see You Thursday

Thursday, August 27 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on MTV

MTV brings viewers a jam-packed night of cosmic comedy, stellar stunts, payback punches, and gullible gags with the SEE YOU THURSDAY block. Tune into Season 2 premieres of ROB DYRDEK’S FANTASY FACTORY, where Rob hustles his way through a laundry list of business ventures, BULLY BEATDOWN, where victims send their Bully’s into a ring with to face martial arts pros, and NITRO CIRCUS, where extreme sports rule. Then it’s time to get PRANKED, with the series premiere bringing viewers viral videos of home-made pranks engineered, executed and filmed by kids themselves. No producers, no professional editors, no camera men – just the pranksters, their victims and the audience. Tune into the SEE YOU THURSDAY block to watch Rob conjure up news ideas, see one-time nerds get their revenge, get a nitro adrenaline rush, and learn new pranks to play on your friends. SEE YOU THURSDAY!