Everyone is sure that the last Tribal Council was the best ever. Bob is a little angry about Sugar rubbing salt in the wounds of Randy when he was eliminated. Sugar and Corinne finally face off over Corinne’s backstabbing. With only a few days remaining, things are certainly starting to heat up.

Ken and Bob haul in the net are stoked at the size of the catfish they’ve caught. Ken doesn’t think Bob is very smart in the way he’s playing the game, despite how much he’s taught him while they’ve been in Gabon.

The reward challenge is another puzzle that involves eventually raising a flag. The reward is some love in the form of video messages from home as well as pizza, beer and brownie.

Crystal and Suzie are the team captains. Suzie, Matty and Ken will take on Crystal, Sugar and Bob. Corinne doesn’t get picked and is out of the challenge. Sugar, Crystal and Bob raise their flag and make it through to the next round. Bob easily solves the next puzzle and wins the reward. He doesn’t get to take anyone with him though.

As he watches the video, his wife tells him that she has something to show him. She walks off camera and he gets frustrated waiting for her to return. To his surprise, Peggy steps out from behind a tree and shares the meal with him. They head back to camp and when they get their everyone is excited to see a new face. That’s not all however as Bob whistles and all the relatives of the others come over the rise of the hill to say hello.

Everyone spends some time together with their loved ones. Sugar’s sister bought some of her dad’s ashes which they release in Gabon.

Matty proposes to Jamie and she accepts in a Survivor first.

The families leave and the strategy begins. Bob talks to Corinne about the idol that was supposedly thrown into the ocean. He’s planning on making a second fake idol and spinning his web of lies again in the hopes of staying in the game.

At the immunity challenge, it’s a Gabon questionnaire. Each correct answer earns you a shot at a target. The closest to the center will win immunity. Bob, the physics teacher, takes the lead early and then retains it for the win.

Bob and Corinne are hoping to swing Ken and Crystal with their fake idol story in the hopes that they can blindside Matty. Corinne talks to Ken about the hidden idol and he seems convinced that it might be time to switch alliances.

Bob talks to Crystal and she’s convinced. The idol looks pretty realistic.

Ken decides that the plan would be to have the four vote for Corinne anyway to flush out the idol and then have Matty going home anyway.

At Tribal Council, they don’t play the idol to Ken’s surprise. The tie breaking vote falls to Corinne and she is gone. Bob still has his fake idol though.

Randy Bailey - Survivor Gabon
Night 27 at Nobag and Kenny and Crystal know what is going on at camp and Randy isn’t happy. He was impressed at the vote to get rid of Charlie as he had a lot of friends when he knows he doesn’t.

Sugar wants Randy gone and confides in Bob. Bob confides in her and shows her his fake idol. She wonders if he has an evil plan.

Randy and Corinne admit they hate everyone on the tribe and will be glad to be rid of them. However, they know that desperate times call for desperate measures.

The reward challenge is the famous Survivor auction. Everyone has $500 to spend. Randy buys 3 ice cold beers and peanuts for $180. Kenny spend $340 and gets a secret prize. He gets to send someone to Exile Island and take their money. Bob is off again. Sugar also spends $340 and scores herself chocolate and peanut butter. The next prize is a hot bath, fresh clothes and everything to get cleaned. Suzie takes it for $340. Matty takes a cheeseburger, fries and soda for $400. Randy takes spaghetti for $200. Corinne gets a sealed bottle with a bit of help in the next immunity challenge and then the final bid is for $20 and for the whole tribe. Randy takes a plate of cookies for the whole tribe.

As he shares them out, Sugar declines. Randy divides hers up and then offers the final cookie, which was his, which she takes and gives to Matty. Randy leaves the auction full, half drunk, broke and pissed off with Sugar. There is definitely some tension there.

Sugar laughs at how Randy is upset over a stupid cookie. Matty tells Randy that he needs to drop the attitude. Randy and Corinne talk to Matty about switching alliances. They’re sure that the final three, from the way the game is going, is going to be Kenny, Crystal and Suzie and that his only hope is to jump ship to them.

Bob gets a clue which reads the same as the first clue that he got when he first went to Exile Island and decides that he’s going to go on his own little safari. He climbs a mountain and gets inspired by the view.

Back at camp, Matty puts forward his proposal to get rid of Bob at the next tribal council. He advocates for Bob, Randy and then Corinne to be voted out in that order.

