It’s been a series of wild weather, manic injuries and wicked blindsides in what I believe has been one of the best seasons of Survivor ever.

The final four remain. Amanda, Cirie, Natalie and Parvati return to camp and laugh about the same trap that they have set and everyone has fallen into. Four back to back blindsides. What will happen next?

Cirie jokes about not being sad that there are no guys around. They laugh about the guys always walking into their venus fly trap. Cirie says she’s nervous around them all and wants to keep checking her pockets to make sure her money is still there.

They’re not missing the guys at all and Parvati is up a coconut tree and chopping them down so they’re surviving.

Parvati has a good bond with both Natalie and Amanda so there is a good alliance there which may affect Cirie if she doesn’t win immunity.

Jeff greets the ladies and says they’re looking mighty proud of themselves.

At the immunity challenge, they start on a tall pole in the middle of the water where they have a rope and bucket. They have to collect water and pour it into a hole to raise up a set of keys. Once they have the keys they need to race to open a chest and assemble rungs on a ladder. Parvati and Natalie take a good lead but it’s a tough challenge and Amanda catches up and then overtakes to win by a good margin.

Natalie is trying to weasel a spot in the final three. Amanda and Parvati talk and wonder whether Cirie would be a threat with the jury and contemplate getting rid of her.

At Tribal Council, Jeff talks about the success of the blindsides and whether we will see that again. At the vote, Natalie is the final fan that is cut from the game.

On the way back to camp, Amanda and Cirie get into the whole discussion about her feeling as though she is at the bottom of the alliance.

They are happy to be final three and are dreading that it might be a final two which may push one of them onto the jury that they weren’t expecting.

They let the chicken go because they don’t want to kill her but she hangs around and they don’t get it.

They get some tree mail which tells them to row to exile island. There is a catch though. There is one more immunity challenge.

The girls take their rite of passage and then burn the shelter on Exile Island before paddling off to meet Jeff for their last grueling challenge.

The challenge is to balance a ball on a piece of wood with two handles. At 5 minute intervals they will be adding extra segments to the handles. At the next mark, the girls each add two additional pieces. Making it to 10minutes, the extra two pieces really add to the difficulty of the challenge. Parvati can’t hold out and bails. Amazingly, Cirie and Amanda make it through the next round unscathed. The final round is for as long as it takes. Cirie loses her concentration and it’s over. Amanda takes the final Immunity and guarantees herself a 50% chance of winning a million dollars.

Amanda now feels as though she’s in a really difficult position. She talks to Parvati about how she knew she had to win because she knew that if Cirie had won then she would have taken Parvati over her.

At the second to last Tribal council, Amanda is quite emotional about having to make a very tough decision which she knows is ultimately going to hurt one of her friends.

She writes down Cirie’s name meaning she will face off against Parvati.

When Amanda and Parvati wake up they’re excited about going home. They’re amazed to have made it to the final two. They race down to the tree mail where there is a great breakfast basket waiting for them.

Parvati is completely relaxed going into the final Tribal Council. They both played very different games. Parvati was cut throat and aggressive while Amanda has been loyal.

As they head out to the final Tribal Council, Amanda says “May the Best Woman Win”.

At Tribal Council, Amanda and Parvati state their case as to why they should win the million dollars. Ozzi says that his only disappointment in the game was that he took 18 days away from being with Amanda. He tells Amanda that he’s been falling in love with her.

They cast their votes. Erik votes for Amanda and says he’s willing to forgive and forget if she is. Alexis votes for Parvati as does Natalie. Ozzi votes for Amanda. Eliza really struggles with her decision.

Jeff collects the votes and tells them he’ll read them back in the US.

Live in New York, Jeff gets to reading the votes after he tells them that the word on the street was that this was the best season of survivor since season one. The votes are read out and…

The winner of Survivor Micronesia is: PARVATI.

