Penn & Teller Tell a Lie

Show-stopping iconoclasts Penn & Teller bring their unique vision of the world to Discovery Channel on the six-part series PENN & TELLER TELL A LIE.

Premiering Wednesday, October 5 at 10 p.m. ET/ 7 p.m. PT, this new interactive series – with a twist – promises to forever change how audiences interact with this remarkable duo’s brand of entertainment.

In each episode, Penn & Teller make seven outrageous claims, such as: “A butter knife can stop a speeding bullet,” or “You can melt steel with bacon.”

But things are not always what they seem – so while most of the wildly unbelievable stories are absolutely, positively true – one of them is a totally believable big fat lie! It will be up to Discovery’s savvy viewers to spot the fake by noticing buried clues that give it away.

In a Discovery Channel first, PENN & TELLER TELL A LIE will incorporate an exclusive co-viewing experience into every episode, offering the network’s first live, interactive digital/on-air integration. During the show, viewers will be prompted by Penn & Teller to launch the Guess the Lie iPhone App, available for free at the Apple App Store. Guess the Lie will allow viewers to select in real time whether each of the stories is “True” or a “Lie” – and they can change their vote as many times as they like until the final reveal. Users can also log on to for complete show information.

Known for their razor sharp wits and engaging minds, Penn & Teller present PENN & TELLER TELL A LIE in their signature free-flowing, fast-paced manner… supporting each outrageous claim with fascinating scientific information. The home audience’s final results will be revealed at the end of each episode. Will Canada get it right? Viewers who participate will also be able to access bonus videos, revealing how Penn & Teller were able disguise their lies. The Guess the Lie app will be available just prior to PENN & TELLER TELL A LIE’s premiere on October 5.