Project Runway Canada

Kim Cathers - Project Runway Canada 2009

Name: Kim Cathers
Age: 29
Hometown: Vancouver, BC

“I think life is all about being torn down and broken down and then building it back up again. And what you have in the end will be bigger and stronger than what you ever had before.”

Kim can’t remember the first time she became interested in fashion – she says it’s always been a part of her and remembers sewing on her mother’s old machine at an early age. She started her design career making leather bags and restyling vintage clothes, traveling around to music festivals and

farmers markets selling her wares. After completing the fashion design program at the Blanche Macdonald Centre, she opened a retail store to sell

her kdon clothing line. She says she creates enchanting, progressive and innovative clothing made out of natural fibers whenever possible. She was forced to close the store in 2007, but continues to push the kdon line further hoping Project Runway Canada will be a part of its future success.

Jeff MacKinnon - Project Runway Canada 2009

Name: Jeff MacKinnon
Age: 41
Hometown: Toronto, ON

“I have worked in the industry for years, always for other designers. It was a great opportunity to learn the craft and the business. But fashion has changed…I have to put myself out there because being in the background doesn’t work for me anymore.”

Just weeks before Jeff was to start a business degree, he discovered the Ryerson University School of Fashion in Toronto. He decided he’d rather be creative than sit behind a desk and he hasn’t looked back since. For the past 17 years, Jeff has been working under some of Canada’s top fashion designers, including Brian Bailey and Wayne Clark. Now it’s time for him to step out of the
shadows and show the world his point of view on the runway with his own bridal and eveningwear line, Jeffrey James. Jeff says he designs for women looking for something refined and elegant.

Jason Meyers - Project Runway Canada 2009

Name: Jason Meyers
Age: 31
Hometown: Hamilton, ON

“I see myself going straight to the top in the fashion world. I’m not going to sell myself short of anything.”

Starting his professional career as a financial advisor, Jason Meyers took the jump from finance to fashion by enrolling at the International Academy of Design. The leap of faith has paid off. Upon graduation in 2004, Jason worked with a roster of private clients then branched out to launch his eponymous high-end women’s wear line. He says he loves pushing design boundaries with colour, fit and small details. Jason’s designs are sold in specialty boutiques in Toronto and Los Angeles.

Jaclyn Murray - Project Runway Canada 2009

Name: Jaclyn Murray
Age: 26
Hometown: Winnipeg, MB

“I am very competitive. Board games, fighting over who gets the last egg roll…whatever! Competition keeps things lively, energetic and not boring – I am anything but boring.”

Jaclyn is a graduate of the Fashion Studies program at Parsons, The New School for Design in New York City. Prior to her studies at Parsons, she completed a degree in textiles at Concordia University in Montreal. Throughout her studies, Jaclyn always had a few fashion related jobs on the go. She worked with a number of New York-based designers and was also commissioned to dye costume fabrics for Ballet British Columbia. This combination of education and experience pushes Jaclyn to create designs she describes as funky and edgy yet effortless, allowing the wearer to fully express their personality through the fibers.

Genevieve Graham - Project Runway Canada 2009

Name: Genevieve Graham
Age: 30
Hometown: Vancouver, BC

“I would actually consider myself to be a little bit of a fashion savant. I didn’t sew as a kid but I was always manipulating clothing. I always had a very strong sense of style. Then one day I just kind of picked up a sewing machine and went to it.”

Genevieve has spent the last nine years working in the fashion industry. She

started as a freelance designer, then moved on to become the designer and creative director for Obakki, a women’s wear line based in Vancouver. After seven collections with Obakki, she decided to branch out and focus on solo design projects with the goal of opening her own retail outlet. Genevieve says that she designs thinking outside the box, so the only thing to expect from her is the unexpected.

Danio Frangella - Project Runway Canada 2009

Name: Danio Frangella
Age: 33
Hometown: LaSalle, ON

“There are Canadians that go abroad and work at the forefront of the fashion world and choose to come back and develop the Canadian fashion scene and not give up on it. I am one of those people.”

Danio has worked in the fashion capitals of the world for the past 12 years. He has worked as textile designer in association with some of the best-known labels in the world, such as Ungaro and Balenciaga. Danio first studied fashion at the International Academy of Design in Toronto, then moved to Italy to study at the Istituto Marangoni in Milan and The Accademia Italiana in Florence. Danio is a cancer survivor; having recently survived a seven year battle with Leukemia. He is ready to start his own line in Canada and he says that the fashion world sees Canada as the next big market that will grow by leaps and bounds. Danio wants to be at the forefront of the Canadian fashion revolution.

Christie Clayton - Project Runway Canada 2009

Name: Christie Clayton
Age: 30
Hometown: Vancouver, BC

“I want to succeed because I feel like there’s a responsibility for me as a person to leave a legacy for my family, for myself. I think every human being has a responsibility to the world to be the best that they can be at whatever they can – that’s how we evolve.”

Well-known in the Vancouver fashion scene, Christie Clayton has her eyes on global domination. Her street wear line, Carny Love, which debuted in 2007, was inspired by her favourite book about a family of traveling circus freaks, in which the mother sews clothing for her deformed children. Christie grew up in the BC interior and worked as a tree planter and a Junior Forest Fire Ranger. She is a graduate of the advanced fashion arts program at Vancouver Community College. Christie supplements her income as a mental health care worker, working with victims of addiction in Vancouver’s lower eastside.

Camille Prins - Project Runway Canada 2009

Name: Camille Prins
Age: 28
Hometown: Toronto, ON

“The people that know me best would probably say that I’m the hardest

worker that they’ve ever seen. They know me for working around the clock and for making a lot of sacrifices for what I’m trying to accomplish right now in the industry.”
Calgary’s Camille Prins headed east to pursue her design dreams, enrolling in the Fashion Design program at George Brown College in Toronto. Upon graduation she launched her “cocktail wear” line Dutch Blonde. The label name is an extension of her spirit and a reflection of her family heritage and her hair colour. Camille designs clothes with an eye on style and focus on comfort. Always pushing herself forward, she plans to expand her line beyond the cocktail crowd to create stylish looks for men and children. Camille believes anyone can look and feel great – they just need the right outfit!

Brandon R. Dwyer - Project Runway Canada 2009

Name: Brandon R. Dwyer
Age: 22
Hometown: Barrie, ON

“Project Runway Canada is an amazing opportunity to get my face and clothing out there and become more of a household name. The mass public needs to know that I exist!”

Industry buzz has brought Brandon from struggling student to the style spotlight. A standout in the fashion design program at Fanshawe College in London, Ontario, Brandon received rave reviews for his designs at the school’s 2007 graduate presentation at Toronto Fashion Week. He also scored a lot of media attention when Victoria Secret model Andi Muise posed in his first lookbook. Brandon designs for women who want to be noticed. He believes that succeeding in the industry is all about creating clothes that make women look their best and use their credit card without regret.

Baylor Orlando - Project Runway Canada - 2009

Name: Baylor Orlando
Age: 37
Hometown: Montreal, QC

“Fashion should be used to make people beautiful, happy, comfortable and outrageous!”

After graduating from fashion school, Venezuela-born Baylor Orlando, opened

and managed a successful bridal and evening gown studio in his home country. During this time he was invited to create evening gowns for the prestigious Venezuelan beauty pageants. In 2006, Baylor moved to Canada to further pursue his design dreams. He is currently a lead designer for a top handbag and accessories company in Montreal. Baylor describes himself as happy-go-lucky and a firm believer that change keeps life interesting.