After the shock elimination at Tribal Council with Amanda pulling off one of the biggest blindsides of Survivor history.

Erik wants to be sent to Exile Island so he can find the hidden idol. He is mad about what happened with Amanda and really doesn’t want her in the game as she’d be a real threat in the final as she’d have the numbers on the jury.

Cirie has Amanda’s trust again and they don’t want Erik to be sent to Exile Island because it could ultimately be one of the girls that take the fall.

Amanda talks to Erik about working together and taking each other on the reward. Amanda suggests they should send Parvati to exile while Natalie wants Erik to go. Erik isn’t that keen because he doesn’t want to be run down.

At the immunity challenge, the survivors have to answer questions about previous series.

The reward is a helicopter flight to a resort for a bit of luxury. Erik wins the reward challenge and keeps his word and takes Amanda with him and sends Parvati to Exile Island.

Natalie is pissed that Erik took Amanda. She talks to Cirie and she is happy to see Natalie stressing out about Erik’s loyalties.

Erik and Amanda love their helicopter ride and wave at Cirie and Natalie on the beach as they fly over. Amanda and Erik agree to get out of the game for a day and just enjoy their reward. Massages, Feet treatment, luxury.

Parvati loves her time on Exile Island. She lays out in the sun and doesn’t really worry about finding the idol because her, Amanda and Cirie control the game.

When Amanda and Erik arrive back at camp, Natalie wont look at or even talk to Erik. She is wild with fury over being ditched. Cirie talks to Erik about how Natalie is feeling. Erik talks about how Natalie and Amanda are the biggest threats for the jury vote but is unaware that Natalie is standing right behind him hearing everything he says.

While everyone is worried about Erik, he walks up and sees them all talking to each other. They all think he’s full of crap.

At the immunity challenge, Parvati returns not looking to bad. There are three giant circles in a giant field. The idea is to cross ropes across the circle from given points and then dig for a bag of puzzle pieces which hold the next set of coordinates.

Erik takes a big lead and is unassailable which doesn’t impress Natalie when she sees the result and realises that it’s looking rather ominous for her.

The girls talk and scheme. The tell him to get him to give her the necklace and that will redeem him and they’ll vote out Amanda when in actual fact, they will vote out Erik.

Natalie tries to sweet talk him and convince him. He’s not that into the idea but wants to talk to Cirie. Cirie tells him that she needs to see some trust from her.

Cirie talks to Amanda and wants her to play it up at Tribal Council.

Erik talks to Natalie again and she tells him to go out on a limb. Erik is worried about Parvati having the immunity idol and giving it to Amanda.

At Tribal Council, Amanda calls Erik out for not respecting her and telling each of the other girls the same thing. Parvati chips in and they play him hard. It pays off as he hands his immunity to Natalie. As he goes to vote, the other girls laugh to themselves. The jury can’t believe it. Erik is going to go down as the stupidest survivor ever.

Sure enough, he’s gone! He can’t believe it. He blames it on the fact that a guy can survive the elements but can’t survive four crazy, sexy women.

James gets his wound on his finger looked at and they tell him that if his finger doesn’t look good in the morning then it will need to go to surgery. That’s something he doesn’t really want in the game of Survivor.

Back at camp, everyone is a little worried about his finger and they’re all hoping he will be fine in the morning.

When the sun comes up, Alexis is also nursing wounds. She fell on the way back to camp last night. Cirie, being a nurse, is still playing the game and doesn’t offer any help.

At the reward challenge, there are wooden dolls in the image of each contestant. The idea is for them to each answer questions individually before Jeff Probst will ask questions where the contestants will need to try and guess what the majority of the group answered. People who answer correctly will get get the chance to chop a rope. Once three ropes are cut, that contestant will be out of the game.

Parvati is out first and as she walks past Cirie who cut her says “You’re in Trouble”. She then takes out Erik. Cirie and Natalie are taken out. Cirie then takes out Amanda giving Alexis the reward. Alexis gets to take two others. She takes Cirie who gave her the win and Natalie. Amanda gets sent to Exile Island.