Randy is going to mix things up by hoping to agitate everyone and have Bob give him the idol and then blindside Suzie for jumping ship.

The other group are laughing at Randy and saying he’s a 49 year old acting like a 2 year old. Matty decides that Randy does need to go. Crystal too is all for Randy going. He’s stirred them up and is looking forward to the immunity challenge.

At the immunity challenge, everyone has to race across a series of balance beams with a bag of puzzle blocks. Three bags of puzzle blocks then have to be assembled like dominoes.

Corinne gets through to the final automatically thanks to her auction prize. Kenny and Matty are also in the final. Kenny manages to work his dominoes successfully despite it being a close race while Corinne and Matty’s stopped halfway through.

Randy is hoping Bob has the idol. Bob talks to Sugar and it sounds like Sugar is going to propose giving Randy the fake idol and play the joke on him. Bob is hoping to save himself for at least another immunity challenge.

Corinne wants to be sure that Bob hasn’t told anyone that he has the idol. She really doesn’t trust Sugar. Bob gives the idol to Randy who is smitten. He promises that if he isn’t in the finals but Bob is that he will definitely have his vote for the million dollars.

At Tribal council, Crystals message to the camera is heard clearly by the others as she writes down Randy’s name on the parchment. Randy plays Bob’s idol but is humilated. Corinne goes from looking smug to devastated.

Charlie Herschel - Survivor Gabon

At Kota, Crystal, Ken and Suzie are pretty happy about the result at Tribal Council. Ken is very happy because he’s been responsible for the last few blindsides. Bob is worried though and knows that if there isn’t a merge and they lose another immunity challenge then he’ll be the one going home.

At Fang, it’s a different story. They can’t get the fire going and even if they could it wouldn’t matter because there is no rice to cook. There is a golf flag in the tree mail along with a slingshot that is powered by two people holding it while another pulls.

When the two teams come together, Fang are shocked to see that Marcus has gone. They didn’t think he deserved to go but Ken reminds them that it’s just a game and that they all deserve to be there.

The game is all about getting a ball into the hole using the slingshot. Kota scores the first hole. Fang takes the second. Taking the third hole and the game is Fang after some tension with the final shot. They send bob to exile island.

Fang arrive at the Gabonese village and Matty is stoked because he’s the only one that’s been trapped on the tribe since the start has finally won a reward. The village bath the tribemates before the meal where they talk about the loss of some of the power players. Everyone dances and has a great party with the locals.

Back at Kota, Ken gets himself stuck out on the lake when his boat gets caught on a log. He finally gets himself free and hauls in the fish to take back to camp.

At Exile Island, Bob goes hunting for the idol. He finds the clues but can’t find the last clue/idol. He decides to make a fake idol in the hopes of being able to trick the others if he needs to.

At Fang, Randy is desperately hoping he doesn’t have to see Crystal again. That’s all about to change as Jeff surprises everyone at the immunity challenge that they’re playing for individual immunity now as they are merged.

The challenge is to make fire and burn through a rope. First to get their fire started is Suzie. Sugar gets flame next but no one else is in the race. Suzie wins immunity easily and she has a one in eight chance at the million dollars.

Everyone heads back to Fang where Randy swears it will be either Crystal or him going home.

There is fresh food which everyone is happy about but as soon as the food is dealt with, the strategy begins.

Corinne and Charlie know that Sugar is the swing vote. Corinne says that she needs to pretend like she cares about her to keep her onside.

The Kota four want to break up Corinne and Charlie. Ken talks to Sugar who now thinks she’s the lady of the hour. She doesn’t really trust anyone though.

They decide on the name for the new tribe is Nobag – Gabon backwards.

At Tribal Council, Corinne is shocked to see Charlie’s name come up as he becomes the second member of the jury.

Marcus Lehman - Survivor:Gabon

The vote at Kota was 4:3, splitting the vote between Dan and Suzie. They discuss needed to be strong as they’re sure the merge is coming. Corinne is still mad with Suzie. Suzie seems to be trying to position herself as the kingmaker but the others are very weary of her.

At Fang, they’re happy with their text book blind side. Matty says he isn’t going to swear on his girlfriend any more though. They’re all hoping for a merge tomorrow. They’re going to keep the hidden immunity idol a secret in the hopes that they can blind side Kota.

