Rat Busters NYC

Smell a rat? This fall, Animal Planet takes Manhattan – and its surrounding boroughs – on a mad scour of the Big Apple’s most plaguing pest problems on the Canadian premiere of RAT BUSTERS NYC.

Premiering Thursday, October 6 at 10 p.m. ET/11 p.m. PT, the six-part series features New York’s finest and most entertaining exterminators as they tackle rat families bigger than their own, and other metropolitan pests like roaches, mice, bedbugs, raccoons and pigeons.

From warehouses and small businesses to apartments and single-family homes, from the Lower East to the Upper West and back again – New York’s rat infestation is officially out of control.

RAT BUSTERS NYC follows Magic Exterminating’s Jimmy Tallman and Michael Morales, a hilariously entertaining duo with a brother-like kinship, as they try and permanently terminate New York City’s vermin outbreak.

These Brooklyn-born critter experts constantly get down and dirty searching through the filth that people don’t want to see or touch. RAT BUSTERS NYC is the last line of defense against these unwanted roommates… who don’t pay rent. Highlights from RAT BUSTERS NYC include:


RAT BUSTERS NYC: “It’s Raining Rats”

Thursday, October 6 at 10 p.m. ET/11 p.m. PT

New York City is the ultimate global city – it spans 483km long and is inhabited by more than eight million people, but because it’s home to too many rats to count, Jimmy Tallman and Michael Morales are always hot on the tail of a new case. In the series opener, the duo follow-up on an infestation in Queens which becomes one of the toughest jobs ever, and a business owner in Brooklyn turns out to be their toughest customer yet.


RAT BUSTERS NYC: “Giant Cannibal Rat”

Thursday, October 13 at 10 p.m. ET/11 p.m. PT

Tallman and Morales get more than they bargained for with a visit to a house in Queens. The duo meet dance instructor Debbie, a self-admitted hoarder who fears she might have a rat infestation. But when the guys take a look in her severely cluttered basement, it’s clear that rodents are the least of her problems when Debbie actually confesses to losing her 213cm python somewhere in the mess! It’s all in a day’s work for New York City’s toughest exterminators.


Also this season on RATBUSTERS NYC, Tallman and Morales meet South Bronx native Tishia as she begins renovating her newly-purchased convenience store and uncovers a nasty rat infestation on “Nightmare Pests!” (Oct 20); Next, catch “Rats with Wings”– also known as pigeons – who have attacked a home in Queens and are one step away from taking over the whole house, which would be a serious health hazard (Oct 27); Then, the dynamic duo must deal with a gang of raccoons who’ve taken over a whole neighborhood and then rush to save a damsel in distress whose backyard has been occupied by a rat colony on “Pest in the Hood” (Nov 3); And, on the season finale, “Home is Where the Rat Is”, Tallman and Morales must channel Dr. Phil as the Magic men must zap a whole house of nasty critters and save a couple’s 30-year relationship. Easy, right?  Not when every room is filled with bags and bags of hoarded junk and it’s one of the worst infestations they’ve ever seen (Nov 10).