Pirate Master

After enduring 15 grueling expeditions using both his brawn and cunning, 23 year old Ben Fagan of Charleston, South Carolina has beat out 15 competitors to discover Captain Henry Steel’s treasure worth half a million dollars and claim the title of Pirate Master.

On making it to the final three, Christa, Jay and Ben get a reward of Cheese, Bread and Pinot.

It’s a scary and stormy looking morning. Christa is feeling strange and didn’t get much sleep last night. Today, it’s all about captain steele’s treasure. There is a rainbow out on the ocean and they’re wondering if the treasure is there.

There is one final lock on the chest of zanzibar and when they open it they discover that it isn’t actually their final expedition. Captain Steel writes that his treasure is out there but only two will compete for it. They have to find the first mates fortune which will then have what they need to find the treasure that is worth half a million dollars.

The pirates are all competing by themselves and have to translate some latin in order to find the clues to the treasure. They need swim ashore and find a narrow bridge over a gorge where they will find a hanging sword and their next clue. Ben arrives first with Jay not far behind. They all arrive and search for the swords and then have to race down a trail to a pool where there is an inscribed boulder where they will have to decipher their next clue.

Ben arrives at the boulder first where there is some latin inscription. Christa arrives just as Ben is leaving. He says that the clue had to retrace their steps where they can sabotage their competition and then find their next clue hidden underwater deep in the jungle.

Ben and Jay get across the bridge and then Jay chops the ropes to send the bridge to the bottom of the gorge. Christa gets to the bridge and is gutted to find it has gone and has to follow a different path.

Ben struggles to keep his lead and finds the next clue which says the gold is under the waterfall. Ben finds the treasure leaving Jay out of gas and Christa somewhere in the jungle.

Jay says that if he’d cut Ben last night then he would have won today. Christa doesn’t mind as long as she pulls out the last treasure.

Back on the ship, they open the chest and there are two clues along with $50,000 which Ben gets to keep. As Christa and Jay have helped look out for him, he splits the money with them as an appeasement for some of his actions throughout the competition.

At the pirates court, all the pirates that have been cut adrift climb back onto the ship to pass judgement on Jay and Christa. Christa and Jay put forward their case. Jay knows that he’s offended everyone but thinks that he played the game like a real pirate and that there were never any princess pirates. There are some interesting comments from the pirates who have already been cut adrift. Joe Don says Jay is not a pirate master but a puppet master.

13 ghosts and 13 ballots with no option for mutiny. Christa recieves 1 ballot and Jay gets the other 12. However, Jay will not be cut adrift. He joins the ghosts that and is told that they all have a role to play.

There is one final pirates court where each of the ghosts must put their case forward as to why they should be recruited to be on either Christa or Ben’s crew. The teams must each have two men and two women. Ben offers to split $80,000 with the three who join his crew if he wins.

The teams are chosen and are:

On the black crew: Captain Ben, Cheryl, Azmyth and Nessa

On the red crew: Christa, John, Jay and Nessa

Since there is a conflict, the choice is up to Nessa. Ben offers her a $10,000 insurance policy but Christa matches it and sticks with her. Ben then chooses Jupiter as the final pirate on his crew.

The big moment has arrived. The final expedition begins for the search for the $500,000 treasure and the title of Pirate Master.

The crews have to row to shore and race up a hill to some caves where there are some chinese puzzle boxes which they must untie and then unlock draws in which they will find their next clue. The black crew arrive first to shore but the red crew catch up and pass.

They then need to carry the boxes up the hill to an armoury and find a key inside a cannon. The box is over 100 pound and all the uneven ground makes it tough going. The black key arrive first and open the second draw which has a deck of cards. They have an order in which to sort the cards and then around the outside of the completed pack is their next clue which reads backwards “Under Cannon Balls”. They race to a room that is full with cannon balls and dig around and find a captains wheel which has another clue on it. “Will you find the treasure or will you fail? Your fate is still unknown. Only you may travel up this trail. Leave your ghosts and go forth alone.”

The finalists must head up the trail to captain steels chambers..

The red team can’t figure out the cards and see the black crew coming out of the cannon ball room with the wheel and figure that’s where they must be. They find their wheel as well and Christa races up the hill after Ben.