Dr Carolyn Sein looks at James’ finger. Carolyn says it’s too big a risk as he has a little bit of pain so he’s getting pulled from the game. Parvati is upset that he is being leaving like that and he’s annoyed that he’s going out like this instead of being voted out.

At the reward, they get to swim with stingless jellyfish. Cirie had her eyes open to realise that not everything is a threat.

On Exile Island, Amanda goes hunting for the Idol. After a lot of searching and digging she learns that the idol is buried under the flag back at camp.

When everyone arrives back at camp, they are upset to learn of James fate but things quickly turn to ensuring that Erik doesn’t win Individual Immunity.

Parvati talks to Alexis about whether she wants them to vote her out since she’s in a bit of pain after injuring her leg. Alexis is a little worried as she doesn’t want to go yet.

Natalie says that if she was up against Amanda in the final then she wouldn’t win.

Amanda is sad to learn about James when she returns to camp. Jeff says it’s the first time in Survivor history that 3 people have left the game from injury.

At the immunity challenge, it’s all about shooting at colored bottles. Natalie, Parvati and Erik hit their first bottles. Erik is the only one to hit their second bottle. Natalie and Amanda hit bottles but Erik hits his bottle and takes the immunity. That’s a real problem for the girls as one of them will be leaving tonight.

Amanda tells them that she didn’t find the idol. She says she couldn’t find the third clue because the current was too strong. She tells Parvati that she knows it’s hidden at camp. Parvati wants Alexis gone. Amanda thinks it should be Natalie.

Alexis and Erik talk about voting out Amanda as she would be a big threat later on. Erik says that he is going to vote for her.

They kill a chicken and pluck it. Erik tells Cirie that they’re going to vote for Amanda. The main reason is because they don’t think they could beat her with jury votes.

Cirie and Amanda talk and Cirie says that she has to vote against her because if she doesn’t, it will be a tie and they’ll all have to pick rocks and it could be her going home. She says that if it had been different then she would have stuck with her and Parvati but she has to play the game for her.

At Tribal Council, James comes in to join the jury with a line in his arm and carrying a bag. He tells everyone he had an infection and he could have gone home.

At the vote, after Amanda told everyone that she didn’t have the idol, the votes fall her way but the idol that she dug up back at camp while Parvati distracted the rest of them over dinner saves her. Alexis and Natalie look incredibly worried. Alexis gets a massive blindside which rocks the game as she gets eliminated from the game.

Go Amanda! That was one of the best episodes of Survivor yet. Jeff makes a good point that this season, the players are really perfecting the art of the blindside.

Dabu is going to be a very different camp this morning. Erik is a little surprised, as is Amanda. Amanda is upset that she was cut out of the loop when it came to blindsiding Ozzy. She realises what has happened and calls game on.

James has a had a cut on his finger for a few days and it’s starting to look a little infected. He’s sure it’s going to be fine but Cirie thinks that’s crazy when they’re living in a damp cave with rats and bats.

Parvati is all about damage control today. She talks to James about the vote last night and James is angry at her insulting his intelligence. She then apoligises to Amanda. Amanda is sure Parvati is running the show at the moment.

At the reward challenge Jeff auctions off food items. Cirie takes hotdog and fries. Erik wins a huge plate of nachos. Natalie wins some bat soup but doesn’t want it. James says he’ll eat it and gets it for free. Amanda takes a very expensive peanut butter sandwich. Natalie then gets a bottle which has a note which says she can take someones money and send them to exile island. She takes Jason’s money and sends him to Exile island where the immunity idol has been rehidden.

Natalie then wins a giant chocolate cake and gets to share it with Parvati, Cirie and Alexis and they get to eat for 60 seconds. Erik then pays Cirie $40 to lick her fingers.

