 2 out of three. One each of the team must sit in a boat while members of the other team must throw water into the boat and sink it first. The first team to sink the other boat first wins a reward to an ancient village and an authentic Chinese meal. James, Todd, Amanda and Jean-Robert sink Courtney first time around fairly quickly and then second time around, Frosti gets sunk to give the other team them the reward.

Jean-Robert opens the bamboo scroll and finally learns about the immunity idol which he refers to as the “American Immunity Idol”. Amanda, Todd and James are laughing to themselves.

Denise is upset that she wasn’t picked in the reward challenge. Peigh Gee talks to the remaining tribe members back at camp and says there is 5 votes right there and tries to plan a different strategy.

That night, Jean-Robert doesn’t sleep and instead spends the night trying, in vain, to find the immunity idol. It’s quite funny watching him hunt for something that has already been found and taken.

Todd is being driven insane by Jean-Robert and is annoyed that James has both immunity idols and hasn’t offered to give one back to him because he was the one who found the first one and offered him the clue to the second one. Todd wants to blindside James at tribal council and get him out now. First though, they need to prevent him from winning immunity.

The challenge for immunity involves sitting on a barrel which is full of water and slowly draining. As the water drains, the barrel becomes unstable. The last person to stay on their barrel will win immunity. Courtney, Frosti and Todd manage to make it to 30 minutes and then Todd bails and closely followed by Frosti meaning Courtney takes the win and as Jeff puts the immunity necklace around her neck she claims it’s like winning a pageant.

Jean-Robert talks to Erik and says he thinks he’s got the immunity idol and that he’s safe until at least top 5. Erik says that he thinks he doesn’t. Jean-Robert says that he has more information than he does so Erik tells him what he knows about James and what they found in his bag. Jean-Robert looks bummed.

Jean-Robert confronts James who denies everything. Jean-Robert threatens him that if he doesn’t work with him then it wont work out well for him.

Jean-Robert talks to Todd about possibly blindsiding James. Todd starts to scheme again and thinks that perhaps it is time for Jean-Robert to go home.

At Tribal Council, there is one vote cast for Peigh Gee, three votes cast for James and then 5 votes cast against Jean-Robert who looks mortified to be gone. He leaves and says nothing, nor does he look back.

This week on Survivor China:

After Tribal Council and back at Fei Long Courtney is a little annoyed at Amanda and Todd over them trying to be friends with her even though they wont back her in trying to get rid of Jean-Robert.

At Zhan Hu, James and Peigh Gee talk strategy beyond the merge. While the others are down at the water talking about how weird James seemed to be when he came back from camp, James is back taking the second immunity idol for himself.

Courtney and Todd talk further about Jean-Robert and Todd is getting annoyed about her desire to get rid of him because of the merge coming up and how that could affect their numbers.

At Zhan Hu, the tribe have discovered the board missing off the archway. They find the one that James had knocked off the wrong side. Peigh Gee takes James off for a walk and Jamie goes through James bag and discovers that he’s got two immunity idols wrapped up in his pants.

In the morning, James can’t find the board he knocked off and wonders if Jamie has taken it thinking it was the right one. He’s in hysterics at the the thought that she might have put the board aside thinking it was the immunity idol when it wasn’t.

The two tribes come together and Jeff announces that they have merged. Jamie thinks it will be interesting now that they’ve merged and she “has the immunity idol”.

Jeff tells them that they’re heading off to enjoy a feast and performance by some Chinese acrobats but then they’re also warned that the game never ends.

The new tribe decide on a new tribe name and Black Monsoon and Fighting Wind are thrown around.

Peigh Gee is hoping that she has James and Frosti on her side come the vote.

Jeff turns up at camp and they tell him that the new Tribe is called Black Fighting Wind. Jeff pulls out the Individual Immunity Idol and says it’s time for the challenge. They need to recall what happened during the feast and performance. If they get it wrong, they’re out.

The first question is about how many lots of firecrackers were let off. James, Courtney, Amanda and Peigh Gee all got it wrong and are out. The correct answer was three.

The second question is about what was in the centre of the table. It was a dragon and everyone get that right.

The next question was in regards to the color of the pole in the middle of the courtyard. Both Frosti and Jamie get it right (yellow) while everyone else said red.

