Reno vs Relocate

One of the most difficult dilemmas homeowners face is the battle over renovation versus relocation. Help is here with the brand-new HGTV Canada series Reno vs Relocate and the expertise of style-savvy designer Robin Lewis (@RobinAlistair) and property guru Vanessa Roman (@VanessaRomantv).

Together they are guiding struggling Canadian homeowners to take action and move on with their lives. Reno vs Relocate premieres with back-to-back episodes Monday May 28th at 9pm ET/PT on HGTV Canada.

In each episode of Reno vs Relocate, homeowners who can’t decide if they’d rather spend their money on a renovation rather than moving are presented with two options: a state-of-the-art graphic simulation of a renovation in their home from Robin, and a tour of one house that suits their wants and needs from Vanessa. Armed with this information, homeowners have to make a choice before any hard work begins.

If they choose to renovate, Robin transforms their home into a functional and fabulous space while Vanessa crunches the numbers to find out just how the reno has added equity to the home. If the homeowners choose to relocate, Vanessa takes them to two more properties that fit their ‘wish list’ while Robin executes a mini-makeover to stage their home in preparation for re-sale. The battle may be Reno vs Relocate, but every result is a winner with Vanessa and Robin on their side.

The homeowners in the premiere episodes have big decisions ahead:

Episode 1: Nowhere To Go

Monday May 28 at 9pm ET/PT

Misty and Danny can’t fit their house full of kids into their half-finished basement. With nowhere for the kids to play Misty is at the end of her rope and half-way out the door, while Danny thinks a renovation will make space for everyone.


Episode 2: Close Encounters

Monday May 28 at 9:30pm ET/PT

An apartment-sized kitchen plus a cramped main floor equals chaotic family meals and limited work space for Sarah and Marc. Marc wants out of these close encounters, but Sarah thinks a reno will solve their problems.