Survivor: Brazil

Thursday, March 12 at 8pm ET/PT on Global

Easy votes are done for Jalapao, now they really have to play the game. The power struggle between two members raises the tension on Timbira. The tribes partake in the Reward Challenge titled “Dizness as Usual” and then Immunity is up for grabs in the challenge “Water Mortar”.

Thursday, March 5 – 8pm ET/PT

Timbira doesn’t let their losing streak get them down, although someone is still desperate for constant attention and admiration.  Jalapao might be losing some of their “pao.”

When the Timbira tribe returns to camp after Tribal Council, Erinn tries desperately to cover up the alliance she had with Candace. But her tribemates aren’t buying it, and Coach decides that she can’t be trusted. Erin feels distanced from her tribe and begins to get paranoid. Meanwhile, Jerry’s stomach is not agreeing with the steady diet of beans, but he tries to hide it so as not to appear weak to his tribe.

At the reward challenge, six members of each tribe are blindfolded and tied together. With the help of a caller, they are verbally guided through a maze to find a bucket. When they have the bucket, they must make their way to a water tower, fill it, and then empty it into a container. When the container is full, one tribe flag will rise. They will then repeat the process, this time filling the bucket with corn. The first tribe to fill both containers and raise two flags will win chairs, blankets, pillows, an umbrella, and a tarp. Also, the winning tribe will send one person to Exile Island, and that person will select someone from the winning tribe to join him/her.

Using some great teamwork, Jalapao wins reward. They decide to send Brendan to Exile Island again, and Brendan chooses Taj to join him. At Exile, Brendan and Taj choose between two urns. This time, Taj gets the clue to the hidden immunity idol: it is back at camp “surrounded by wood.” Taj shares the clue with Brendan, and the two of them form a secret alliance, which eventually may include Stephen and Sierra.

For the Immunity Challenge, two members of each tribe must race to roll a large crate back to their mat. Once all six crates are retrieved, teams will then stack them to build a staircase that spells out the tribe name. The first team to correctly stack their crates and climb the staircase to the platform will win immunity. Erinn tries her best to lead Timbira in assembling the staircase, but the tribe decides to do things their own way, which ends up slowing them down. It’s a close race, but Jalapao pulls ahead, winning immunity and sending Timbira to their second Tribal Council.

Back at the Timbira camp, Erinn knows she’s on the chopping block. She seems relieved when she realizes how sick Jerry really is. Still, Coach is adamant that the tribe stick to the original plan of voting Erinn out. As Timbira tries to decide the best course of action, Brendan goes off on his own to hunt for the hidden immunity idol. He finds it on the wooden statue near the treemail and then buries it under a rock near camp. The “Exile Alliance” is now stronger than ever.

At Tribal Council, Erinn expresses her frustration over the way her tribe ignored her advice at the immunity challenge. Jerry suggests that the tribe needs a leader in order to succeed, and he thinks Brendan is the best man for the job. Coach disagrees, reminding everyone that he’s used to leading and therefore would be the perfect tribe leader. With this, the tribe casts their votes. Coach’s plan to get rid of Erinn doesn’t work, and Jerry is voted out with six out of the seven votes against him. The 49-year-old U.S. Army Sergeant from Rock Hill, South Carolina, is the third person voted out of Survivor: Tocantins.

When the Jalapao tribe returns to camp after voting out Carolina, Sandy thanks them for keeping her in the game. However, the tribe still has secret plans to vote Sandy out next.

At the Timbira camp, Sierra continues to feel like the outcast of the tribe. She goes to Brendan, the only person who didn’t vote for her, and reveals to him that she holds a clue to a hidden immunity idol. They decide to look for it together and almost get caught by Debbie. They quickly fabricate a story about building a fire pit, but Candace isn’t buying it.

Candace and Coach are starting to clash around camp. Coach believes it’s because they are so much alike, but Candace believes it’s because Coach has an ego “bigger than Brazil”. Meanwhile, Taj admits to the boys that she’s the wife of an NFL star, which leads JT to believe that she doesn’t need the million dollar prize.

The reward/immunity challenge is all about basketball and wrestling. Three members of each tribe must wade through the water to grab a ball, which they will then have to shoot into a basket while the other tribe members attempt to stop them in any way they can. The first tribe to score three baskets wins immunity and fishing gear. They will also send one member from the opposing tribe to Exile Island. In addition, there a twist to be revealed after the challenge. After an intense match, Stephen scores the winning basket for Jalapao. The tribe decides to send Brendan to Exile, and Jeff reveals the twist: Brendan must choose a member of the winning tribe to go with him. He chooses Taj.