Corinne is adamant she will get her revenge on Suzie. Tree mail arrives and hints at the merge with a new tribe and a feast on the equator.

At the feast, there is a box which says the box can only be opened once everyone has finished eating.

Kenny finds a note on the table about a second hidden immunity idol. The rest of the table find out. Randy finds the idol fairly quickly. He puts it on the table and it becomes a forbidden fruit available for whoever wants it. But no one wants to be thrown out of eden. They decide to cast it into the ocean. Marcus is happy about that as the Kota 6 have control of the game.

After casting the idol away, they open the box to learn that they are not merging but are in fact getting switched up again. Everyone is in shock.

The new tribes are Kota: Ken, Bob, Suzie, Crystal and Marcus. Fang: Randy, Matty, Sugar, Charlie and Corinne.

Marcus and Crystal learn that they have a connection through Crystal’s cousin which gives them something to work together with.

Charlie and Corinne wonder about the immunity idol and Sugar but they are thinking Matty should go. Matty is weary of Randy. Matty and Sugar talk strategy after she feels bad for getting rid of Ace. They have the immunity idol between them which gives them some power.

Marcus talks to Suzie who wants to be guaranteed top 3. She is threatening to switch.

Randy talks to Corrine and Charlie about getting rid of Matty.Matty is concerned about his time there and doesn’t really want to be the first member of the jury.

The immunity challenge is all about endurance and strength. The aim is to hold some poles up in the air. This is going to really hurt the arms. Crystal bows out after just 1 second. Sugar is out after 10 seconds. Charlie and Matty are there for Fang while Kota has Marcus and Bob. Marcus drops out. Charlie drops out. Matty and Bob face off in a tense battle but Matty takes the immunity.

Kota is heading to tribal council where it’s all up in the air. Can Suzie switch things up some more? Marcus talks to Crystal about getting rid of Ken and wants to swap her out with Suzie. Crystal is worried about being spun on. Marcus talks to Suzie in a less than flattering way.

Crystal talks to Ken who wants to get Suzie on side. It’s either that or he’s going home. Suzie isn’t sure which way she is going to go.

At Tribal Council, Marcus is shocked to find out he’s the first member of the jury. Another great blindside.

Kelly Czarnecki

After Tribal Council, everyone is sad that GC has gone as it was fairly pathetic in the way he ended up leaving the game.

Matty is missing his girlfriend and is making a ring to try and keep his mind focused. Matty and Ace talk about an alliance with them and Ken and Sugar. They swear on their girlfriend and mother to keep their pact.

Dan upsets everyone at Kota by taking twice as much food as everyone else. Meanwhile at Fang, the food is running low and rationing is on the cards. There is about six days worth of rice left.

Ace talks to Sugar about how he’s sure the others went through her bag and found out she has the immunity idol. She strangely decides to give Ace the idol for “safe keeping”.

At the reward challenge, Randy is very happy to see GC gone. The challenge is for everyone to carry a giant snake around a track and chase the other team. The first team to catch the other will win a feast of pastries and tea and coffee.

Fang takes an early lead but they fade until they drop Sugar and Ken. It’s not enough as Ace and Matty can’t sustain it by themselves and Kota take yet another win. Fang want them to share as Kota scoff the food in front of them. Crystal is upset. Sugar is off to Exile Island again. Randy loved watching them lose.

Dan is annoying everyone with the food situation and dividing up the reward. Meanwhile, Sugar is starting to feel bad for having the luxury of the sugar shack with all the fruit and comfort while her tribe is suffering.

Back at Fang, Crystal is getting a target drawn on her back as she starts to confess that she is starting to break under the conditions. She talks to Ace and Kellie about how she is feeling and assures them that it’s not a sign of weakness that she has been crying.

At Kota, the tribe catches a reasonable sized turtle and cooks it up for dinner. They’re pretty excited about the next challenge and are lifted by their added protein.

At the immunity challenge, the tribes must divide into three pairs who must race through an obstacle course while being tethered together and collect flag pole pieces. The first tribe to complete their flag pole and raise their flag will win. Fang take an early lead but the pole pieces are heavy and allow Kota to catch up and pass with an easy lead. Fang catch up on the second leg making it a tight contest and overtake Kota on the third leg. Ace takes over on the assembly though and fails to succeed as it was a team task. Kota wins easily as a team before Fang can assemble anything after it was so close at the end.