The last question was what were the dancing girls in the long skirts wearing on their feet. The correct answer was nothing which Frosti guessed after he’d said at the start he would lose because he has a terrible memory.

James talks to Todd about the immunity Idol situation and how one of them has a blank board. They think it’s Jamie and they want to get rid of her. James is also annoyed with Courtney who is playing Frosti and some love game.

Jean-Robert and Todd talk and plan a trip to the final 3. Jean-Robert says that if he gets screwed though then he will hold Todd responsible and he will not win because he will lobby so hard against him.

Jamie talks to Frosti about the Immunity Idol and tries to convince him to vote for Jean-Robert. She then talks to Todd and says that if he keeps her around for another day then she’ll tell him who has the immunity idols tomorrow. Todd laughs and thinks she’s on the little bike at the back of the bunch and is peddling furiously.

Tribal Council is certainly shaping up to be incredibly interesting.

Just before Jeff reads the votes, Jamie pulls out her board and asks if it is an immunity idol. Jeff tells her it’s not and throws it into the fire much to Jean-Robert’s relief. Jeff reads out the votes and Jamie’s name is written on the most parchments so she’s gone and becomes the first member of the jury.

This week on Survivor: China

At Zhan Hu, James is up early carrying water while the others sleep. He knows that he’ll have to work hard so they win the next immunity challenge or he’ll be gone.

At Fei Long, Jean-Robert is snoring loudly. Todd is up talking to Amanda about the Immunity Idol. She had no idea but today they know they will have to find it or if they lose in the immunity challenge then one of them will be going home.

At the reward challenge, the tribes must race one at a time through an old Chinese village and find a puzzle piece which when placed inside a grid will reveal a phrase from Confucious which reads “The Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins With A Single Step”.

The winners will be taken to a nearby island where they will enjoy time at a tea house with some tea, a bath, and a western toilet.

Peigh Gee tells Sherea that they’re still in it with them and to tell Todd.

Fei Long cleans up brings James home for a night and the reward. He’s most happy about that. Jeff hands James the bamboo pipe which has the next Immunity Idol clue in it.

The Tea House has a spectacular view and while their hosts bring out some snacks, they bath and shower and clean up a little. It’s a real treat. James stips off and Amanda and Courtney comment on his nice butt.

Back at Zhan Hu, they’re talking about how they have to win immunity because Sherea and Frosti were a little cold towards them during the challenge.

Todd talks to James and tells him to give him what is inside the scoll and he will help save his life. James has no idea what is inside the scroll until he opens it and is relieved and hopeful that it will help his situation.

James hands Todd the scroll which reads “There are four that surround it and four much the same. The etched finer could salvage the game”.

With that clue, Todd figures out where it is. Todd and Amanda start trying to knock it off the top of the entrance and Amanda starts knocking off tiles so it doesn’t look too obvious what they’re doing. Frosti comes over to help and almost spoils the party but they get it just in time.

Todd gives the idol to James and tells him to throw the next challenge at Zhan Hu and vote for Jamie.

Todd tells Courtney and Denise that he found the Immunity Idol and that they need to fight to win as James is going to throw the Immunity Challenge.

The task is a food challenge eating Chinese dishes. Courtney, Denise and Amanda sat out the last challenge which means they have to play in this one along with Frosti. It’s a game to four. Frosti takes the first challenge over Peigh Gee with Chicken Hearts. Jamie beats Courtney with Eel. Erik beats Amanda with baby turtles and then James beats Denise with unhatched chickens after Denise quits and James had given her a head start. Next up is a thousand year old egg between Erik and Frosti which Jeffs tells them will rival anything they’ve ever eaten before. Erik wins giving Zhan Hu the win. Denise fells as though she’s really let her team down.

Todd is annoyed that his perfect plan has failed. Todd talks to Denise and Amanda and they decide it’s Sherea’s time to go. However, Courtney still has an axe to grind against Jean-Robert and talks to Sherea about getting rid of him. Courtney talks to Amanda and Todd about how much she hates Jean-Robert.

Jean-Robert is feeling a little uneasy. Todd talks to Amanda and feels as though they need to get rid of Jean-Robert as they’re setting themselves up as power players and if they don’t do something now then they will get turned on at some point.