On Exile Island, Jason finds the real hidden immunity idol this time.

Back at Dabu’s camp, the girls decide they need to get into his head. They decide to make him feel comfortable and Natalie is going to betray him. They hope that Jason doesn’t win the individual immunity and that he is made to feel comfortable enough to not play his hidden immunity idol.

At the immunity challenge, Natalie pulls Jason aside to tell him of the plan to keep him safe.

James, Erik, Jason and Amanda move on to the next round and then James and Erik face off in the final challenge for immunity. James falls off and falls far behind but James catches up and puts the pressure on. It’s a fierce battle and Erik only just wins it.

It’s Erik’s birthday and he’s pretty happy he won and gets everyone’s congratulations. The girls are happy with their plan so far as it’s going 100% to plan with Erik winning the immunity idol. Parvati calls the women the black widow brigade.

Natalie goes through Jason’s things and finds the idol. She talks to Jason and he confides in her and promises that he has her back. Natalie is very happy to be coming into her own in the game and her “cold, hard bitch” is coming out and she has a smile on his face because of it.

James and Amanda talk and James wants to vote for Parvati and wants Amanda to join him. Natalie is proving to be a real player.

At tribal council, Jason doesn’t play the idol and is kicked out of the island. James, laughing hysterically, can’t believe that Jason didn’t play the idol but is no doubt happy to still be in the game.

At Dabu, Jason explains his tactic with the immunity idol. Cirie tells everyone that her heart was pounding as everything was going down. She’s now wondering if things had played out how Eliza and Jason had hoped how much more interesting the game would have become.

Jason knows his only hope is to keep beating Ozzy.

At the reward challenge, they split into two teams and have to swim out through an obstacle course to view a board before heading back to arrange symbols on their answer board. Natalie and Jason pick teams. Jason takes Ozzy, Amanda and Erik. Natalie takes Parvati, James and Alexis. Cirie heads to exile island due to her being the last person not selected for a team.

Jason’s team takes the win and earns them a flight to another island for a feast and some culture and then a night staying in a hut.

Erik is amazed that all the women aren’t wearing shirts and says it’s the most boobs he’s ever seen. They love the culture dance. Ozzy says he loves going places with Erik because he hasn’t traveled much and is quite naive about things but he appreciates that.

Erik has been partying a little too hard and ends up throwing up viciously. He says it was all worth it afterwards though.

Cirie hasn’t been having a fun time on exile island. She has, however, been devising a plan on how to get rid of Ozzy and his immunity idol as he’s such a big threat.

Back at camp, everyone is trying to sleep but James is making a noise. Parvati tells him to quit it. James is annoyed and wonders how long it will take before he cracks.

The others arrive back at camp and Ozzy tells them about their reward. Parvati doesn’t look impressed. She talks to Alexis about how annoying Ozzy was with the whole reward thing.

At the immunity challenge, the survivors have to stand on a log with their hand above their heads while attached to a bucket of water. If they drop their hands then they’re out.

Jeff brings out a bowl of candy and Cirie and Erik both quit. When Jeff walks out with the next item, Alexis gets excited and before he can offer it, she drops her hand. She’s out and gets nothing. Natalie falls not long after. James then slips and is annoyed he’s put himself out. Ozzy then quits for three chocolate glazed donuts.

After 5 hours, Amanda has to go to the bathroom. Parvati and Jason are left and after 6 hours, Jeff comes out with a huge plate of food. Jeff tells them that if one of them quits then they can share that food with the others. Jason wants guarantees from everyone that he will be safe tonight. Cirie and Alexis promise along with everyone else who also wants the food but they have their fingers crossed.

Ozzy is sure Jason is going home and that giving up the immunity is the biggest mistake of the game.

Cirie then talks to the others about perhaps getting rid of Ozzy to blindside him and get rid of him and the immunity idol.

Ozzy contemplates playing the idol, just to be safe.