Crystal is mad that Ace is such a strong player and yet they’ve won nothing with him on their team. Matty wants to flush out the idol from Sugar but Ace wants him to trust him but he hasn’t disclosed that he now has the idol.

Matty talks to Crystal and she wants to get rid of Ace while he wants to get rid of Sugar. Ken doesn’t trust Ace but the stars are aligning for Kellie tonight.

Sugar tells Ken that she gave the idol to Ace. She then tells Ace that she has taken the idol out of his bag. Ace is starting to wonder what is happening.

At Tribal Council, the votes fall to Kelly.

Fang are starting to lose hope. The food is running out and to make matters worse, Crystal accidentally knocks over the rice box, spilling some on the floors. She decides to sacrifice her next meal. Ace is sure that she’ll be next to go.

Corinne thinks Dan is a little kid who is seeking approval. Marcus isn’t sure what to make of it.

The reward challenge is a game of keep away with one member of the opposite team trying to knock the ball to the ground and breaking it. It’s an aggressive game with Kota easily taking the reward of a helicopter flight and a picnic. Again they send Sugar to exile island making it the fifth time in a row that she’s been sent.

Kota are flown to a giant crater for a picnic with a spectacular view. The pilot brings over a package of letters for each of the tribe members who are so excited to receive something from home.

Back at Fang, Matty is fuming about losing again. Once again he tries to play Sugar out of the game but it’s Crystal who is the target. Ken tells Crystal to trust her.

On Exile Island, Sugar is aware that she is completely out of touch with what is happening in the game. She says that she doesn’t necessarily have an alliance with Ace though.

There are two twists at the immunity challenge. Firstly, that both tribes are going to be voting someone out at Tribal council tonight and that there is individual immunity up for grabs.

The challenge is to stay on the spinning barrels longer than your opponent with the winners progressing until there is one winner.

First up, Ace eliminates Dan. Charlie knocks Crystal out. Marcus takes out Matty. Randy beats Suzie. Sugar takes Kenny out. Bob takes out Corrine after announcing he won the log roll when he was in college. Ace just beats Charlie after he landed in the water first. Marcus knocks Randy out and then Sugar is victorious over Bob.

The final battle is between Sugar, Ace and Marcus who are all on the log at the same time. Sugar is in the water first but Marcus has the advantage as Ace can’t see him behind him. Marcus wins and takes his immunity and then gets to reveal the next twist. He has to give immunity to one member of the other tribe. He picks Sugar who now has two.

Ken is hoping he can get Sugar to switch and use her power for his advantage. Sugar isn’t sure she can trust Ken but she has been trusting Ace who is the biggest snake in the game. They decide to blindside Ace.

Ace wants the idol back and Crystal is wondering if maybe Ken was right in saying he was playing her.

Ace Gordon - Survivor: Gabon

At Tribal council, again the immunity idol isn’t played and it’s Ace’s demise. As he gets up he says thanks to Sugar.

Back at Kota, Randy has thrown his hat into the ring with Corinne, Charlie and Marcus and replaces Bob in their tight team. Corinne talks to Suzie about how think they Dan is going but Suzie fesses up that she was going to vote for her. Corinne talks to Randy and they want to got rid of Suzie because her vote could be bought.

At Tribal Council, for the first time in a long time, Kota cast their votes. Leaving this week is: Dan by 4 votes to 3 over Suzie.

Dan Kay - Survivor: Gabon

Danny 'GC' Brown - Suvivor: Gabon

Ace is worried after Jacquie was voted off. Thankfully he knows that Sugar is about to arrive back from Exile Island and she has the idol. He has her in his pocket. Sugar is disappointed that her friend has gone. Crystal is sure Sugar has the idol and now has her on her radar for elimination.

In the morning, Bob catches fish but gets a surprise when one of them is an electric fish. Randy is happy to be a member of the new Fang tribe but is weary of being a target come Tribal Council.

Matty spots an elephant very close to camp and calls all the others over to have a look. They’re pretty excited to see the elephant and decide to go and take a closer look. Matty and Ace take the kayak and paddle over to the other side of the lake. Some of the others are worried that something is about to happen as it’s instances like this where people get hurt getting too close to wild animals.

