River Monsters

With summer cottage season just around the corner, viewers might think twice about diving into murky rivers and dark lakes – no matter how high the mercury soars!

Extreme angler Jeremy Wade returns for Season 4 of RIVER MONSTERS, premiering Monday, May 21 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Discovery Channel, unraveling all-new freshwater fish tales of giant killers.

For three seasons, Wade’s voyages have taken him across the globe to waterways far and wide, all on an endless search for man-eating creatures that lurk below.

He’s caught dozens of these elusive beasts, typically in remote jungles and unexplored lands. But this season, his quest for the most frightening fish begins a little closer to home.

RIVER MONSTERS returns with seven new episodes following Wade on a worldwide search for harrowing tales of bloodthirsty fish. A fearless explorer, this season he tackles waterways in Africa, India, Russia, Mongolia and Australia – all in an effort to hook the finned culprits that are thought to attack humans and reveal how much truth lies in the legends.

But first, he starts right next door. In the suspense-filled season premiere episode RIVER MONSTERS: “American Killers,” Wade treks across the U.S. in search of deadly river monsters living in our neighbour’s waterways – from the popular Indian River Lagoon in Florida, where unsuspecting water enthusiasts are faced with what could become a modern day Jaws; to the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri, where underwater hunters have reached man-eating proportions. Other U.S. locations include Barbers Hill Canal and the Trinity River in Texas as well as the creeks and lakes of Oklahoma.

Through the rest of the season, Wade dives in and gets to the bottom of freshwater fish stories with dangerous excursions to remote and populated locales worldwide. In Zambia on the Zambezi River, crocs and hippos are known for being deadly predators, but Wade is on the prowl for a fish said to able to swallow a child. And when he hears of a recent bloody attack in Mongolia, Wade suspects the Taimen – a giant fish so rare it’s legendary. In the remote Indian Himalayas, he searches for the Sareng, a lethal animal the locals consider sacred.