At the top of the hill, Ben mounts the wheel to a coat of arms and decipher a code that will reveal the location of the treaure and also find a locked box with a key to open the final chest. As it turns out, the treasure is inside the chest of zanzibar. Ben races down the hill with his steel box and meets up with his crew and race back down the trail and row back to the ship.

The red crew are a way behind and by the time the red crew get to the beach, the black crew are halfway to the ship. Ben must complete the expedition on his own once he gets back to the ship and he has to find brass puzzle pieces hidden in the chest and assemble them to reveal the combination to the lock. Ben is working away at solving the puzzle when Christa arrives. Ben gets his puzzle done and opens his metal chest to pull out a silver key which unlocks the final compartment in the chest which reveals $500,000 in gold.

There are four pirates left. Louie, Jay, Ben and Christa. Louie is feeling a little vulnerable now that Laurel has gone and she had his back.

Christa thinks that it’s her game to lose right now. Both Ben and Jay owe her big time.

Ben and Jay are desperate to keep Christa as captain and once again they’re prepared to throw it in order to prevent Louie from becoming captain.

Jay joins Christa and Ben and Louie will compete together. The crews must row ashore and head to Dead Mans Pool and dive down to retrieve some tools and their next clue.

Louie takes over from Ben in the rowing when Ben is going too slow. At the beach they’re neck and neck. Jay finds the clue and tools very quickly. They then need to head down stream and build a raft. Ben takes the goggles so Louie can’t find the clue. He sees the clue and stirs up the mud and hands the goggles to Louie to try and find it.

Jay and Christa put their raft together quickly and then have to head across a lake to some trees with skulls on them and solve a puzzle to get their key to the treasure.

The black crew get a ten minute lead thanks to Ben before Ben pulls the clue out and they get their raft built. Jay and Christa take their time to row to the next clue. They then have to find some gallows in the lake and dive between two hanging officers to find the treasure. It’s a really big lake and Louie and Ben are catching them but it’s too late. Jay and Christa find the treasure and when they open it back on the boat they discover that it has $40,000 worth of gold in it.

It’s a big call with the black spots because there is only one pirate to vote. That vote will decide to either cut adrift one of the two with the blackspot or mutiny against the captain.

Ben, Jay and Christa split the winnings between them and then decide to give Louie $5000. They’re feeling a little guilty about how they’ve been screwing him.

Christa is torn as to who she should give the black spot. It’s a dirty game and either everyone is naive and gullible or they’re just stupid.

Christa talks to Louie and says that she is likely to give the power to Jay. Louie would like to be in that position and he just doesn’t trust him.

Christa says that she doesn’t really want to have to hand out the black spots because she really cares about everyone that is still in the game. The black spots go to Louie and Ben which means Jay has the ultimate power tonight and is the only one guaranteed a spot in the final 3.

At the pirate court, Ben confesses to throwing the game but he’s a pirate and he’s here to win. Jay saves Christa and doesn’t choose mutiny and decides to keep the three strong and cuts Louie adrift.

Everyone falls asleep and Ben talks to Christa about things. Jay’s name comes up and they discuss what Kendra had said and that he’s not trust worthy and they need to get rid of him. Christa changes her alliance to Ben which leaves Jay in a precarious position this week.

Five pirates remain as Christa takes the key and hands it to Jay to open the chest of zanzibar. Laurel and Louie are on the red crew and Jay, Ben and Christa are on the black crew. Ideally for Jay, that’s the perfect team.

The pirates have to swim to shore and hike up a mountain through the jungle to a cresent moon and find their next clue. Laurel is last out of the water giving the black crew a healthy lead up the mountain. The pirates need to find a clearing with the symbol for Mercury made out in a rock formation. The black crew take the wrong path and are boobie trapped. The red crew catch up but the black crew manage to get to the next clue first.

Using their clue, they now need to find the symbol for Saturn which was on their puzzle. The black team manage to find the symbol and the next clue. They now need to find the Earth and Mars formations and dig halfway between them to find the treasure. The black team pull the treasure out of the ground before Louie and Laurel even find the Saturn formation. They’re frustrated that they keep losing and don’t have much gold to show for their voyage so far.