At the reward challenge, Kota is surprised to see Fang missing Jacquie after her performance at the last challenge. The task is to pass fruit through a course while someone from the opposite tribe can try and deflect. The tribe with the most weight in their fruit basket at the end of time wins the reward of a herb garden.

Fang take a big lead as Ace deflects well but Kota catches. Fang has a total of 16 pounds of fruit. Kota sneaks passed by 2 pounds and takes the win. They send Sugar to Exile Island again as part of their strategy to get the idol played prior to the merge.

Kota is strong and Dan wants to keep their numbers into the merge and take control of the game. Marcus is a little unsure of him.

Sugar is happy to be at her “Sugar Shack” with her own fruit, hut and lake – not to mention the immunity idol.

At Fang, Crystal is starting to boss GC around and he’s starting to get a little annoyed with her. GC has had enough and wants to be back to normal life.

Everyone is about to leave for the challenge and GC has taken off in the kayak. Crystal is annoyed with GC’s tantrums and how the others are using energy screaming for him. When GC returns he says it would have been fine if they’d gone without him.

At the challenge, the tribes must roll giant balls down a hill towards some goals with various points while a blindfolded defender must stop the ball. On the opening play, Kota scores 2 and Fang scores 5. On the second, Kota scores 2 more while Fang has their balls stopped. Fang score two more points on the third while Kota take another 2 points and Ace cops a shield in the face. On the final throw Kota takes 2 points and the win in a from behind victory.

Back at camp, GC tells Matty that he’s ready to leave the game. Crystal says she has no respect for him as he’s a quitter at everything in the game so far and she thinks he’s a loser.

Crystal has a rummage through Sugar’s things and finds the immunity idol and things start to switch as they know this is probably the only chance they will get to blindside her.

At Tribal Council, Sugar doesn’t play her idol but it doesn’t matter as the votes fall to GC with Kelly being his vote.

Jacque Berg - Survivor Gabon
Kelly is sad after losing her ally Paloma at Tribal Council. Ace is sure it was Kelly who voted for him which puts her in line for being the next lamb to the slaughter.

The rice is running out at Fang and Randy is really concerned about running out of food. There are some real divisions in the camp and Dan, Randy, Suzie and Matt form an alliance after the others seem to not care about.

At the reward challenge, the tribes have to rank themselves in order of importance. Marcus is voted #1 on Kota followed by Ace, Bob, Charlie, Jaquie, Corrine, Sugar and Kelly. On Fang, Matty, Dan, Randy, Crystal, Ken, GC and Susie are the order.

Jeff then drops a bombshell and tells them that they’re switching teams.

Marcus and Matty, as chosen leaders, get to select the new tribe mates.

Marcus picks Dan, Charlie, Randy, Corrine, Susie and Bob for Kota

Matty picks Ace, Crystal, Jacquie, Ken, Kelly and GC for Fang

Sugar is the single remaining player and is sent to exile island where she will stay until after the next tribal council where she will join the tribe who loses a member to even things out.

No surprise that Sugar picks comfort over clue as she already has the idol.

Kelly is feeling like an outcast and Crystal notices. A new alliance is brewing with a shift from Kota to Fang.

There is tree mail which has a lacrosse stick and a message that suggests a game that is similar to the lacrosse and water polo.

At the immunity challenge, every one will have a raft and oar and will need to try and score 3 points to win immunity.

Kota get on the board with an easy goal to Randy and then an easy second. Randy manages to sink Fang with a third winning goal in what was fairly a pathetic challenge.

Ace seems to be quite happy to have lost and the rest of the tribe has chosen to join with the original Kota members and vote Kelly off. There is a little conflict though as they know that what ever happens, they’ll be getting Sugar and they’re wondering if she has the immunity idol and if she does, that she’d be more likely to share it with Ace.

Matty tells Jacquie about the plan and she goes on the campaign trail to stay. GC has come to the conclusion that he has no more power in the game and that it has shifted to Crystal who he suggests Kelly go and talk to.

At Tribal Council, the blonde bombshells take the votes but it’s Jacquie who will be missed on the show next week.

Paloma Soto-Castillo - Survivor Gabon16 are left after Gillian was sent home from Fang and they’re desperate to have a win. Randy doesn’t hold out much hope as he thinks they’re all idiots.

