Scare Tactics

9:30 p.m. – Wednesday, January 30 on Space

A warehouse worker is implicated when radical eco-activists rig the building with explosives. A pair of animal control workers visit a farm to discover they’re being hunted by a savage wild-child seeking revenge on his family. A file clerk in a psychiatric hospital is mistaken for a prison inmate during a security break and a chemical warehouse worker pays the price for accidentally turning his colleague into a hideous toxic mutant.

9:30 – Wednesday, January 23 on Space

An accident at an old chemical plant causes a woman to give birth to a freaky mutant, while Bikini models testing a fitness system “feel the burn” way too much because of a grudge between former business partners. A private security firm worker tries to save Tracy Morgan’s life-and his own -when violent kidnappers show up at the office and estate agents discover a dead army Colonel’s extraterrestrial.

9:30 – Wednesday, January 16 on Space

Singer/Actress Brooke Hogan (2-Headed Shark Attack) is all smiles in her SCARE TACTICS debut until a leak at a nearby chemical plant turns her into a ravenous zombie. An information security worker is in danger of incinerating himself while testing out a new heat-based security system. Sexy witches enlist a handyman to help them by participating in a satanic ritual and a repossession agent is nearly turned into a human doll by a deranged shut-in.

10:30 – Friday, June 29 on Comedy Network

An exterminator’s assistant finds out that rat traps are no match for the hellish creature living in the tunnels beneath a mansion. A comedy awards show, with Tracy Morgan as guest presenter, is anything but funny when the loser of the night tries to kill his way to the top. The personal assistant to a troubled knife-thrower is put in danger when her boss goes off his medication and target practice turns deadly and a nice young man’s blind date goes awry when he is forced to marry a pair of freakish sisters.

10:30 p.m.- Friday, July 6 on Comedy Network

Two undercover journalists offend a satanic cult, and a security guard tries to fend off treasure thieves. Also, an investigative reporter dresses up like a woman to infiltrate an extreme feminist club and a music therapist’s assistant must sing a lullaby to soothe a savage prisoner.

10:30 – Friday, June 22 on Comedy Network

A babysitter learns that nasty things come in small packages after a vengeful garden gnome comes to life and attacks her. A man who thinks he’s on a
prank show is under arrest when his “prank” goes wrong and results in vehicular homicide. A child psychiatrist loses his mind and murders his assistant after getting in touch with his inner-baby. An assistant on a reality nature show drives the co-host into a jealous-and deadly-rage.

10:30 – Friday, June 15 on Comedy Network

A routine insurance investigation turns into a terrifying encounter with visitors from outer space. A morgue assistant finds that one of the corpses has a crush on him. The search for a legendary explorer’s treasure takes a turn for the paranormal when the explorer’s spirit returns to guard his booty and a coma-ward worker is scared to death when a patient wakes up and attempts to murder her.

10:30 – Friday, June 8 on Comedy Network

A cemetery security guard witnesses a voodoo ritual and then is attacked by zombies. A young man’s date with a gorgeous woman is spoiled when her demonic ex-boyfriend shows up angry. A model tests out a new skin care procedure that doesn’t rejuvenate skin so much as burn it off with
Lasers and a children’s birthday party turns deadly when the birthday girl’s dad reveals his split personality.

10:30 – Friday, June 1 on Comedy Network

A party-planner becomes mixed up with a group of extreme eco-activists who have picked that night to blow up a nuclear reactor. A cult guru gets his assistant to help with his doomsday plan to kill his followers. A man who thinks he’s on a prank show is left in a sticky situation after his hospital “prank” kills an innocent patient and a rich woman’s ghost teaches some home inspectors not to steal from her.

10:00 p.m. ET/PT – Monday, April 30 on Comedy Network

An investigative journalist unearths the remains of an ancient alien-human hybrid, and incurs the wrath of the hybrid’s bizarre ancestors. A talent show judge learns the true meaning of “bombing” after a disgruntled ventriloquist returns for revenge. A blood bank worker gets robbed on her first day by vampires desperate to make a withdrawal, and a maniacal killer forces an IT assistant to try to save a girl’s life by solving a jigsaw puzzle.