The open the chest and inside there is $30,000. Christa is entitled to all the money and now has to decide who she is going to give the black spot to. She’s freaking out about Jay flipping out when he gets it. She’s having second thoughts but Ben is doing his best to persuade her otherwise.

Christa brings Ben and Jay together and wants to know what the deal is about the end and whether they are going to cut her loose at the end. They both lied to her and she is upset about it. Jay is desperate to stay and knows that if he’s put up, he’ll be going home. He begs for Christa’s mercy.

Christa says that if you’re getting a black spot then I think you’re a liar, and if you don’t, then I think you’re in an easy position. Jay is certain that it’s him but Christa just thows the letters on the deck and leaves. As it turns out, Laurel and Ben are on the block.

Louie and Jay make their ballots and neither of them vote for mutiny. It is a tie however. Christa has to make a decision as to who is going to be cut adrift. She decides that it is the end for Laurel because she wants to be there at the end with the strongest competitors.

Ben and Jay are talking like they control the game. Jay says that Christa will basically do what he tells her to do. Jay has pretty much been captain on the ship without actually ever putting the uniform on.

Having a woman in charge of the ship brings a very different environment. There has been no scrubbing of the decks and everyone has been eating well.

Jay is 100% committed to keeping Christa in charge and if he’s on the other team during the treasure hunt then he will drag his feet and ensure she stays in charge as she’s his mouth piece and does what he says. When the teams are chosen, Jay, Kendra and Laurel are on the red team while Ben and Louie are with Captain Christa.

The pirates must travel up river and turn right at the skull marker and fine a bottle that has their next clue that is hidden in a smugglers den. The black crew took a huge lead thanks to Jay taking his time rowing. However, they make a wrong turn and the red crew catch up. Jay doesn’t go in to help look for the clue but that doesn’t matter because the red crew find theirs first. They must now return to the beach and dig up a chain that is attached to the anchor and then pull up a crate which is on the bottom of the ocean. Jay quietly tells Ben to swim out to it and then tells the girls to keep digging. Ben finds the crate and then both teams row out to pull their crate into their boat and then back to the shore. Inside is a skull puzzle with a map on it that points to where the treasure is. Inside a cave that has a bit of water and bats. The black team find the treasure and are extremely excited but when they open the chest there is only a chain and a note saying that the pirate whose treasure it was had split with the gold.

Back on the ship, there are duties to assign and some black spots to hand out. Jay and Ben decide to play some high card to gamble some of the gold they’d already won. Jay cheats without Ben knowing and beats him 4 times before he calls it quits and pulled the same card out three times without Ben catching on.

Christa talks to Jay about the black spots and he says he’s sick of Kendra and that Louie had offered to go up against Kendra this week. Ben says Kendra and Louie as well. Louie says he’s fine with it. Kendra is sure that she is going next. Every time a shipmate comes in, Christa has a drink with them. She’s going to be drunk before this is over. Kendra offers up some info that Jay is playing the game for him and is worried about Christa.

Christa hands out the black spots and sure enough it’s Louie and Kendra.

At the pirates court, Louie is nervous when there is mumouring that perhaps he isn’t as safe as he thought he was. The ballots include no votes for mutiny and this time, after 6 times being given a black spot, Kendra is finally cut adrift.

Christa has realized that Jay has pretty much been captain since the start – he just hasn’t worn the hat yet.

There are a couple of whales swimming alongside the ship and Ben thinks it’s a good omen for today’s treasure hunt and hopes it’s good for him winning some money.

Ben and Jay conspire to help each other out if they find themselves on opposite crews.

Captain Christa gives the key to Laurel to open the Chest of Zanzibar. Nessa, Louie and Kendra while Christa has Ben, Jay and Laurel.

The pirates must row to the rocky beach and find a stream and fill their buckets with water and then carry them up a hill and use them to find their next clue.

With an extra crewman, the black crew manage to beat the red crew to the shore. Kendra carries the flag while Louie and Nessa carry the water up the hill.