Day 7 and they’ve got less than half of their rice left. Randy is not impressed that they’ve been eating 3 meals a day. He thinks GC needs to be removed from the tribe as he doesn’t want to listen to advice from anyone. Dan is concerned about the in fighting and thinks the tribe needs to do something about their unity.

At Kota, Charlie is scheming and is fairly confident they have the numbers to control camp. Ace and Sugar have a connection of sorts and aware of the conniving that is happening in camp.

There is tree mail to announce the next challenge which is for reward – bedding. Ace suggests that they don’t put their best people forward as he’d rather be strong in the immunity challenge and not have to go to tribal council.

The challenge is to drag members of the opposite tribe across a line after pulling them away from the pole they’ll be holding on to. Kota have to sit out 3 women while Fang has to sit out a guy to keep the numbers even.

Ace stays on his pole and Kota takes the lead. It’s the first to 2 points. The next point goes to Fang. The original match up between Ace and Dan takes place in the final match and it’s a tough match up. Amazingly, Fang drag Ace across the line and take their first win in this game. They send Sugar to exile island.

Fang starts to feel a bit like a team heading back to camp as they celebrate their victory. Kota are a little annoyed with Ace and his “my way or the high way” thing. Ace blames Paloma’s lack of motivation for the loss.

Sugar decides that she wants the clue over the comfort at Exile Island but she gets herself lost in the jungle and stung by the ants. She manages to find the first clue which has directions to a second. And then a third. And then she finds it. She laughs that she found the idol and the lawyer didn’t. She’s fairly impressed with herself.

Back at camp Ace and Bob talk about the bottom two. Ace wants Paloma gone but Bob is aware of his closeness with Sugar. Corinne talks to Bob and thinks she has him in their pocket for numbers despite knowing that they won’t need him later.

At the immunity challenge, the teams have swimsuits and have to slide down a slippery slide into the water where they will retrieve three puzzle pieces. The puzzle pieces are numbers which need to be organised to reveal a combination for a lock. Open the lock, cut the rope, raise the flag and you win immunity.

Fang take an early lead but Kota catch up and take a reasonable lead. At the puzzle stage, Ken beats Bob to solving the combination and gives Fang back to back wins and their first immunity challenge.

Sugar tells Ace that she has the immunity and they’re now confident that they can dominate the game. They’re sure that they can get rid of Paloma tonight but she has other ideas. She warns Corinne that he’s sneaky. Corinne talks to Charlie and wants to get rid of Ace now. Corinna is torn as she just doesn’t like a few members of Kota.

At Tribal Council, Paloma is sent home much to her disappointment.

Survivor Gabon is here! Jeff Probst is back after recently winning an Emmy Award.

18 Americans have been bought together and flown to one of the most remotest parts of Africa. They are arriving in their street clothes where they will have to work together to survivor until one by one, they are eliminated and one walks away with the million dollar prize.

39 days. 18 people. 1 Survivor. This is Survivor Gabon – Earth’s Last Eden.

Everyone introduces themselves and what they do. We’ve got everything from Ken the professional video game player and big on strategy to an Olympic Gold Medalist, Photographer, Medic and students.

The two oldest members are Bob and Gillian and have the job of picking tribes. They rock off and Bob wins to get the selection process started. There are no rules about who you can choose.

Bob calls over Ace. Sugar, Matty, Charlie, Paloma, Kelly, Corrine and their Tribe name is Kota.

Gillian chooses, Crystal, Suzanne, Marcus, Randy, Dan, GC, Ken and Melissa and their tribe name is Fang.

The first challenge is to be the first person from each tribe to race to the top of a hill and grab one of two immunity idols. The first tribe to have al their members on the mat will also take an extra bag of beans and rice.

GC and Marcus are first to the hill which is a real challenge to climb. Marcus has the idol for Kota and GC has the idol for Fang.

Michelle, the last girl picked was the first girl to the top of the hill and says they can all kiss her ass now.

Kota wins the extra bag of corn and beans with Fang being a way back. It wasn’t close at all which bodes well for Kota if they can maintain that success in the challenges.

Kota arrive at their camp and find some very run down shacks. Sugar thinks it looks really nice.

Bob takes control at camp and builds and works camp into a reasonable semblance of society.

Gillian is hoping Fang can stay positive. She wants them to bring back any elephant dung they can find as it burns well.