At Tribal Council, the votes fall against Sherea and Jean-Robert breathes easy again for a moment.

Here’s what happened this week on Survivor China:

At Zhan Hu they’ve finally had a good nights sleep after voting Dave out at Tribal Council last night. Peigh Gee semi steps up into the leadership role while Sherea is hoping for some drama in camp. I’m not sure how that is going to happen though since the most drama was with her and Dave and now he’s gone.

Jamie and Erik have been forming a bit of a relationship and Erik compares it to like being in the garden of eden with her minus the fruit. He tells her he’s still a virgin and Jamie says that that makes him a lot more trustworthy. She confides in him about the immunity idol.

At Fei Long Denise and James are working together and collect fish for breakfast. When they arrive back a boat arrives with a couple of chinese fisherman with a message. It reads that they need to choose two warriors from the other tribe that they think will best strengthen theirs. They circle Sherea and Frosti and hand the note back to the fisherman who goes to pick them up and bring them back to their camp.

At Zhan Hu, they get their same message. Fei Long think that it will be a swap out on both teams but Zhan Hu think that they’re the only ones getting two new members. When Aaron and James arrive Zhan Hu realise the twist and are in shock.

Aaron and James are pretty annoyed at the break in the momentum that Fei Long had had. Jean-Robert isn’t happy at losing one of his strongest allies in the game and Denise is feeling the same. Jean-Robert talks to his remaining tribe members about the possibility of losing and what options they would have at tribal council and that they should pick off Sherea and Frosti.

When James and Aaron arrive, they bring a bounty of food and drink. James tells them that he’ll work hard at camp and they fire them up to hopefully win the next challenge.

Frosti and Sherea are hoping that arriving at a new tribe will be a whole new opportunity for them. Everyone else is worried that Jean-Robert is going to be uncomfortable to be around while he’s strutting his feathers now that he’s the strongest left now that Aaron and James are gone. Frosti is so happy to hear the complaining about Jean-Robert and feels a little safer in his new home.

Aaron talks to his new tribemates about James and how he may be an “Immunity Hog” if he makes it to the merge. Peigh-Gee talks to Jamie about throwing the next challenges to ensure they remove two strong threats and if they merge at 10 as her hunch suggests, then it will be even at 5 each from the two tribes.

At the immunity challenge, the teams have to send two people to swim out to a platform and then one at a time, dive down an pull out some bamboo rods and release twelve puzzle pieces of the Chinese Zodiac. Zhan Hu get a big lead thanks to Aaron and Erik but Peigh-Gee and Jamie waste time giving Fei Long the chance to catch up and win the challenge. Back at camp James is mad. Jamie is laughing. Erik goes to talk to them and they tell him that they threw it.

They talk about getting rid of Aaron first because they don’t really trust him as much. James says he wants to go though and that Aaron deserves to stay. Aaron says he’s going to vote for James at Tribal Council to try and earn some trust in the camp.

At Tribal Council, the truth comes out about throwing the challenge and James is pissed. He votes Peigh-Gee and Aaron votes James but everyone else has written his name down so Aaron is going home.

It’s a very strategic play which Jeff tells them could play well if their assumption is correct.

Thirteen are left. Who will be voted out tonight?

At Fei Long, Jean-Robert is happy to still be in the game and his game plan is starting to kick in. He’s putting more in around camp and people are noticing him. He thinks Courtney is incredibly lucky to be around camp still. Courtney wants to see him gone and is sick of his behaviour around camp still.

At Zhan Hu, they discover that their rice has gotten damp and has mold growing in it. Dave and Sherea get into a bit of a fight over what they’re going to do with the rice and then over some shells which Dave wants to keep. Sherea seems to have come out of her shell and seems quite on edge and difficult to live with.

The tribes get some tree mail which sounds like it involves the winners getting some sort of food reward.

The challenge takes place outside the temple in the evening and the aim of the game is to use some giant chopsticks to carry a fire ball and drop it into a chute which sends it down into a wok that contains some fireworks. There are three woks that each team needs to ignite but each time a longer, more difficult set of chopsticks will need to be used. The winners of the challenge will have a fisherman come to their camp to teach them to fish and will bring spices, vegetables and make them a meal. And as has become the tradition this time, the winning tribe will kidnap a member of the losing tribe.