At Tribal Council, Eliza is shocked as the votes swing from being 4-1 to Jason to 5-4 to Ozzy who just didn’t see it coming.

At Malakal everyone is contemplating Ami’s departure. Erik has no idea how he’s still there.

Eliza knows that they’ve really pissed off half of whoever is on the jury. Jason tells her that he has the hidden immunity idol. Eliza is happy to have him in her alliance.

Cirie reads some tree mail which suggests that they might be merging. Erik is hoping that’s the case. He tells Ozzi he’s not flipping. He’s hoping he’s aligned with Ozzi and that will keep him around even longer.

Airai also get the tree mail and they gather their things and they leave for their new beach.

Parvati is in a real pickle now that she is part of two alliances and is going to have to make some decisions soon.

Alexis is worried that it might be dangerous having Parvati around if she is going to be going back to her original tribe.

When the tribes merge, Eliza is not happy to see Erik instead of Ami who she had an alliance with. They eat, drink and give their new tribe a name. They decide on Malakal’s beach without any question.

There is a feast on the table that includes a bowl of bats. James is up for bats but everyone else is grossed out.

Erik names the tribe Dabu after saying he’d looked something up. He hadn’t, but people by into it anyway.

Ozzi is ready to go past fans versus favorites and tells Alexis that. Amanda sees Alexis and Ozzi together and gets jealous and decides that she wants him gone.

Alexis is so happy to be at Malakal’s beach and is amazed at how awesome it is in comparison to the old Airai beach.

Cirie compares all these new people in camp to strangers coming into your house and changing the tv channel.

Ozzi thinks Jason has the fake immunity idol and thinks it’s a beautiful thing and poetry in the making.

Jason finds somewhere to hide his “immunity idol”.

Parvati tells Eliza that she’s not sure about the old Malakal alliance and leaves her feeling on the outside and thinks it is a disaster.

Amanda and Parvati are laughing as Eliza is staring at them. Parvati wants Eliza gone next. Parvati tells Amanda that she has put her in an alliance but Amanda is livid.

The new Dabu tribe get their tree mail about the immunity challenge which suggests it is endurance based and that the winner will be the last one to bail out.

Jason promises Eliza that if he wins the immunity challenge then he will give her the hidden immunity idol.

At the immunity challenge, Alexis tells Jeff their new tribe name and that it is Dabu which is supposedly Micronesian for Good. Jeff looks as if he’s amused but doesn’t let on.

The challenge involves keeping your head under a grate in the water as the tide comes in.

Amanda is first to bail after accidently thinking she had more space than she did.

Parvati and Alexis bail close together and then Cirie has had enough. Natalie is out after nearly 50 minutes. Eliza and Erik bail while James, Jason and Ozzi battle it out as they are completely underwater and using their hands to make pipes to provide oxygen to themselves.

James can’t hold out any longer and bails with Ozzi not being able to quite hold on long enough giving Jason the win. Jason is delighted to have dominated one of the strongest players in the game and is hoping he’ll get the chance to send him home.

Parvati thinks that Eliza is the one to go home tonight. Eliza is pretty sure she is the one getting the votes tonight so she goes to see Jason about the idol. Jason is excited to have the position to blindside Ozzi.

Amanda wants to get rid of Alexis and Cirie thinks a little bit of jealousy has come into play.

Jason gives Eliza the idol but she freaks out and says it isn’t the idol. Jason thinks it is. Eliza wonders if she should play it.

At Tribal Council, Eliza plays her “stick” while Ozzy smirks. Jeff tells them that that wasn’t the idol and throws it into the fire. Ozzy is upset because it took him a long time to make. Jeff reads the votes and sure enough, Eliza is going home.


Erik is happy to still be around camp but as the only fan left in the tribe, he fears he is next to go.

Ozzy doesn’t like how Tracey called him the leader and he’s worried about having a target on his back now.

Cirie and Amy are out in the dark chasing big crabs.

