Star Special

Wednesday, December 17 – 9:30pm ET/PT

Ever sit at work, staring blankly at the stack of never-ending paper work wondering “could my job get any worse?”. Well fret no more when E! takes you behind the scenes of a few of the most outrageous jobs and downright disgusting entertainment industry professions imaginable. Ross The Intern Matthews (The Tonight Show) and E!’s own Sunset Tan hottie Molly Shea go on a search for the most bizarre and shocking career choices in Hollywood. Once they’ve discovered these out-of-the-ordinary occupations, they enlist themselves as assistants and perform these unimaginable duties, bringing a whole new meaning to the phrase “there’s no business like show business”.

Sunday, October 26
8 p.m. ET

Star! presents a one hour countdown special just in time for Halloween. 25 Creepiest Couples of All Time counts down Hollywood’s most disturbing and strange couples including Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton, Clay Aiken and Jaymes Foster, Lance Armstrong and Kate Olsen, Liza Minnelli and David Gest, and Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley. Entertainment experts and comedians comment on how these couples came to be and define their creepiness.

Saturday, August 2
9 p.m. ET

Husein Madhavji counts down the hottest Hollywood Sugar Mamas. From Julia Roberts to Jessica Alba, Gwen Stefani to Halle Berry, this one-hour special looks at rich and famous women who date and marry their not-so-rich counterparts. Industry experts including comedian Debra DiGiovanni and Aimee Agresti (US Weekly) weigh in on the odd couples and reveal how much the leading ladies are actually worth.

Star! continues with part two of America’s Next Top Model: Favourite Moments featuring highlights from the past nine cycles including with commentary from the participants and judging panel.

Saturday, February 16 / 11 p.m.

Reminisce the best of America’s Next Top Model with an in-depth look at Tyra Banks’ hit reality series. Featuring highlights from the past nine cycles of the ANTM franchise including the most inspiring, touching and funny moments with commentary from the participants and the judges.

Saturday, February 9 / 11 p.m.

NEW STAR! SPECIAL – Heartbeats: Celebrity Turn-Ons is a half-hour special featuring Canadian celebrities who pick their favourite romantic song, before revealing their best and worst Valentine’s Day moments. Featuring commentary from Degrassi cast members, Canadian Idol’s Brian Melo, eTalk’s Ben Mulroney, Anna Cyzon, Danielle McGimsie and “Lainey”, Star!’s Husein Madhavji, MTV’s Dan Levy and more!

Saturday, February 9 / 9 p.m.