Savage U

Wednesday, June 20 at 10 p.m. ET on MTV

Dan and Lauren make it down to Texas Tech where riding a cowboy and wrangling a cowgirl are atop most students bucket lists. While TTU has a conservative rep, these Red Raiders prove they know how to get down too.

Wednesday, April 11 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV

Popular sexpert Dan Savage hits the road in this half hour travelogue to visit colleges across the U.S. and speak on dating, sex, and love. Accompanied by his producer Lauren, Dan offers sage advice in a way that is funny, direct, and authentic. Centered around Dan’s signature Q&A and extended through street-side interventions and investigations, SAVAGE U opens a discussion typically held behind closed doors that should be heard by everyone.

This April, MTV takes viewers through life’s ups and downs with two, new MTV exclusive series about life, love, and the obstacles that stand in-between.

Premiering April 11 at 10 p.m. ET, famous sexpert columnist, and co-founder of the It Get’s Better Project, Dan Savage, brings the real life version of his wildly popular column, The Stranger to MTV with SAVAGE U.

Viewers are then taken on a journey through new beginnings and personal reinvention of college graduate Chelsea Settles, as she pursues a fashion career in Los Angeles, in the new docu-series CHELSEA SETTLES, at 10:30 p.m. ET.

SAVAGE U features media pundit, author, and sex columnist Dan Savage and producer Lauren Hutchinson as they travel to college campuses across the U.S., taking questions and offering a crash course to students on relationships, responsibility, sex, love and life.

Dan and Lauren dive deep into each campus’ culture while exploring “taboo” topics. From learning how to avoid the “friend zone”, to safely navigating online dating and one-night-stands, to kinks and fetishes, no topic is off-limits and every question is driven by the students themselves.

Each half-hour episode, set at a different college, features an open Q&A session in which Dan and Lauren address anonymous audience questions candidly. Dan also provides personal, in-depth advice in one-on-one settings with students who are faced with deeper relationship issues. 

CHELSEA SETTLES, MTV’s newest 12-part docu-series, follows 23-year-old Chelsea Settles as she moves from a tiny town outside of Pittsburgh, to Los Angeles to follow her dreams. A college graduate with hopes and dreams of pursuing a fashion career in Los Angeles, Chelsea must also face struggles with her weight. Not only is moving to L.A. a chance for Chelsea to jumpstart a career in the fashion world, but also an opportunity to expand her social life. First she must confront the social phobias that have been holding her back, and to take control of her weight in an effort to get healthy. MTV is there every step of the way as Chelsea deals with the stresses and challenges that come from moving into a new city, having a roommate for the first time, finding a job, committing to a trainer, and getting a first hand look at the L.A. social scene.