Recipe to Riches

Benjamin Greenberg (Montreal, QC)

Curry Crab Sticks

The “human Teddy Bear” Benji has been cooking since he was 13 years old when he suffered an injury which led him to take some time off in between high school and university and he got hooked on watching Food Network. His kitchen experiments resulted in the creation of a childhood favourite with an unexpected flavour kick.

Dianne Tynes (Pointe Claire, QC)

Glazed Lemon Pecan Cookies

Dianne grew up in Dartmouth, Halifax. She is the 12th of 13 children and remembers that meals growing up were „stretched‟ as far as they could go. She eventually moved to Montreal and had four children.

She has been making her Glazed Lemon Pecan Cookies for 23 years and they’ve become legendary among her children‟s teachers.

Tracey Rigden (Etobicoke, ON)

Dulce de Leche Brownies

Tracey is a small town girl who has baked since she was young. She is a law clerk who works at the Ontario Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs.

She loves fantasy and sci-fi books and attends sci-fi conventions. Her recipe is a combination of two recipes that she made years ago and has been tweaking ever since.

Her friends agree it’s “out-of-this-world” delicious!

Chantal Bekhor (Cote St-Luc, QC)

Mahbooz Date Cookies

In Season 1 of Recipe to Riches Chantal received a golden ticket for her vegan Moroccan cigars, but didn‟t make it to the finals. For Season 2 she revived a family recipe – a Jewish Iraqi cookie, with a date filling and exotic spices. Her supportive family says this recipe is better than the traditional cookies served in Iraq.

Chantal dreams of introducing Canadians across the country to her traditional dessert and seeing it on grocery store shelves.

Lyndsay Wells (Ladysmith, BC)

Asian Snack Wraps

Lyndsay is back for another helping of Recipe to Riches. Her Chili Gobblers nearly earned her a place as a Season 1 finalist. For Season 2 she brought the judges her Asian Snack Wraps.

A former RCMP Officer, Lyndsay switched careers and now specializes in suicide prevention work. She comments, “I‟d rather be helping people in a crisis than arresting them.”

A huge fan of the show, she jokes that if last year‟s grand prize winner Glo was “Canada’s Grandmother” then she is definitely “Canada’s Mom”.

Jennifer Innis (Leduc, AB)

Chicken Cornish Pasties

Jennifer makes a lighter and healthier version of an English favourite „pasties‟. Originating in Cornwall, England pasties are usually made with beef, potatoes and gravy. Jennifer‟s version that has been handed down through generations of her family substitutes the beef with chicken, and the pastry is still made from scratch.

Jennifer lived in upstate New York and was involved in charity work. Her love of cooking began then, cooking for the masses. Now she cooks for her family, but dreams of her recipe being stocked on the shelves at food banks across the country.

Stephen Childs (Victoria, BC)

Chipotle Chili Bites

Stephen was a stand-out at the Vancouver auditions. He is a civil engineer and very creative in the kitchen where he loves to try new things.

Using his engineering skills, he developed this recipe for Chipotle Chili Bites to eliminate kitchen clean-up. It‟s his engineering mind that inspired a very inventive way of getting the chili inside the polenta. It‟s the chili version of the Cadbury secret!

Jillianne Niver (Surrey, BC)

Chocolate Butterscotch Pots de Crème

Jillianne grew up watching her mother and grandmother cook and bake, and at a very early age she became obsessed with food. In 2011 she started a food blog called MissDelish where she chronicles her adventures in trying out new recipes. Her Chocolate Butterscotch Pots de Crème come from a family butterscotch pie recipe that she modified.

Jillianne celebrates her culturally diverse family roots in her cooking – Norwegian, Romanian, German, English, and Scottish. She also mixes in special ingredients that remind her of the place where she was raised – BC‟s Queen Charlotte Islands.

Jason Keary (Nerepis, NB)

Honey Cheese Pastries

Jason had one of the most unusual jobs among the Recipe to Riches finalists as he used to „repel‟ for a living, accessing tricky places by rope for repair. He once did it in full contamination gear repaired inside a nuclear power reactor and describes it as the “coolest job ever.”

Jason‟s love of cooking permeates his life, but when he‟s not in the kitchen he makes jewelry out of antique silverware.

Cherilynn Balachandar (Mississauga, ON)

Classic Battenburg Cake

Cherilynn was a flight attendant with Cathay Pacific. Her job allowed her to see the world and experience diverse cuisine from cities like Hong Kong and London. Her family experienced her culinary creations and encouraged her to audition.

After losing her husband to cancer last summer, she has dedicated herself to cooking as a way to help her cope during this difficult period.