8 p.m. – Ghost Whisperer – “Save Our Souls” – ALL-NEW EPISODE

Melinda and Jim go away on a romantic cruise where Melinda comes into contact with an angry ghost who is haunting a newlywed couple.

Friday, October 17

8 p.m. – Ghost Whisperer – “Ghost in the Machine” – ALL-NEW EPISODE

When Ned shows Melinda his online gaming community, Melinda discovers a ghost is haunting the game.

9 p.m. – Supernanny – “Park Family” – ALL-NEW EPISODE

For the first time ever, Jo comes to the rescue when a nanny and helpless parents can’t deal with their attention deficit six-year old.

10 p.m. – Without a Trace – “Last Call” – ALL-NEW EPISODE

The team discovers there’s more to the story while searching for a missing white-collar criminal who disappears on his way to testify against a former associate.

Friday, October 3

Jo Frost travels to Amherst, New Hampshire, to help Gina and David Quinn deal with their four out-of-control teens and ‘tweens in the fifth-season premiere of Supernanny.

Friday, October 10

Dorothy and Kip Baulisch of Papillion, Nebraska, are deaf parents raising four hearing children. Relying too heavily on their oldest child as their surrogate “hearing” parent, is frustrating the children, Dorothy and Kip. Can Jo close the communication gap to bring the Baulisch family together?

Tuesday, August 19, 8pm

Also airs at 9 p.m. AT on ASN

Jo faces the most aggressive and foul-mouthed duo ever in the McKeever boys. They greet her by hitting her and calling her names and continue to hit and kick Jo throughout her work with the family. Stay-at-home mom Lisa is so embarrassed by the boys that she doesn’t want to go out in public with them, and her husband Corey works long hours, avoids interacting with his sons when he’s home, and shockingly, claims Lisa has it “easier” than he does. Can Jo help the McKeevers unite and turn their boys’ behavior around?

Tuesday, August 12, 8pm

Also airs at 9 p.m. AT on ASN

In this powerful episode, Jo helps heal a long-held rift between parents and the mother’s estranged dad while working with her largest family ever.

Wednesday, August 6, 9pm

Also airs at 10 p.m. AT on ASN

Holly and Jimmy Tafoya’s three rambunctious boys have them at wits’ end. Their oldest lies to them constantly, and all the boys tend to slip out of Mom’s supervision, whether at home or elsewhere. Unfortunately, Jimmy’s parenting style tends towards yelling, cursing and hitting. Holly makes James swallow liquid soap to teach him a lesson, and a shocked Jo asks, “Are you insane?” In one of the most shocking Supernanny moments ever, Holly walks out of Jo’s parent meeting and tells her to leave the house.

Wednesday, May 28

The Doyle children all attend a daycare, where three-year-old Lizzie has a record of complaints against her that’s got her on the brink of being kicked out; five-year-old Sara is busy cutting her own hair with her mom’s sewing kit; and young Andrew (18 months) is developing his own attitude based on his two sisters’ bad behaviour. Jo takes her skills into the classroom to help Brandy and Dwight Doyle teach their children to be more respectful out in public, as well as at home

Also airs at 9 p.m. AT on ASN

Wednesday, May 7

Dad, Sindo, is a civilian contractor in Iraq, leaving his wife, Michelle, home alone for five months at a time with three rambunctious children — Sindo, 9, Ashley, 7, and Mikey, 6. Mom is easily overwhelmed and rides a daily rollercoaster of emotions, waiting for dad’s regular email to reassure her that he has survived another day. Her frequent crying, yelling and overreaction to the kids prompts them to respond with hostility and behavior that quickly spirals out of control. Can Jo help these parents with tools to ease some of the pressure of this new family dynamic?

Wednesday April 30

The Clause kids are “tweenage terrors” – disrespectful, manipulative and resentful – but the key to change rests with their parents. Mom is a pushover, and Dad is too laid-back and laissez faire. Can Jo help this family find its way back to each other?