Making its Canadian debut on Corus Entertainment’s Sundance Channel (Canada) on Sunday, June 5 at 9 p.m. ET, Rake, the hour-long dark and humorous drama follows the innately self-destructive and brilliant criminal defense lawyer Cleaver Greene (played by Richard Roxburgh).

Greene is as drawn to hopeless legal cases, including bigamists, cannibals, bestialities and even his own loan shark, as he is to the other vices in his life including drugs, women and gambling.

Cleaver Greene was born with a mind numbing lack of discretion and a total inability to pause before speaking his mind. With a knack for creating chaos – be it in court before a judge or holding court in a restaurant, be it in a brothel or a casino, be it with his ex-wife, his son or his best friend. The series begins with Greene recovering from a beating for unpaid gambling debts and as usual, Greene retreats to the arms of his lover/friend/confidant Missy (Adrienne Pickering), a high-class call girl who works at a local brothel. However, to Greene’s dismay he finds out Missy is leaving the world’s old profession to start law school and take up with the lawyer indicting him on tax fraud. The only thing that takes his mind off his troubles is a case he can’t resist – the defence of Professor Graham Murray (Hugo Weaving), a world renowned economist accused of cannibalism.

The series includes notable guest stars including Hugo Weaving (episode 1), Sam Neil (episode 5), Rachel Griffiths (episode 6), Heather Mitchell (episode 5) and Lisa McCune (episode 2).