Stock & Awe

There is a defining moment in every young professional’s life, when carefree living goes from charming and bohemian to just plain poor.

BNN’s new original Canadian series STOCK & AWE charts the ascent of rogue business reporter, Hilary Doyle, from in debt to in charge.

Premiering Thursday, October 7 at 8 p.m. ET on BNN, STOCK & AWE is the first financial news program of its kind in the world. With a gritty, cosmopolitan vibe, the half-hour scripted “comedy” is Markets 101 with attitude – the perfect primer for viewers who want to better understand the complicated world of finance, without sacrificing laughs while they learn.

“We wanted a program that introduced new investors to the markets in a completely new and original way,” said Jack Fleischmann, General Manager, BNN. “Hilary is the perfect chaperone for STOCK & AWE. Obviously smart, terrifically talented, and totally engaging, she helps make a potentially intimidating subject accessible and even funny.”

As a reporter with World Business News, it’s become clear that “Hilary Doyle” preaches more than she practices. Unmasked by her best friend, Liza, as a profligate spender with no contingency plan, Hilary is tossed into the sea of personal finance and investment with no choice but to sink or swim. Armed with financial therapists and an army of experts, Hilary commits to changing her ways.

Calling on some of the brightest minds on Bay Street, Hilary sets forth with determination, a pre-dawn show, and a propensity for dance numbers, making sense of the markets, the indexes, stocks, bonds, diversification, RRSPs, TFSAs, mutual funds and ETFs, trading, timing, taxation, strategy, commodities, ethics, psychology, and everything else you’ve feared you might never really understand, but have promised your financial advisor you do.