There is a question which asks how many gallons equals 16 pints? They must then pour the water into the corresponding tube to raise a bottle which has the next clue in it. The red team gets theirs first and race up the hill ahead of the black team who had been filling the wrong tube. They must now race to a thousand foot waterfall and a cave which has their next clue.

Ben manages to reach the cave first but the treasure isn’t there. Ben finds the next clue under the water and gives the black crew another advantage. They now have to climb back up and race to a mud pit where the treasure is buried.

The black team arrive first but the red team are hot on their tails. Christa yells out that she’s got it but Louie dives in and gets a hand on the treasure. Jay wont let him take it though and pulls the chest out of the mud himself. Once again, the reigning captain wins the treasure.

There is $40,000 in the chest and once again, Christa gets it all. She can do with it what ever she wants. She decides to split it evenly with the four people in her crew.

Once again Christa asks for the crew’s opinion as to who she should give a black spot to. Kendra and Nessa both find themselves with the mark and it’s Kendra’s fifth time. Nessa is freaking out that she has the mark after she believed that she was going to be in the final four with Jay, Ben and Christa.

In a unanimous ballot, Nessa is surprizingly cut adrift leaving Kendra safe for the fifth time.

The next key to the chest of Zanzibar reveals that the ships cook’s treasure is the next the pirates will be searching for.

The last eight pirates are told that things are about to get tougher. There will no longer be officers but Azmyth will remain as captain. Things don’t bode well for Azmyth if he loses now that his triad has been broken up.

The pirates party and eat until they are sick. They Inside the very place that they celebrate are the stockades that they seek. With the keys in place, a canon will be revealed. Underneath in the torture chamber they will need to remove some shackles which will guide them to the treasure.

The Red crew are well ahead. They have to do some math and figure out which step the next clue is hidden under.

They then have to walk 300 paces wearing shackles to a clearing where they must dig to find the treasure. The red crew arrive first and Jay pulls the treasure out of the ground meaning Azmyth is history as captain. There is $50,000 in there. Jay decides that it’s time for a woman to be captain and they pick Christa.

Now, the captain must give only two pirates a black mark. There is another twist. The game has changed dramatically and the captain now gets to keep it all.

Christa marks Kendra and Azmyth with the black spot after she invited everyone in to give their advice as to who the crew would like cut adrift.

Tonight is also the last time that the Royal Pardon will come into play. The captain buys the pardon for $10,000 but she doesn’t need it. Kendra is safe and in a unanimous vote, Azmyth is cut adrift.

There are big seas today which is giving a few of the crew some sickness.

Today’s challenge has a twist. The navigator’s treasure is down the river of death or the place of ghosts. These pirates have some ghosts of their own and with that, the pirates that have been cut adrift all climb up and over the side and back onto the deck.

The remaining pirates are going to all compete together against the ghosts with a winner takes all scenario. If the ghosts win, then they will chose who gets the black spot.

The teams must row up the river and find a coffin which contains a riddle and their next clue. The black team get a bit of a lead and find the coffin first.

The first crew to the next mark will be able to sabotage the other crew and put their key up higher. The pirates get the key first and have a bit of a lead.

The pirates must head further up road to the fork in the river and then use their compass to find the graveyard.

The black crew head off in the wrong direction but ghosts have managed to misplace the key. They head back but they’re looking for a key in a jungle.

The pirates manage to get back on track and get their next clue before the others even find their key. They have to head north and find an angel tree where the treasure is located. They find the treasure while the others are still feeling around in the river for their key.

They count the gold and there is $50,000. Azmyth doesn’t want to select new officers so himself, Jay and Ben

Louie and Nessa are planning a mutiny and Jay admits that if the time comes he’ll play that card because he didn’t play to come second. In the middle of dinner, Jupiter tells Azmyth that everyone are contemplating mutiny. She may have sealed her fate when it comes to getting a black spot.

Getting the black spot this week are Jupiter, Laurel and Kendra.

Kendra buys the Royal Pardon for $4000. The ballot is unanimous. Jupiter is cut adrift. Azmyth is safe again.

Can Louie and Joe Don end Azmyth’s reign as captain this week? Joe Don says there has to be new blood and that he will hang himself tomorrow if he doesn’t get the win.

