Primeval: New World

PrimevalNewWorldThe Canadian spin-off of the UK series Primeval has been cancelled.

Space has announced that there will be no second season of the sci-fi drama, which failed to set the ratings alight.

The Sara Canning and Neil Matter-starring drama is still to air in the US on Syfy.

10 p.m. – Tuesday, January 29 on Space

After a Terror Bird attacks a bystander, Dylan and Evan are called in by Dylan’s old colleague Detective Harlow (Adrian Holmes, Red Riding Hood). They’re left puzzled as to where the bird came from, when no Anomaly has been detected — until they recognize LEGGY, whose now grown and dangerous.

10 p.m. – Tuesday, January 22 on Space

Returning for the second half of the successful first season, PRIMEVAL: NEW WORLD picks up with “Breakthrough.” In this episode, footage of a triceratops goes viral on the net forcing Evan (Niall Matter, EUREKA) and Dylan (Sara Canning, THE VAMPIRE DIARIES) to track the creature to an upscale neighbourhood and to the home of Evan’s old rival Howard Kanan (Colin Ferguson, EUREKA), who is only too capable of understanding the implications of Anomalies and intersections in time.

10 p.m. – Monday, November 26 on Space

An anomaly opens at a local university, putting students in danger from a Lycaenops, and leaving the team with a dilemma on their hands when the creature gets stranded in the present day.

10 p.m. – Monday, November 19 on Space

Evan and Dylan are taken hostage by two drug dealers while investigating an anomaly in a vintage train yard.

10 p.m. – Monday, November 12 on Space

When a cargo plane disappears into an anomaly, Evan and Dylan attempt a search and rescue mission into the distant and dangerous past.

10 p.m. – Monday, November 5 on Space

Evan (Niall Matter, EUREKA) and Mac (Danny Rahim, EAST ENDERS) investigate a prehistoric sea-serpent terrorizing the waters near disputed First-Nations territory. Dylan (Sara Canning, THE VAMPIRE DIARIES) faces a crossroads when Evan recruits her to join his team.

Canadian sci-fi series Primeval: New World has been picked up by the Syfy network in the US.

The series is a spin-off of the UK series, Primeval, and is produced by Canadian indie Omni Film Productions alongside the British firm Impossible Pictures.

The Vancouver-set story uses characters and storylines from the UK original with Canadian characters and stories inserted into the action also. Continue reading »

Prehistoric creatures are about to invade Vancouver with the premiere of the highly-anticipated Space original series, Primeval: New World.

Sinking its teeth into Space’s fall lineup beginning Monday, Oct. 29 at 10 p.m. ET, the series stars a flock of genre luminaries, including Niall Matter (Eureka) and Sara Canning (Vampire Diaries).

The North American spin-off follows a specialized team of animal experts and scientists who discover dinosaurs and other dangerous predators emerging onto the streets of modern-day Vancouver through anomalies in time, and features guest star Andrew Lee Potts as Connor Temple from the original U.K. series. Continue reading »

SPACE announced today that it has ordered the new original drama series PRIMEVAL: NEW WORLD.

The 13-episode, one-hour scripted action/adventure drama is a new Canadian series that builds on the mythology of the U.K. hit, PRIMEVAL, one of the most-watched programs on SPACE.

Developed in association with Omni Film Productions (DEFYING GRAVITY, ARCTIC AIR) and the producers of the original U.K. series, Impossible Pictures, SPACE will act as lead broadcaster on PRIMEVAL: NEW WORLD. Production begins in Vancouver this winter.

PRIMEVAL: NEW WORLD follows a specialized team of animal experts and scientists that investigates the appearance of temporal anomalies and battles both prehistoric and futuristic creatures. The series boasts new Canadian characters and stories created by an all-Canadian team of writers.

Set in Vancouver against the backdrop of the Pacific Northwest, PRIMEVAL: NEW WORLD takes the thrills and gripping storylines that fans of the British series have grown to love and creates something completely unique that’s darker and scarier than the current U.K. series. At the same time, story and character development will move between the two series, uniting different plotlines.

“This is a truly unique opportunity, building a parallel yet independent series that will appeal to existing fans and new audiences,” said Corrie Coe, Senior Vice-President, Independent Production, Bell Media. “This new Canadian series offers a fresh world of possibilities in terms of characters and stories, while including some favourite elements from the original U.K. Primeval.”

“We’ve worked closely with SPACE and Impossible Pictures for two and a half years to create this series, and we’re excited to take on the challenge of a Canada-UK co-production with companies whose creative work has impressed us for years,” said Gabriela Schonbach, Vice President, Omni Film Productions.

When broadcast on SPACE last Winter, Season 4 of the original PRIMEVAL series had an average weekly reach of more than half a million viewers. Season 5 of PRIMEVAL premieres Thursday, Nov. 10 at 10 p.m. ET on SPACE and SPACE HD.

This latest production announcement is yet another example of SPACE’s commitment to original genre programming, adding to the network’s impressive production slate, including Gemini Award-winning TODD & THE BOOK OF PURE EVIL and SANCTUARY. 

Rebecca DiPasquale is Production Executive for Bell Media. Corrie Coe is Senior Vice-President, Independent Production, Bell Media.