Peak Season

Final data from BBM Canada reveals that MTV’s new documentary series PEAK SEASON sits atop the summit, delivering the highest-rated series premiere ever for any program – original or acquired – on MTV in Canada. The one-hour premiere, which aired October 19, ranked #1 (P12-34) in its timeslot against all Canadian and U.S. specialty channels*. Generating an average audience of 122,000 total viewers, a remarkable 89% were younger viewers aged 12-34 (109,000). Snowballing as the show went on, the audience grew an impressive 20% from Episode 1 to Episode 2.

This season to date, PEAK SEASON ranks as the third most-watched show on with more than 1.3 million video streams, behind only THE HILLS and THE CITY**. All episodes are available on demand in high definition at Also available on iTunes, PEAK SEASON has ranked in the Top 20 of episode sales in Canada the day after their instant release.

“PEAK SEASON’s performance on-air and online is absolutely phenomenal, surpassing series premieres of massive American hits like THE HILLS, LAGUNA BEACH, and REAL WORLD,” said Brad Schwartz, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Much MTV Group, CTV Inc. “PEAK SEASON really hits home with our viewers, giving a truly unfiltered look into the lives of young adults with real conflicts and aspirations.”

PEAK SEASON offers a behind-the-scenes look into the unique community of Whistler, B.C., following the high drama found in the unique mix of residents that call this world-class tourist hotspot home. As youth struggle to find love, friendship and themselves, a lot happens in this resort playground when the locals and outsiders from around the world co-exist. While every town has stories and secrets, few rival the ones from Whistler as captured on MTV in PEAK SEASON.

In next week’s episode (Monday, November 23 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV), Lauren slips back into old habits and breaks her vow to stay single. Dré begins seeing an old flame and opens for the legendary Pete Tong, a night made even more dramatic when his ex Amanda attends the show with Denis.

All new episodes of PEAK SEASON air Mondays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV. Viewers can get caught up by watching the first six episodes of PEAK SEASON online at

Every town has stories and secrets, but few rival the ones uncovered in Whistler during PEAK SEASON. The half-hour MTV original documentary series takes an unfiltered look at a tight-knit group of 20-somethings coming of age in the world-renowned resort town. PEAK SEASON premieres Monday, October 19 at 10 p.m. ET, with back-to-back episodes. Then it’s over to Canada’s gossip gurus Dan Levy and Jessi Cruickshank with the PEAK SEASON AFTER SHOW. The duo chimes in on the drama and interacts with fans across the country via webcam every Monday night following PEAK SEASON. Check out full episodes of these shows on demand at via the site’s high-res video player.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of youngsters flock to Whistler, B.C. for its perfect peaks, powder and club scene. Whistler’s youth struggle to find love, friendship, and their place in an ever-changing resort town and life gets more complicated when these locals and outsiders from across the globe mix.

“Whistler is known as the perfect place for young people to find themselves and lose themselves all at the same time,” said Brad Schwartz, Senior Vice President and General Manager, MuchMTV Group, CTV Inc. “This is real life that our audience can relate to. PEAK SEASON follows the ups and downs of real people as they experience some of the best and worst moments of their lives, and our MTV cameras document it all.”

Every cast member brings their own distinct personality and stories to the series. Locals like Dre and Amanda yearn to escape the Whistler bubble and the boarders like Steph live for the mountain. Then there are the Whistler transplants like Lauren from Ontario and international kids like Matt, from Australia, who come to Whistler for the crazy night life. Some people come to work while others just want to play. Some come to discover something in themselves, while others just want to leave their pasts behind.

Viewers can get exclusive PEAK SEASON content online at including deleted scenes, behind-the-scenes photos and footage from Whistler, and tips and tricks from the cast about living life on the peaks. Full episodes are also available on demand.