Amie talks to Ozzy about how Tracey was trying to get rid of Ozzy but he’s really worried about how the game is about to turn a corner where people do want to get rid of people who are leaders.

At Airai the rats are getting more and more confident.  Jason manages to catch the rat and decides to eat it since no one has eaten a rat since season one.  

James is done with the island and wants to go back to Malakal.  He thinks that this is where they bring the criminals.

Parvati tries to form an alliance prior to the merge and knows that the big guys are likely to be the first voted off and promises Alexis a place in the final four for her vote.

Prior to the next challenge, the tribes need to pick a member to sit out and go to exile island but also have individual immunity at tonight’s tribal council.

Ozzy sits out for Malakal while Alexis sits out for Airai.  There is an obstacle course which must be crossed, a flag collected, and then taken back to the other side while the opposite tribe swing canvas bags at them trying to knock them off.  The winning tribe will also get them selves some pizza and beer.

It’s a close contest but Airai takes the win with immunity and reward for the fourth straight time.  Eliza looks so excited to be having pizza.

Back at camp, Erik tried his hardest but feels pretty bad at losing and especially crashing into the platform.

Airai are really happy about having pizza and even more excited to not be having to eat rat.  The pizza boat arrives with four pizzas, garlic bread and beer.

At exile island, Ozzy is excited to have discovered that someone has taken his bait and the fake immunity idol he hid.

Erik wants to stay in the game so badly but feels he is on his last legs and is desperate to make some alliances that will take him to the next level.  He talks to Cirie and Amanda about Amie and wants to get her voted out.

Cirie’s dilemma is that she doesn’t trust Erik or Ami and needs to decide who she trusts the least.

Amanda and Cirie talk with Ami and Amanda wonders if they’re better with the devil you know rather than the devil you don’t.

Erik wants to talk to Ozzy when he gets back.  Ozzy can’t believe that they lost again.  He tells Ozzy about Ami’s plan and wants his help to get her out.  Amanda and Ozzy talk and Ozzy wants to get Ami out.

At tribal council, Erik’s play pays off and Ami is ousted.


13 are left. Who will be voted out tonight?

At Malakal, Tracey wants to kill the chickens despite the renewal resource of 3 eggs every day. Ozzy says that there is plenty of other fod around camp, they just have to get it.

Tracey is concerned that Ozzy is running the show and unless they get him out, he is going to win it.

At Airai, Kathy just wants to get clean. James laughs because she is complaining about the rain but they’re sleeping in a cave now and aren’t getting rained on compared to sleeping under a bush at their old camp.

Kathy is thinking about her washer and dryer and her husband and daughter and thinks this is the stupidest thing she ever did.

Back at Malakal, Ozzy is climbing trees collecting coconuts. Erik wants to learn. Cirie says that Ozzy and Erik are like the lion king with the father teaching the cub. Cirie is sure that if Ozzy proposed to Erik right now it would be a done deal.

They decide to move the boat to the back beach to go fishing. Cirie isn’t a confident swimmer and is concerned. The decided to head out to a reef in the search of fish. Cirie isn’t impressed.

At the reward challenge, four members of the tribe must be blind folded and be guided by the other two of their tribe through a course while rolling a giant stone wheel. They need to go through some stations and crush some tiles to get some smaller wheels for a puzzle at the end. Malakal make it through the first tile with Airair close behind. Malakal gets to the end first and starts putting together the puzzle. Airai is close behind. It doesn’t matter though, Malakal take the win. They send Jason to exile island and then Tracey takes one for the team and misses out on the reward of a luxury spa to get themselves cleaned as well as a feed.

Erik has his first win of Survivor Micronesia. As everyone decides to shower and get clean, Amanda strips off and gets half naked. Cirie laughs because Ozzy is right in the middle of it and Erik is off to the side drooling.

