Star Culture

Wednesday, January 30
9 p.m. ET – Star Culture – “Celebrity at All Cost”

The phenomenon of reality television has ripped through the homes of millions and this trend in television continues to grow momentum and popularity. “Average Joe’s” are getting a taste of stardom – becoming instant celebrities for their individual personalities. From anonymous life to instant fame, more often than not these instant-celebs are forced right back into their everyday lives soon after a show fades. From Big Brother to The Bachelor; Simple Life to Survivor, Star Culture takes a look at the price people will pay for a dose of reality.

Wednesday, January 23
9 p.m. ET – Star Culture – “Stars International”

Stardom and celebrity are in no way limited to Hollywood or even North America for that matter. There are multitudes of countries on this big planet all of whom have their own adaptations of Hollywood. From Bollywood to Japanimation, examine the global outlook on celebrity and stardom as a whole with this eye-opening episode of Star Culture.

Wednesday, January 9
9 p.m. ET – Star Culture – “Charitainment”

Celebrities have been increasingly more involved in altruistic and humanitarian causes – even using philanthropy as an avenue for publicity. From HIV/AIDS awareness, to saving the arctic from global warming, find out just how many of these plights are strictly born out of sincere devotion to a cause and which act as an additional media platform used by the stars to keep their names in the headlines…the results will surprise you!

Wednesday, January 2
9 p.m. ET – Star Culture – “Fashionably Hollywood”

There is no denying that Hollywood and the stars themselves are the deciding factor in what becomes mainstream in today’s market. Society is obsessed with what celebrities are buying and more importantly wearing. Star Culture puts you front-row at the hottest fashion shows from around the world to show you how an article becomes the proverbial “IT” item when the right people are wearing it.