Secret Millionaire

Thursday, December 18 – 8pm ET/PT

We meet a businessman, Greg Haerr from Salt Lake City, UT. He travels to Las Vegas to work with people in need. At the end he has to decide which new friend will receive the amazing gift of $100,000 of Greg’s money.

Wednesday, December 17 – 8pm ET/PT

In this episode, Molly Shattuck a former Baltimore Ravens cheerleader travels to a coal-mining town of Schuylkill County, PA. She has to work and get to know the neighbours in need. At the end she has to decide to which new friend she will give $100,000 dollars of her own money.

Wednesday, December 10 – 8pm ET/PT

Thursday, December 11 – 8pm ET/PT

A dramatic unscripted series that takes viewers out of their comfort zones and into the heart of America’s social issues. Each episode, one of the wealthiest Americans, worth millions of dollars, will go undercover into one of the most impoverished and dangerous towns in America.

Their job is to spend one week canvassing the town – meeting as many people as possible – some of whom will touch the millionaire with their dedication to helping others while others will have incredible stories of trying to overcome tremendous odds.

On the final day, the Secret Millionaire meets with the chosen recipients and reveals his/her true identity and intentions – to give them a sum of money that is going to change their lives forever.