It’s a difficult task with the teams dropping the fireball constantly. It’s fairly even but Fei Long have a slight lead. James and Jean-Robert struggle to lift the final fireball giving Zhan Hu a chance to catch up but they eventually get the ball down the chute and win the challenge. Fei Long kidnap Dave which will no doubt please some of the members of Zhan Hu. Dave himself is pretty happy to be being kidnapped and is looking forward to getting a good meal in his stomach.

Dave opens the scroll and is quite happy to find out about the immunity idol. He decides to trust Todd with the scroll and forms a mini alliance with him. The third clue reads:

When creatures of night take flight as they may, a treasure they carry allows one to stay.

Zhan Hu are pretty happy to not have Dave around and are wondering what Fei Long are making of him. However, they’re realising just how much he did around camp and are having to pick up that slack. Erik is tired and Sherea is just lazing around.

The fishing boat arrive and there is a whole family. Jean-Robert is full of surprises and starts speaking to them in Mandarin which he learnt as a kid when he lived in Taiwan for a short time. The family take two of them out fishing and have birds with them which they tie string around their necks so they can’t swallow the fish. They also show them how to use the net. The food is prepared and it looks so good. The whole tribe ate like kings and loved the flavour and the taste of the food that was prepared right in front of them and how much better it tasted that the chicken nuggets that they normally cook in their ovens.

It’s time for the immunity challenge and it involves breaking vases. However, each player will be dressed in traditional Chinese armour and they must throw and knock off the vases which are standing on bamboo poles. Zhan Hu takes the first round and lead 1 – 0 but in the second round, Fei Long take the lead with 3 throws to 1. In the final round. Jamie shoots and takes out two to even it out at 3-3. Fei Long then scores one more to win the challenge and sending Zhan Hu back to Tribal Council.

Dave feels very strange being back at camp and is a little worried about Tribal Council. The general consensus is that it’s going to come down to either Dave or Sherea. It sounds from the conversations that it will be Sherea going home purely because she doesn’t pull her weight around camp. However, Erik would like to have a double elimination and get rid of both Dave and Sherea.

At Tribal Council, the votes are counted and it’s Dave being sent home.

It’s interesting to note that Jeff hasn’t made any mention of the Individual Immunity Idol yet at Tribal Council.

China is home to the Beijing Olympics in 2008

The Top 6 programs on Canadian television last night:

1. Grey’s Anatomy (2,470,000)
2. CSI (2,389,000 – out of simulcast)
3. Survivor (2,133,000)
4. CTV Evening News (1,330,000)
5. ER (1,007,000 – out of simulcast)
6. Big Shots (909,000)

For the second night in a row, CTV won every hour in primetime last night, ranking five out of the Top 6 shows on one of television’s most competitive nights:

At 7 p.m., an out of simulcast episode of ER on CTV was up 11% versus last week with 1.007 million viewers, besting Hockey Night in Canada’s Leafs/Sens game (CBC – 641,000) by 57% in the comparable hour. Note: Wednesday’s NHL on TSN game, featuring the first game of the Leafs/Sens home-and-home series, delivered 41% more viewers than Thursday’s HNIC with an audience of 1.2 million on TSN.

Also out of simulcast at 8 p.m., CSI was watched by 2.39 million viewers on CTV to win the hour. Head-to-head against Survivor: China (CBS/Global – 2.13 million), CSI was the No. 1 show in the two key selling demos, A18-49 (1.24 million/+11%) and A25-54 (1.35 million/+10%). Survivor dropped for the third week in a row, down 13% among total viewers compared to last week.

At 9 p.m., Grey’s Anatomy on CTV won the night with 2.47 million viewers and, head-to-head, tripled the audience of The Office (NBC/Global – 805,000). Grey’s drew 1.45 million among A18-49 and 1.37 million among A25-54 and was the No. 1 program in Toronto/Hamilton.

At 10 p.m., Big Shots won the hour with 909,000 viewers on CTV. Big Shots was up 23% against Shark (CBS/Global – 740,000).

Data quoted: CTV Full and Global Full (BBM Nielsen Media Research).