The food rationing is pretty slim and Louie thinks he’s losing weight. There is growing discontent amongst the crew about Azmyth’s leadership. Azmyth knows that both Louie and Joe Don will be on the red team for todays task so they’re working them hard on chores throughout the ship.

The two teams must find a floating marker and then dive down to collect a bottle. The black team arrive first but the red team are close behind. Joe Don dives down and completes the dive faster than the black team. The map inside shows them that they need to row east to Skulls Point before they must then search the island for a canon and two hidden ropes.

The two teams are neck and neck but Louie and Joe Don have been pulling ropes for the last few days. The black crew get their barrel up the cliff first. The map inside gives them a puzzle. The canon is facing 12 o’clock. At 2 o’clock there is a numeral. They find an X and then dig.

They then have to find a bunker and use the keys they’ve discovered to decrypt another puzzle and unlock the treasure.

Unfortunately for Joe Don and Louie, the black team wins. Joe Don must sell the royal pardon that he has which means he will most likely be up for being cut adrift.

There is $35,000 worth of treasure. Azmyth keeps his $17,500. Ben and Jay get their share and then it’s time to select who is going to get a black spot.

Nessa, Joe Don and Louie are given the black spot. Nessa will buy the Royal Pardon which means either Joe Don and Louie will be cut adrift if they can’t convince Jupiter to join the rest of the crew in mutiny. There is a lot of discussion prior to the Pirates Court. Has enough been said to convince everyone that unless they mutiny, it could be checkmate.

The highest bid on the royal pardon was $5000 from Nessa. There are no ballots for mutiny. Joe Don’s journey is over and he is cut adrift. He gives Nessa one passionate embrace before climbing onto the raft and seeing Azmyth have his way with the rope.

This week the teams are without their longboats. Getting to shore is via their own swimming ability.

On shore, the teams must find a ladder hidden in an old plantation. The red crew arrived at the beach first ahead of Captain Azmyth’s team. The teams must now carry the rope ladder up a steep path into the mountains before they have to find an old longboat.

The teams must now head up the path further and find some masts where they must hoist their ladder and undo a key from a tricky knot.

Heading into the rainforest, the teams must now find a foot bridge which has clues to the location of the treasure written on the rungs.

The captains team arrive well ahead of the red team and they easily win the treasure.

The treasure has a value of $40,000 this week as well. Azmyth and his officers do a 60/40 split with the crew this time.

Kendra, Joy and Joe Don are served with black spots.

Joe Don and Nessa start to get a little more romantically involved.

At the pirates court Joe Don buys the royal pardon for $12,000. The votes are split 3 votes to 2. Being cut adrift is Joy.

Last week there was a new captain, a royal pardon and small treasure. This week the priates are looking for Barnabas Bagley’s treasure. Each team’s map is drawing on an ace from a deck of cards.

The teams must row to the anchor on the shore and head west to the voodoo forest where they must find a card from the same suit as their ace which will give them 21 where they will find their next clue.

Captain Louie’s team arrive first but get caught in a boobie trap which allows the red team to catch up. The black team find their next clue which sends them back to the anchor with the spyglass they just found to search the horizon for a heart.

The black team get their spyglass wet crossing the river which renders it useless. They decide to just row towards the island. The red team spot the heart while the black team are halfway there.

The black team finds the grave first which points them to a palm tree at the top of the island. They cover the clue but the red team find it pretty quickly. The black team get to the palm tree first and start the search. Louie climbs the palm while Kristin digs a small hole but then walks away to look somewhere else. Jay jumps in Kristin’s hole and find the treasure giving the victory the red team. There’ll be a new captain tonight.

The treasure values $40,000. They elect Azimuth as the captain again. He picks Ben and Jay as his officers.

Joe Don gives Nessa some coin to bid on the Royal pardon.

Azimuth decides that they wont give Nessa a black spot because she might buy the royal pardon off Joe Don which theoretically takes the royal pardon out of the equation.

The three black spots go to Louie, Sean and Laurel.

Laurel received no votes and is safe. Sean recieved the most votes but his bid on the royal pardon isn’t enough so he is cut adrift.