Back at Airai, Kathy is complaining that when you see Survivor on TV you only see a couple of seconds of the rain when in actual fact you can be standing and shivering for 6 hours or more while trying to sleep in it. She complains that they have to sit around eating an uncooked clam because there is no fire and they feel like cavemen and savages. Kathy is so uncomfortable and wouldn’t understand why someone would want to go through it twice. Again she says it’s the stupidest thing she’s ever done.

Kathy is loosing it and is trying to send vibes to her family because she needs their strength to get through it. She tells everyone that she can’t take any more – not one more minute. She wants them to come and take her away in a boat. She is wailing.

Jeff arrives to talk to her. She relays her message. She wants to go. Jeff takes the quitter with him. Alexis says they haven’t had water or a cooked meal in three days.

Cirie talks to Amanda about Ozzy. She tells her that Erik had said that if Ozzy wasn’t here then they would all be dead. Cirie and Amanda decide that they will let Ozzy believe he is in control.

At the immunity challenge, everyone is shocked to learn that Kathy has quit the game. The challenge involves racing out to a platform to collect puzzle pieces that must be winched back to shore before the next person can race out across the course. Ozzy takes a big lead for Malakal.

Malakal starts working on the puzzle which must make a perfect square. The pieces are heavy and hard to move but despite Malakal’s big lead, Airai takes the win and immunity once again for the third straight time.

Amanda and Cirie apologise to Ozzy and he says that Tracey needs to go. Ami wants to get rid of Ozzy and hatches a plan to back door him using. The plan seems to work as Cirie and Amanda contemplate Erik going home. Amanda is worried about losing her trust with Ozzy. Ami is aware that tonight’s vote could change the game in a very big way.

At the elimination, the votes fall to Tracey who looks let down after believing that Ozzy was going to be going home.

At the new Malakal tribe, Erik is shocked at the result of the last tribal council. He’s really concerned at the strength of the other tribe and how they are getting rid of their strongest players so early in the game.

Tracey is being driven batty by not being in control. Tracey talks to Erik about trying to switch the game up a little.

Ami and Tracey talk and she knows she’s in a vulnerable situation but wants to tread slowly.

Jonathan’s knee is feeling better, just not as quickly as he’d like. James is concerned about how that will affect that game.

Eliza and Jonathan want to align themselves with the four fans on Airai to get rid of James and Parvati.

At the reward challenge, Airai can’t believe Joel is gone. The challenge is to build a blockade inside the other teams tunnel for 10 mins and then get the whole tribe back through the tunnel to a mat. The first team to do so will get a couple of micronesians come and show them what they can do in camp and what foods there are available.

Airai storm through the tunnel and win the reward. They send Chet to exile island along with Jason.

Medical takes a look at Jonathan’s knee and tells him that he needs surgical treatment as there is an abscess and it is spreading and if he doesn’t sort it out it could become fatal. He says farewell to his tribe and he doesn’t really want to go. Kathy is really upset. Jonathan is pretty gutted at having to leave and he doesn’t want to be out of the game but he doesn’t want to lose his leg.

James is now in a tribe of woman and is a little worried about it. The two micronesian’s, Edwin and Joe, arrive and start about showing them how to fish and find food around camp.

At Malakal, Amanda, Ami, Cerie and Ozzi complain about not having the others in the tribe working with them. Ami talks to Tracey again and they conspire to get rid of Cirie. They talk to Erik and hatch a plan to get rid of her.

Ozzy hopes that Jason finds the fake immunity idol. Chet is feeling at the end of his tether after getting some coral stuck in his foot. Chet believes Ozzy has the idol and doesn’t want to search. However, Jason goes hunting and finds the fake idol thinking he now has it and Ozzy doesn’t.

Airai eat well tonight with a meal of fish, crab, vegetables and alcohol.

At the Immunity challenge, Jeff tells everyone about Jonathan and that he’s had surgery on his knee and is doing well. Jeff asks Jason about the immunity idol and Jason says he believes Ozzy has it.