Ken finds a termite mound and convinces Michelle to eat them. Ken is smitten with her and he’s hoping for romance.

Ace is getting on some nerves at Kota. Charlie thinks he has a connection with Marcus. Marcus isn’t that way inclined though.

At Fang, there are elephants and other animals wandering very close to camp. Randy smacks his head on something and gets a nasty gash on his head. The medics are called and he’s given stitches leaving him petrified that he might be taken out of the game.

In the morning, there are crickets and other insects for breakfast. Michelle complains about how cold it is and can’t understand why that is being so close to the equator. She complains about being stuck in a camp with dorks while the other tribe has the smart and beautiful people.

The first challenge arrives via tree mail. Ace wants to get everyone on the same page and hopes the tribe is in sync and runs a yoga class.

At the challenge, the two tribes are playing for immunity and have to race around a course and dig up three bags of puzzle pieces and then assemble the puzzle for the win.

Solving the puzzle are Paloma, Sugar and Bob for Kota. Susie, Gillian and Randy are solving the puzzle for Fang.

It’s neck and neck through the leech filled swamp and then Fang take the lead over the net wall.

At the dig, Kota finds all their bags and head to the final stage while a tired Fang keep hunting for their bags. It’s another whitewash as Kota wins immunity and fire before Fang even get their puzzle pieces to the puzzle mat.

GC is a little disappointed at not having fire but knows he’s safe having won the immunity idol. He’s hoping someone steps up as a leader as they have no game plan.

Michelle seems to be the favorite to go as she is too negative for a lot of the others. Randy wants Gillian to be gone though as he thinks she’s the weakest link. Michelle and Ken are also hoping that it will be Gillian going home.

At tribal council, Michelle gets nailed about the challenge after she says others took breaks during the challenge. They decide to nominate GC as the leader.

At the vote, the cards fall the way of Michelle. Gillian looks happy while Ken is kissing his romantic prospects goodbye. Everyone gets over the vote fairy quickly when Jeff tells them that they can take fire back to camp.

GC is feeling as though he has a bigger target on his back now that he’s been given the title of leader by his tribe mates.

At Kota, Charlie can’t understand why the girls aren’t all over Marcus. Marcus views his relationship with Charlie as an inner circle arrangement. They want Jacqui and Corrine in their alliance as well before anyone else makes a pitch.

At Fang, GC is trying to organise camp. They have a plan for the day which involves making the bed comfortable. There are some issues with the rice which Randy thinks is crazy. He’s a weird one and has a game plan to sit on his ass and watch everyone else crash and burn.

Back at Kota, Corinne, Marcus, Jacqui and Charlie want to bring Bob into their alliance.

That night, GC does laundry while the others sleep and snore. Gillian complains at him about making sloshing noises. He tells her that the reason he got up was because they woke him up snoring.

GC quits as leader and Randy is happy. Dan wasn’t happy with the decision but doesn’t think his management style would suit the tribe and would prefer to be the silent leader.

They get tree mail and then decide to prep for the challenge by painting their faces with charcoal. It’s an attempt at unity.

The challenge is to roll a giant boulder through gates and get a couple of sets of keys. There is a fishing kit up for grabs along with the chance at sending someone from the other tribe to exile island.

Kota get their first set of keys first bit Fang are close behind them. By the second set of keys, it’s neck and neck.

At the final gate, Kota just sneaks through ahead of Fang. They send Dan to Exile Island.

Kota have a fishing spree and after their 3 wins and the rewards they’ve had leaves them thinking they cant lose.

At Exile Island, Dan has a choice between clue or comfort. He chooses the clue but he can’t figure it out and doesn’t find the crater where the idol is buried just over the hill from where he is searching.

Fang are wondering if they will ever win. They’re starting to talk about the dynamics of the tribe and who is going to be eliminated. Gillian thinks Ken should be the next to go.

Randy impresses GC after making a fish hook from his glasses. It becomes a group effort after they use some shoe laces and find some worms. Their work pays off and despite not winning the fishing gear, they’re having fish for dinner anyway.

Dan arrives back from Exile Island with a warning that they really need to think about who they send there from the other tribe.

GC wonders if he has the idol and thinks he’s acting too weird. Crystal is sure he has it as he’s too smart.

At Tribal Council, Gillian is given her marching orders and Fang realise that they really need to work together if they are to have any success in winning this game.