At Exile Island, Brendan and Taj must choose between two urns. Taj’s urn is empty, and Brendan’s urn holds a clue to a hidden immunity idol. He has trouble understanding the clue, but with Taj’s help he realizes that the clue is hidden somewhere around camp.

Back at Timbira, there is some scheming going on as Tribal Council looms. Candace is bad-mouthing Coach, which eventually gets back to him by way of Debbie. Coach immediately starts campaigning to get Candace out, calling her the “cancer” of the tribe. Meanwhile, Brendan returns to camp and convinces his tribe that he did not receive any clues to the hidden immunity idol.

At Tribal Council, there is more discussion about Sierra’s helicopter ride to camp, and Candace expresses her resentment over it. Jeff then asks about trust. Coach declares his trust for Brendan, but Erinn thinks that it’s a mistake to trust anyone this early in the game. In the end, and Candace is voted out with seven out of eight votes cast against her. The 31 year-old attorney from Dayton, Ohio is the second person to be voted out of Survivor: Tocantins.

Survivor is back for its 18th season and this time Jeff and the castaways are in Tocantins, Brazil. Tocantins is known to be desolate, unforgiving, and extremely hot, with temperatures climbing up to one hundred-twenty degrees.

This season’s sixteen Americans include people from all walks of life: a soccer coach, an entrepreneur, an attorney, a bartender, a middle school principal, a hairstylist, a U.S. army sergeant, a real estate salesman, a cattle rancher, a bus driver, a student, a corporate consultant, a former pop star, a professional cyclist, and two models.

The castaways arrive by flatbed truck to Tocantins and they have already been divided into two tribes, Jalapao and Timbira. Jalapao (red) consists of Sandy, Carolina, JT, Joe, Taj, Sydney, Stephen, and Spencer. Timbira (black) consists of Coach, Candace, Tyson, Brendan, Debbie, Sierra, Jerry, and Erinn.

The truck stops in the middle of nowhere and right away Jeff tells them that each tribe must vote out one of their members. Jalapao chooses Sandy because she’s the oldest, and Timbira chooses Sierra because she looks frail and sick. Sandy is angry and insulted, and Sierra explains that she’s not at her best due to a recent diagnosis of strep throat. Both women think they’re going home until Jeff reveals that the only thing they’ve been voted out of is the brutal four-hour trek to camp. Instead, Sandy and Sierra will take a helicopter there while everyone else has to make their way on foot.

At the Jalapao camp, Sandy finds a clue to the whereabouts of a hidden immunity idol. She can either look for the Idol or use this time to start setting up camp. She chooses to look for the Idol. Because of some confusion over the the meaning of the word “pace”, she doesn’t end up finding it. At the Timbira camp, Sierra must make the same choice, yet she opts to get in the good graces of her tribemates by building a shelter.

In the reward/immunity challenge, teams race over sand mounds and into the water, where they retrieve puzzle pieces and bring them back to shore. There, two team members use those puzzle planks to build a staircase. Once all members are at the top of the staircase, two people navigate a peg through a table maze, allowing them to release their tribe flag. The first team to release their flag wins flint and immunity. Erinn and Brendan race through the table maze to win for Timbira, and Jalapao is sent to the season’s first Tribal Council.

Sandy is the obvious person on the chopping block, but opinions change when Carolina starts getting on people’s nerves with her complaining and bossiness. At Tribal Council, Sandy is singled out as an outcast because of the first vote. Jeff bluntly asks her if she’s crazy, to which she agrees that yes, she really is. The focus is then turned to Carolina, who admits she is guilty of offering her opinions whether they are needed or not.

Everyone votes, and Carolina is blindsided with seven out of eight votes against her. The 26 year-old bartender from West Hollywood, California is the first to be voted out of Survivor: Tocantins.

Thursday, February 26 – 8pm ET/PT

Somone’s health isn’t the only thing getting worse on Timbira. Fishing strengthens tribal bonds and fills Jalapao’s bellies. The tribes partake in the Reward Challenge titled “Blind Leading the Blind” and then Immunity is up for grabs in the challenge “A Crate Idea”

Thursday, February 19 – 8pm ET/PT

The tribes compete in another Reward Challenge and Immunity Challenge. At Tribal Council, the second cast away has their torch snuffed out as they’re voted out of the game.

Thursday, February 12 – 8pm ET/PT

Brazil will prove to be one of the most rugged locations ever visited and the only relief from these harsh conditions will be a river oasis known as the Rio Novo. Left stranded in the majestic interior of Brazil for 39 days, these castaways will battle scorching temperatures, torrential downpours, and dangerous wildlife all in an effort to outwit, outplay, and outlast one another in order to win the title of Sole Survivor.