The Immunity Challenge consists of the survivors having to get two of their team mates across from one platform to another using two stepping poles. While Malakal use the stepping poles one at a time, James picks up the pole while the rest of the tribe keep the pole balanced as they carry the two tribe mates across on one pole. They all clamber to the top of the platform relatively quickly to take the win by a significant margin by some out of the box strategy.

Afterwards, Chet says he’s ready to go and wants to be voted out. He thinks he has a fish hook stuck in his foot. Erik wants to blindside Ozzy and make him expect he doesn’t need to use the immunity idol. They talk to Chet and try to convince him. He promises to think about but isn’t really sure what he will do.

At Tribal Council, Chet is voted out of the game – finally.

Jason isn’t happy the Mikey B has gone when he wanted to see Chet going and is now fearful that they’re just going to lose from here on out.

At Malakal, they’re ready to eat Charlie the chicken. Cirie isn’t too keen on seeing a dead chicken flapping around but she still seems to sit and watch anyway.

Ozzie tells Parvati and James that he has the immunity idol.

As a surprise, Jeff tells them that they’re mixing up the tribes.

Natalie is the leader for Airai while Ozzi is the leader for Malakal. Natalie takes James. Ozzi takes Joel. James takes Alexis. Joel takes Amanda. Alexis picks Jonathan. Amanda take Eric. Jason joins Airai. Amy joins Malakal. Parvati joins Airai. Tracey joins Malakal. Kathy joins Airai. Cirie goes to Malakal. Eliza takes the last spot in Airai while Chet takes the last spot in Malakal.

The first challenge as new tribes will have team members in pairs who will have to try and take a flag off another couple. The reward is a home bbq with steak and sausages, veges and spices while there will be no exile island.

If the chasing team can’t catch the flag within a minute then the other team will earn the point. First team to three wins the reward.

Malakal win the first round. Airai just win the second round to tie things up. It’s tied at two all with a number of injuries. Who ever wins the point wins the challenge. Joel drags Chet around the course smacking him into parts of the course as he can’t keep up giving Parvati and Eliza the win for Airai.

Joel is mad about Chet and is now regretting getting rid of Mikey B.

Ozzi isn’t happy about Chet at all being dragged around the track like a sack of potatoes.

Eliza complains about the Airai beach and how they have nothing compared to what they had at Malakal. At the camp, the tide comes in and washes right into where they’ve set up the camp and puts out the fire.

Jonathan is complaining about his injuries from the challenge where a stick went into his knee. Others had fat lips and wounds. A doctor comes out to see him and numbs up his leg and puts three stitches into the hole in his knee.

Erik is smitten by Ozzi’s skill in the game. Joel is sure it’s still fans vs favorites despite the mixing up of the tribes and knows someone is going to have to flip.

At Airai, James cracks the whip with Jonathan and they build a new shelter and sort out the disastor that was the fans camp.

Amanda walks into camp with a 4 foot shark that they caught in the net. They don’t have a bbq from the challenge but they’re still eating well tonight before the next immunity challenge.

The challenge is to break tiles and release some puzzle pieces. Malakal takes the lead breaking all their tiles first while James only partially breaks two making it difficult for Airai to complete. After a huge lead, Airai come from behind to blow Malaka out of the water.

Back at camp, Joel and Erik talk about getting rid of Chet. Joel calls him spineless, a wet rag and a ball of glue and if it was back in medieval times then they would probably kill him themselves.

Ozzi talks with Joel and then come up with a pecking order as to who will go and in what order.

Cirie is worried about being removed from the tribe after Chet and tries to convince Ozzie and Parvati that Joel needs to go because he didn’t really contribute at the challenge.

At Tribal Council, in what seems to be a growing trend this season, Joel is blindsided and sent packing. Another player has been caught by surprise and can’t believe they’ve been kicked off the island.