Recipe to Riches

Cathy Ferguson (Gloucester, ON)

Montreal Deli Dip

Cathy is a true fan of Recipe to Riches. She decided to audition again for the show and this time she was determined not to leave without a golden ticket.

Her recipe was inspired by her love of Montreal deli food. She feels this recipe will take her all the way from recipe to riches!

Kayode Atobatele (Hamilton, ON)

Tobman‟s Hot Sauce

Kayode‟s family moved from his native Nigeria to New York when he was three months old, but moved back when he was five. He graduated with a degree in computer sciences and became a computer technologist.

He met his wife while repairing her computer – she brought him cookies and the rest is history! Longing to return to North America Kayode immigrated to Canada with his wife and their two children. He maintains his Nigerian heritage and has written a screenplay about his homeland.

Don Harquail (Burnaby, BC)

Golden Toffee Nut Gems

Don is an award-winning orchid grower growing approximately 300 types in his Burnaby greenhouse. He has created new types of orchids including one in honour of the Vancouver Olympic Games called “Olympic Magic.”

Don‟s recipe was given to him by another member of the Vancouver Orchid Society. It‟s a recipe that he has since modified and perfected in hopes that it will be a lasting tribute to his friend.

Lucie Dion (Mont–Joli, QC)

Sucre à la crème

A longstanding Quebec favourite, this family recipe took Lucie and her mother two years to learn the right technique to attain the correct consistency.

Lucie is an airport screening officer, married to a retired military officer now with the naval reserve. She loves spending her spare time working with the cadets as an officer and taking care of her two children.

Robert Armatta (Montreal, QC)

Dark Chocolate Treats

Robert is a gallery owner and a graphic designer in Montreal.

He created his Dark Chocolate Treats recipe using nothing less than 70% Cocoa. A self professed „food snob‟ he is exploring the vegan movement but occasionally enjoys a good steak.

For Robert food is another form of artistic expression. His friends consider this recipe a “masterpiece”.

Mary Rocto (Etobicoke, ON)

Jerk Chicken Buns

Bursting with enthusiasm, Mary could not be missed at the Toronto auditions. Raised in an Italian home, the kitchen was always the centre point of the family. When she met her husband of Jamaican heritage she fused together two great traditional dishes into one flavourful pocket.

Mary worked as a purchaser of raw materials for manufacturing companies until she was recently laid off. Not having much luck finding a new job, she rekindled her love of cooking. Mary is a true believer in “sky‟s the limit” and can already see her Jerk Chicken Buns on store shelves.

Rick Matharu (Brampton, ON)

Butter Chicken Lasagna

Rick was raised in a traditional Indian extended family home. Teased in school for his curry-smelling lunches, he demanded „Canadian lunches‟ from his mom. She decided to sneak in an „Indian twist‟ – peanut butter sandwiches with just a hint of Indian spice. Her persistent Indian influence later became something Rick treasured.

Rick is a radio host on a Punjabi radio station in Toronto. He also writes a food blog and is working on launching his photography career.

Stephanie Kepman (Ottawa, ON)

General Tso Tofu

Stephanie is part punk rocker, part law student, working hard on her second law degree in criminal defence.

She started cooking when she moved to Ottawa for school because she couldn‟t afford to eat out all the time. Although she was always told by her family that her taste in food is terrible, her General Tso Tofu was a pleasant surprise. She wanted to create something that “tasted a bit junky but full of protein.”

With support from her mom, Stephanie has found a way to overcome the daily challenges of living with Crohn‟s Disease and Fibromyalgia.

Belén Welch (Dieppe, NS)

Quinoa Cumin Bites

Having auditioned for a spot on season 1, Belén is back stronger than ever having taken the judges‟ advice to heart. She came to Canada eight years ago leaving her native Ecuador to study in New Brunswick. Since her entire family still lives in Ecuador, she cooks as a way to keep her heritage present in her Canadian home.

Belén is an accomplished salsa dancer and painter, and she speaks three languages. If she wins the $250 000, she would give to „Operation Smile‟ – an organization that treats facial deformities. She would also love to open her own coffee shop.

Jackie Koh (Vancouver, BC)

Smoky Korean Meatballs

Jackie grew up in Seoul, Korea and moved to Canada at the age of 14. She maintains her cultural roots by cooking traditional dishes.

Jackie‟s recipe is dedicated to the traditional Korean meatball which also has three contrasting elements – sweet, savoury and spicy.